Amazing 35 American Flag Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind !

Nothing states “I love the U.S.A” more than the American flag tats. The sole thing which stops that is actually an amazing tattoo of glorious eagle waving the “American” flag.

The American flag tattoo designs are very particular tattoo designs that obviously hold appeals to people who stay in the USA. They represent patriotism and stand for one’s passion and love for the nation. They are mostly on “full-display,” inked in the body parts seen easily by everybody.

One of the foremost acts of displaying love for country is to serve in the army. It is quite common for people who are serving currently or have already served in army to get an “American-flag” tattoo. This shows honor for the fallen comrades as well as is a regular reminder of bonds and friendships forged in military.

The American flag tattoo designs are also utilized to respect a lost beloved rather than an angel or cross tattoo, no matter whether they were serving in military while they were alive. This indicates that the individual who died was committed to the nation and kept the American ideals near to her or his soul until the end.

The American flag tattoo designs are best positioned in the areas where individuals can spot them easily. Because getting them in the hidden areas basically defeats the goal of tattoo. For this reason, you often notice American flag tats on biceps that is perhaps the ideal area for unmistakably loyal tattoo design.

Also, you can include other styles into the American flag tats to gain a more personalized meaning. You may combine flag with head of “Statue-of-Liberty” or bald eagle that is probably an outrageous way of displaying your great love for America. Here’s a short video for you! Listed below are the top American flag tattoo designs for men.

History Of The American Flag Tattoo!

Flag of America is now probably the most recognized flag around the globe. Its identifying elements are the white and red stripes horizontally alternating and also a “blue” rectangle with 50, 5 pointed stars.

Though it is challenging to get each one of these details in the tattoo accurately, particularly when it is small, but it is easy to identify even if you miss some stars or stripes.

The main purpose why someone might have the flag of their nation tattooed on their body parts is patriotism. For exhibit their love and respect for their nation and appreciation.

There is something special, but, about American flag; becoming probably the most powerful nation in the entire world as well as a champ for the human rights around the world.

This has already made The united states the most famous country and therefore, the tattoo designs of “American-flag” are simply as plentiful. It is not only for pomp and show, though, there’s a meaning behind all these tattoos, and also you should discover the one which reflects your beliefs best.

Best 35 American Flag Tattoos!

  1. Flag In Uniform Color Tattoo:

When picking the type of colors for using for the American flag body tattoo design, think about using colors which blend properly with the complexion of your body. The “American-flag” tattoo design here looks magnificent with the uniform color utilized and the “thick-lines” of ink boosting the elegance of the art.

  1. Artistic Design American Flag Tattoo:

Working with an accomplished tattoo designer can certainly be of excellent benefit because you get entry to gorgeous portfolio designs which you can consider. The “American-flag” tattoo design her is an attractive piece of creative design and significantly enhances the characteristics of the person.

  1. Flag Tattoo With Deep Meaning:

Use of text alongside the United States flag tattoo images also assist in strengthening the meaning exactly like the tattoo style above. The application of the one color which looks quite wonderful with the texts also boosting the meaning related to the tattoo.

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  1. Mangan Text Flag Tattoo:

Eliminating a tattoo when it is actually fixed may be dawning task provided the pain related to the procedure. It is consequently essential that you study for the best “American-flag” tattoo design which you desire to wear as well as ensure that it’s what you’re comfortable with just before going forward with fixing this.

  1. American Flag Butterfly Tattoo:

The image of butterfly utilized on “American-flag” tattoo design additionally bears a meaning which can be credited to the growing phases of butterfly and sporting such a style may strengthen one’s feelings regarding specific attributes. The flag tattoo style above looks stunning on leg where it’s worn.

  1. American Flag Star Tattoo:

Simple in style yet classy and cool. The United States flag tattoo style below above quite attractive and perfect for the position it is placed. It has an excellent color mixture of blue and red, plain white colors with stars on this flag mixing perfectly well.

  1. Flag & Feathers Tattoo:

The “American-flag” tattoo design here looks quite beautiful and simple. The feathers, beautiful beads, as well as a mixture of awesome colors, expresses diverse features of the meaning which people relate the U.S.A flag with.

  1. Scary Flag Tattoo:

The flag tattoo style here looks very scary and also is certainly not for everybody. With snake intertwined along with the flag, this can be also taken to imply that experimenting with this flag may result in being attacked by this snake, and people who notice the tattoo style can relate it with differently.

  1. Skin Ripped Off Flag Tattoo:

This “American-flag” tattoo design above is such a gorgeous piece of art because the skin appears cut off with flag inserted into skin. The tattoo style can be pretty scaring as well as not necessarily for the “simple” hearted because it expresses a few attributes of American flag such as what may have led to the independence.

  1. Mind-Blowing American Flag Tattoo:

Before you finally get inked, make sure that the designer performing the task is a professional and has high-quality expertise on the type of design you’re thinking about. The “American-flag” tattoo design above may look complicated, and it requires a professional to do an outstanding work to make others say WOW.

11. Beautiful Eagle & Flag Tattoo:

The “American-flag” tattoo design here is an incredible expression of top quality art with an eagle inked clearly like sitting on a “tree” with flag below this. This tattoo is placed on a large place that expresses the style work superbly.

  1. Flag And Soldiers Tattoo:

American flag body tattoo is influenced with different features the same as in the style here which includes a mix of soldiers complementing with the precious flag. This tattoo conveys feelings of love and patriotism for a country.

  1. One Color American Flag:

The application of “one-color” on flag tattoo style above looks quite sophisticated with the scripts done on some other colors mixing quite nicely with the wearer’s complexion.

  1. Dad, Child And Flag Tattoo:

The “American-tattoo” style here looks breathtaking over the shoulder just where it is placed with colors boosting the general outlook of the wearer. Even though colors of American flag usually are bright, the use of the mild colors appears great on body.

  1. American Flag With Boots And Gun Tattoo:

The United States flag tattoo style above is integrated with boots and a gun that may stand for the fight of the country for independence and freedom. The tattoo style expresses a rich meaning plus ignites feelings which those who glance at the style can recognize with differently.

  1. American Flag Knot Tattoo:

The concept used for creating the flag of America can either boost its gorgeous outlook or trigger it to seem bad. The “American-flag” tattoo style here is such a great one contemplating the theme utilized and also the color mixture.

  1. Flag On Your Leg:

Adorning an “American-tattoo” design must not simply be accomplished on the bigger parts of your body as well as in the big sizes. Also you can design a little size of the American tattoo exactly like displayed above and it looks pretty spectacular on leg where it’s worn.

  1. American Flag With Text Tattoo:

Getting an American gorgeous tattoo design which shows a waving “American” flag is an attractive expression of love and patriotism for your nation. It conveys feelings to people who notice it that you’re proud of the nation and the ideal way to convey it is definitely by getting this in a “waving-design” just like portrayed in the “American-tattoo” design above.

  1. Eagle In The Middle Tattoo:

Before deciding for any special design of American tattoo, this is recommended that you devote some time and check for the different designs which may be attractive and fits with your desired design. You can prefer incorporating this with some other features yet when you find the main style right, blending this with some other features will work well exactly like the “American-tattoo” design here.

  1. Flag & Eagle Tattoo:

The “American-flag” tattoo above is designed beautifully with eagle inked artistically with the appearance that it’s seeing quite far. This tattoo shows all the elements of eagle that makes it an exceptional bird and also the key reason why this is connected with the flag of America.

  1. Natural American Flag Tattoo:

America is referred to as the land of liberty, and also a place exactly where you turn out to be what you want to and a few of symbols utilized alongside the “American-flag” tattoo like an eagle can certainly be a great symbol showing capability to soar high like the eagle. The “American-flag” tattoo design above looks very natural and easily can be mistaken that a wearer has placed this on the arm.

  1. Eye-Catching American Flag Tattoo:

The style of the “American-flag” tattoo here looks magnificent with the complexion of the wearer greatly boosting its basic outlook. Additionally, the colors utilized for flag are moderate which tends to make the tattoo pretty appealing and eye-catching to eyes.

  1. American Flag Expressing Bravery:

The flag tattoo of America is recognized to represent numerous things such as independence, strength, courage, bravery, etc. and also the way in which it’s placed has a means of revealing a few of the features the flag represents. Like in “American-flag” tattoo design here, the flag expresses bravery or strength clearly considering the spot it’s worn and body of the individual.

  1. Gorgeous American Flag On The Arm:

The “American-flag” tattoo design here looks astonishing with the characteristics it’s incorporated with improving its appearance in such an excellent way. Anybody can mistake easily that the skin of the wearer has been “ripped-off” and the part of flesh coated with the flag that is a demo of an excellent masterpiece of design.

  1. American Flag Back Tattoo:

The “American-tattoo” design above is an awesome masterpiece of design, and the area this tattoo is placed is large sufficient which also boosts one’s outlook. The American tattoo also can be placed on any body part provided you wear the correct size which fits well.

  1. Express The Flag Only:

When you choose to sport the “American-flag” tattoo, it’s significant that you sustain the key characteristics of flag to ensure that you do not end up modifying the design. Getting a tattoo which looks like “American-flag” but only conveys sections of just what the “flag” is about will not look perfect.

  1. Flying Mode American Flag Tattoo:

There are many designs which can be utilized to fix “American-flag” tattoo because you can get the tattoo fashioned in a “flying-mode” like shown above. However, it is important to select the style, shape or size which suits you properly. The United states tattoo design here has been placed in a spot which improves its look as well as that of wearer that then makes such a head turning outlook.

  1. Three Amazing Colors:

The “American-flag” is created from 3 beautiful colors which are quite eye-catching and blend pretty well. The U.S.A tattoo design above has integrated 3 colors in such a way which looks excellent with symbol of gun expressing clearly the feelings of the wearer.

  1. Stunning American Flag Tattoo:

American tattoo designs can be sported by both women and men, and the tattoo designs look beautiful particularly when integrated with some other tattoo styles similar to the one above. The application of “one-color” on the “American-flag” tattoo design here looks quite magnificent and blends properly with the individual’s complexion.

  1. Country Flag Tattoo:

A country’s flag represents many things such as the tradition of the folks, their nature, citizens as well as defines how an individual is perceived. Sporting a gorgeous American flag will be an indicator that conveys culture, patriotism and also pride in figuring out the country.

  1. Eagle With American Flag Tattoo:

You see that the tattoo styles which have the “American-flag” do not just denote your inborn feelings of love and patriotism for the nation, but additionally make an outstanding visual impact in case it is done with the inclusion of an eagle beside this.

  1. Bald Eagle With The American Flag:

An eagle is aesthetically a fabulous creature which works best for the patriotic concept of the “American-Flag” tattoo. An eagle can also be shown next to “American-flag” in tattoo, with an eagle accomplished in a comprehensive manner.

  1. Bald Eagle With The Ripped Flesh:

It is a good example of the “ripped-flesh” tattoo showing an eagle utilizing its amazing talons to bust out of flesh with the “American-flag” in the tattoo format. This makes an extremely powerful effect while being patriotic.

  1. The Bandanna With Flag Motif:

Numerous veterans who’ve proudly served in army in America tend to make use of bandannas with national flag layout on this to display their sympathy to the country. This similar theme can also be utilized as a means of tattoo design.

  1. American Flag Freely Flutters:

This is an easy but powerful design of “American-flag” tattoo, which appears to represent the very fact of freedom. However, it additionally says that freedom comes after a massive struggle only.


American flag tattoos mentioned in this post are worth taking a look. Find your best match and show your love and respect for Great America!

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