125 Burgundy Nails Design Options, Pick One Today!

What are you doing with your nails lately? Are you tired of your regular nails? Of course, you are. What is the latest nail trend that you are surrounded by? You are a woman who wants to look classy but has the least of the time. It is a problem with women these days. Don’t worry. Get into the burgundy trend. Burgundy is the color solution for your lamentable nails. The color of the queens, the burgundy can make you feel beautiful and confident. I bet, there is no alternative to this bloody hot color.

Just look at the nails that are covered with juicy burgundy. These nails without the burgundy are merely ordinary. 2018 brought the burgundy trend back that was in the 90’s. Now, even 2019 will have enough of these saucy burgundies. The pictures define the beauty that it adds to the fingernails.

With the right outfit, perfect makeup, and fingernails covered with burgundy, you are ready to go outdoors, you are prepared to rule the glamour that is waiting for you outside.

Nails are meant to look pretty and ask your attention to that. Be a good sugar daddy and get your nails some burgundy. Burgundy is a vibrant red, the warm color of the wine. It comes under the trendiest looks right now. It doesn’t suit everyone, though; only the tough ones, the bold ones, and the impregnable ones can handle this freaky wild color in their nails.

For the women, who are busy with their works and do not find time for their nails, try the dull burgundy. For the spicy girls, add some nail art or any designs in your burgundy and obtain some naughty nails, the nails that are willing to be noticed. Feel free, be creative, you are open to the experiments with the nails when you choose this intense color. Therefore, bring class to your dull nails with some burgundy. Because, with this color, you are a diva, a more confident diva, who knows how to handle beauty and grace along with the selection of the right color for her.

You can put various designs along with the dull burgundy. Also, you can sprinkle some glitters over it. Add either silver or gold, different sizes of glitters over it. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had your manicure done for a long time; burgundy is the perfect wrap up to every flaw. As I mentioned earlier, don’t worry about what you are wearing. This color gets along any of it. With your sporty look, to add some swag or to go to the office, burgundy stays calmly over your nails.

While in the clubs in the evening, the lights will shine over and make the nails glow heavier. This color can be your companion, basic need, the flaw wrapper, and even your best friend. Either be a matt, the flat style or the shimmery glow, this color is fantastic. The ones who are already using burgundy over their nails are happier and more satisfied.

With every new woman accepting burgundy nails, the number of happy women is increasing as well. It is the universal happiness of women with burgundy. When meeting in a washroom or a shopping center, the women with burgundy nails build this remarkable connection of sisterhood.

This feeling of sharing the same group is the goal of this color; to increase sisterhood among women and add mysteries in the gentlemen’s eyes. “I don’t know what magic she has put me into, but I love it. She looks more beautiful every day with those sparkly fingers.”-every man says!

Here are some nail arts that goes well with burgundy:

A pinch of gold:

Lining your nails top with a pinch of gold to give it a class. Easy yet fantastic. Simple yet attractive. Try this style this winter and get all the attention!

Glitter them:

Sprinkle some glitters and bring that charm on your fingernails. Because, with sparkles, everything seems okay. It is like adding something that is not important but looks better with. So, choose this style. Add sparkles, after you apply the burgundy color, and let it dry. You will like the results. You can see various pictures below that show glitter designs over burgundy. Try it!

Burgundy and Blood Red:

I bet burgundy mixes well with red. The result is on your screen. The swirl pattern is the goal. You can try other colors too, but as the blood-red is a bit similar to burgundy, it seems beautiful this way. Here’s a picture that has fantastic swirl patterns of red over burgundy. Try this style and get ready for all the compliments about your nails.

Add some shines:

You can stick some of these to make your nails fab and awesome. Be creative and bring it on. The results are never a disaster. There can be smaller or bigger sparkly objects that you can mix in your transparent nail paint and add over the burgundy. Also, you can stick them over the wet burgundy. But, with these over your fingernails, you will fall in love with your nails.



Because, with profiles, it is a blessing to your fingernails. Burgundy and colorful design, ah, that’s a level up already. More specifically, ornaments of gold make the nails reach another level. Also, you can add some other colors like black and white, because, why not? You can add different patterns over your nails and apply different colors to make them look more beautiful because colorful patterns and designs over your burgundy is a masterpiece. Don’t forget to be creative. But, still, you should copy the drawings from the pictures below.

Typically, the women out there, with their busy schedules, need a break and find time to see this fabulous piece of color. Burgundy not just covers your nails and hides the flaws; it brings the charm that you have been missing all your life. It doesn’t matter either your nails are short or long, and you will be happy with this color painted over them.

Whether a shopping day, a casual meeting, or part-time, you are always ready with the nails and don’t have to think for it for another minute. The nails with burgundy on them add a new flavor to the ordinary nails. Not just flavor, but they shine as well. Just go through these images and see how a regular nail gets a fantastic look with a burgundy pinch.

Sometimes you get this craving for giving extra care to your nails, maybe on weekends or just some random time. Once you fall in love with the right color for your nails, you are sure how to treat them well. It is only able to handle this crazy color that instantly brings the new in you. With nails like that, you will surely aim higher. Perhaps, you are not doing the right things because you are missing the right color in your life. Burgundy is now a dominant color, which is calm until you get it painted in your nails. With it painted, you feel super helpful.

Nail Designs:

Mixing a burgundy to another color can be a beautiful output. The bloody hot color can require some calmness with the help of another color. The beautiful designs over burgundy bring the smoothness that was missing for long. Make your nails fall in love with you again with a lot of plans.

Just look at this picture, so simple yet beautiful. White bottoms can make the burgundy look calmer and classic. Try this style this winter and feel amazing.

Personally, this cross pattern of black lines seems like the burgundy is being protected. Jokes apart, this style is being into a trend among teenage girls and young women. This design looks good with a funky outfit and messed up hair. You can try it and feel it for yourself.

The picture shows a combination of shiny and matte burgundy nails. This is adorable in its own way. You can try this style as well.


Little burgundy with more style:

Sometimes, it is just a bit of burgundy. When little is enough, don’t think more to add a lot of it over your nails. You can feel free to add burgundy with anything. Just make sure you add, at least a bit of it.

Longs Nails have the magic:

When you prefer long nails, you have to find a bit of your time for caring. The long nails carry a lot of burgundy on them. Hence, the results are amazing. It is not like you intentionally make them long. They keep growing, and eventually, when you notice, ah, they are long already.

Some lucky women and girls have lovely long nails with less care, but yeah, burgundy is your luck in case you want some more of it. Long nails wish to extra attention, give it. Admire them later. You are asked to choose the best nail paints for that. Follow the best brands and select the best ones too.

There is this basic flower pattern design over the burgundy trend as well. Every woman or girl in her life has tried adding flower designs over her nails. Have you tried it with burgundy? If not, what are you waiting for? Try it! You will love the flowers with any color over burgundy. Here’s a picture of white flowers over burgundy nails.


When your nails look like these, you are no less than a diva. See how it shines. It requires good brand of burgundy and nails like these to step up into another level of awesomeness. 

Why is the burgundy so magnetic? I mean, this color can replace anything. Just look at the dark burgundy!  You will fall in love with the nails like this!


Burgundy adds class:

When you are a woman who can be a working lady and slay at times, burgundy can be your best friend. Because, with this color, you have a high potentiality. You have this urge to do things with more grace and confidence. You can enjoy slaying with the elegance of burgundy. So. paint them well and slay the world with your pretty nails and fantastic look.

Isn’t this amazing? How your nails match everything so perfectly once you wear the best burgundy over your nails. Either summer or winter, you are ready to shine with the burgundy nails.

No designs, no patterns, no additional stickers and no objects over your burgundy? Still good to go!

I call it a hint of romance:

Burgundy is the color of passion. The burgundy nail designs give out the elegant sense of their dark shades. You can add some glitters or unique designs and make them more glamorous. You can look fabulous on any occasion, but be sure you also wear some matching outfits. But with burgundy painted over your nails, your gear will get a second look; your nails reserve the first look.

Share this color of love with your girl gang. Let the men wonder and let them be lost in your nails for a while. With the burgundy nails, you are prettier, and you need to make a habit of being looked at a lot. Get ready to be complimented every day and for the same purpose. I know the taste of glamour changes a lot in a while, but Ladies, this color has no expiry date, so it is up to your interest to use it anytime. You can be sure of using it as an everyday color.

Are nails being short? Care not!

Everyone is not good at letting their nails grow well with all the care, and some funky girls keep their nails trimmed and keep them short. Even the short nails look pretty amazing with the burgundy painted over. The short plane nails might sound boring, but the burgundy painted short nails look amazing.

If you are tired enough not to grow the nails well, spillover some burgundy, and stay away from the annoying nails problem. Short nails are happy when painted with burgundy.

The Spider Webs:

These pattern of webs with silver lines over burgundy looks terrific. You can copy it over your nails, and I bet, with a bit of practice, you will be able to make it better than this one.

Give a chance to this color, and with some hand accessories like the rings or the bangles, you will rule the world, the world of the glamour. Either be a plum wine or a royal red, you are all set with it painted on. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Be creative and hungry for new styles that will make you a step ahead of your colleagues. You would never prefer the boring blue or dull pink painted nails while using a keyboard.

Your hands are beautiful if your nails are painted attractive. Trust burgundy in this case. The experienced women, who have seen much of the world and knows how to be sustained in fashion, will choose burgundy as it brings the royal in you.

Here are some creative styles that suit the burgundy nails.

The funky bring-it-on-everything: 

Add every accessory you have got. Bring the watch, the pearls, bangles, rings, and make your hands busy and glamorous. It makes you funky and fresh. Give your burgundy a lot of companions.


Rings are mandatory:

Are you a ring person or not? If not, be one. With those rings even your short nails look classy with a bit of burgundy on them. Add all the fabulous rings from your ring collection to make your hands look marvelous.


When one is enough:

If you hesitate or are uncomfortable with a lot of accessories on your hands, be sure, with a perfect selection, one can do the work. Sometimes, one is enough to make you shine. It s like “something is better than nothing.” You can add just one of your favorite rings, and the burgundy will still do its work, i.e., making you seem fabulous, which you already are.

Perfect nails need perfect companions:

When your nails are like these, you need to choose the ideal companions for it. The perfectly cared and colored nails go good with rings like these. The hard work to make the nails long and perfect might be a lot, but with them in your hands, you will feel better. So, for a good result, there should be an enjoyable process!


Go classy this time, change your decision, and choose burgundy now. You can slay and rule with this color. Make your nails look beautiful with the flavor of burgundy. With the right choice, everything seems to work well. So, take the advice, add burgundy to your collection. Anything is more amazing when there is a cover of burgundy over those nails. Have an exciting time with it, and thank us later!

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