130+ Sexy Conch Piercing Ideas From Your Ultimate Guide!

Conch piercing is one of the outstanding piercing ideas preferred once the helix and earlobe of the ears are pierced already. The people who are more obsessed with ear-piercing are preferred to make the conch piercing.

Are you not sure of the conch piercing ideas? There are several in here. This ultimate guide will guide you from the definition of conch piercing to the procedure, precautions, amount of pain, healing techniques, and also some techniques to make it unique. If you are the person who has no idea of the conch piercing but still want to get one, this is the right platform.

No more taking time at the piercer’s seat, wondering if the style of conch piercing you would like to get. There are plenty of jewelry ideas that will suit your personality. Therefore, forget the unnecessary time wondering about the subject matter that you can find here.


Conch is a sea creature with a shell that resembles the portion of the ear that you wish to pierce. A piercing that is performed on a conch along with the perforation of cartilage to attach a piece of jewelry is called conch piercing. Mainly it has two types, inner and outer conch piercing.

Conch refers to the ear’s most significant area, which is at the center of the ear, having a conch shell structure. The lower part is mostly known as the inner conch, while the upper part is the outer conch.



There are two types of the conch in the human ear. The inner and the outer conch. Find out more about them:


The center part of the ear, which has more or less shape of a cup, is called inner conch. It is adjacent to the canal of the ear. This spot for piercing is more popular than that of the outer conch piercing. The more or less procedure of piercing in the inner conch is similar to that of the outer conch.


Outer conch is present in the flat portion of the ear in between helix (called rim or edge) and the ridge, which is generally considered antihelix. The piercing procedure is same as it is o

ne of the ear cartilage piercings. The taking care of the piercing is also in the same manner.


People usually pierce ears. By ears, it means the earlobe. The trend of piercing the earlobe is popular among women all over the world. But even men are also piercing ears, though comparatively less in number. If one wishes to pierce the ears, they are penetrating the lobe for sure. But once you have several piercings in the ear, you go for conch.

Generally, it is considered the spot of the ear, which comes in mind when all other places are pierced. The conch is the region in-ear which, when penetrated, is most painful as compared to other spots. The region is chosen by the people obsessed with piercing ears and piercings generally.

It is different as compared to other piercings as it is rather painful to get it in the conch. Moreover, it is considered as a power or strength when one pierces the conch. Thus, this makes is unique from any other piercings.

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It does hurt to pierce the conch of the ears. The pain is not much different than piercing the earlobe but can be slightly more painful. The piercing might be bearable and comfortable, but the aftercare of the piercings might be rough. You will have to be attentive all the time until the healing is over. Do not change the jewelry frequently and add heavy jewels at the start of the piercing. It would be best if you kept your conch area infection-free by not touching it with hand repeatedly. Moreover, do not let the pierced area be affected by anything to keep it clean and to avoid pain.


You need to follow the same processes to take care of your conch piercings that you follow for any other piercings. The mandatory thing to do with conch piercing is cleaning the pierced area with sea salt soaks. It would be best if you did it twice a day. It is suggested to soften the dried lymph and importantly, sterilize the area of the piercing. Moreover, the swelling is gradually reduced, and the soreness is alleviated. The blood flow becomes more frequent, and healing is faster. It would be best if you avoided washing with alcohol, peroxide, and other antibiotic ointments. The alcohol and peroxide can dry the wound completely, and creams will block the supply in air.

If you are conscious of making the healing faster, you need to stick to one jewelry for six months. Removing the jewels frequently or changing it can make the swelling and even infections can occur. But if the piercing is a dermal punch type, you need not wear jewelry all the time but rather the hole open. It is large enough to maintain the hole, and the flow of air will make it heal sooner.


There are several complications one can face, which are similar to the difficulties that appear with the piercings in other regions of ear besides conch. If the piercing is done by a professional and if you have followed the entire instructions provided, maintain good hygiene and health, then the healing is quicker. But if it is done by a non-professional or you, you are in big trouble already. You can feel double the pain, and complications are endless. Migration should not be a problem because the depth is quite good for the piercing. The most unpredictable thing about it is unintended infection. As the piercing is through multiple layers of cartilage, the disease is manifest. If the lingering of the infection start, there will be the worse case as eating away at the cartilage.

If necessary actions are not taken in time, there can be collapsing of the specific part of the cartilage. It is one of the severe issues as our body cannot replace cartilage. Thus, it would be best if you were attentive enough not to let the infection collapse the cartilage.


The matter of fact is you will be judged a lot! The world is still not prepared to accept conch piercings. The piercings, in fact, as a whole, are not allowed. Notably, the people from mid-forties and older, they are extremely against the piercings while youths and younger ones are engaging themselves into it a lot.

The point is, it should not matter whether somebody judges you or not. It is the habit of people to decide another one. Moreover, society does not accept any change in the stereotype. But to be honest, piercing has been existing in this world from centuries, either be in the form of culture, rituals, punishment, or interest.

The older people give a weird look if they see someone with a conch piercing. You might even receive free suggestions and advice from such people, asking you not to make further piercings. As it is your body and the right to do it, you should not worry about people’s criticism towards you.

Sometimes, you might not be allowed to go to school or college with one of the conch piercing jewelry. Some strict rules and regulations won’t accept such ornaments. The worse part is, even the job interviews can reject you with conch jewelry on. People are quick enough to judge the personality or attitude of the person by looking at what sort of piercings they have. You might even have to quit the job in some cases.


1. ARROWHEAD JEWELRY: If you are not aware of the arrowhead jewelry, see in the picture below. It is a fantastic and eye-catching jewelry that will not require any other jewelry to make it look better. With this in your conch, especially in the inner conch, you will have already occupied an ample space, leaving no space for other jewelry. It is how you slay! And this is a piece of unisex jewelry!

2. INCREASING SIZE OF TOP: The top is a piece of jewelry that does not hang but instead stays in the pierced point. It can either be of stone or some other objects. In the picture, you can find three tops with an increasing size formed of diamond stones. These sparkling jewelry in your conch will appear unusual!

This one follows the same pattern with increasing or decreasing sizes of tops. The jewelry are made of bright objects covered by the metal. This one looks cool to anyone with whatever age.

3. LOOP: Ever thought of giving a loop a try? Conch piercing will look amazing with a piece of loop jewelry. There are varieties of loops. When you wish to get a bit of loop jewelry, you will get to choose from a lot of options. The circles also depend upon the size you want to get. In the picture, you can find a tiny loop that will look amazing for everyday casual times.

4. MULTIPLE LOOPS: When you have multiple conch piercings, you can add up numerous jewelry there. This picture shows how well the various loops look like together. You can either line them or add up in random order. The size can be identical or different too. It is one of the fantastic ways to style your conch!

5. CONCH LOOP & EARLOBE TOP: Sometimes you can match up the jewelry in your ear. If you have multiple piercings, starting from at earlobe, you can match the jewels. If you are having a piece of loop jewelry for the conch piercing, you can add simple tops in the earlobe piercings. The combination is splendid.

6. SUITING YOUR DRESS: Sometimes the conch jewelry depends upon your dress. What are you wearing? Where are you going? If you are a person who is obsessed with wearing different kinds of jewelry every time or for every different occasion, it is better to decide your conch jewelry depending upon that event or occasion.

7. HEART SHAPED LOOP: Loops are generally circular or round. But the big loops are heart-shaped! Have you ever heard of the heart-shaped loops for your conch? Here have a look at this image below. The hearts in the form of conch jewelry are trendy, especially among little girls and teens. It is a simple yet elegant way to beautify your ears.

8. INCOMPLETE LOOPS: These kinds of incomplete loops are also famous. Look at the one in the picture below. Many are getting these jewelry and slaying their styles!

9. FLOWER JEWELRY: Do you know which one is still at the top of the leader board when it comes to conch jewelry? It is a piece of flower jewelry! When you want to look pretty or cute, you can always choose this simple yet elegant jewelry. Many good vibes come along once you get a piece of flower jewelry upon you! There are varieties of flower jewelry. Either you can get something that sticks on place or something that hangs along a loop. You can add a considerable flower or something tiny. The flower jewelry can be of gold, silver, or aluminum. It can be of some stones and even the colorful ones. The choice is yours! Sometimes you can also find a four-petal flower that will indicate luck in your favor. And, sometimes, even the cute leaves are along with flowers to make it prettier.

10. PAW SHAPE: Are you an animal lover, or do you have any pets? It is one of the trending jewelry! You can find either a dog or a cat’s paw in the form of jewelry for your conch. There are several stones of various colors in the earring that will make it sparkly and beautiful! Moreover, if you have multiple piercings in the conch or in the ear lobe, you can add paw print jewelry along the piercings to make your animal baby’s footsteps!

11. MULTIPLE STONES: The one hole in the conch or one piercing in the conch can be well utilized by picking the perfect jewelry! In this case, multiple stones are actually bound together to form a half-moon or a series of rocks that will require just one piercing in the conch. It is one of the fantastic ways to decorate your ears and shine like a diva!

12. RANDOM MIXING OF JEWELRIES: Do you have a lot of piercings and not sure how to make them all fit together? Don’t worry! Sometimes the random mixing of the jewelry also turns out to be good. Let the people guess the kind of personality you carry by adding up every casual jewelry in your ear! You can also go creative and, on the other ear, can add up different types of jewelry. Both the ears need not look symmetric all the time! It is how you can be unique and feel amazing.

13. ADD THEM ALL: In the picture below, you can see the best example of mixing all the jewelry at once! Did we mention the flowers, dragons, insects, loops, stones, hearts, etc.? You can find them aligned so well! They are all tiny so that they do not disturb or occupy the space of other pieces of jewelry. If you are adding small jewelry, you can add a lot of them and make more jewelry! Sometimes you can mess up, but most of the time, the combination looks marvelous.

14. MOON: The half-moon has been one of the cutest jewelry ideas for your conch. They are better if they are tiny in size. Look at the picture below and see how well it looks with the small moon in the conch.

15. REGULAR JEWELRIES: If you are a school going teenager or a person who has the least time to think about the jewelry, you can choose some essential and permanent earrings. You can leave them until you are free enough to choose a piece of different jewelry for your conch. Look at the image below, and this is how you can fix your piercings with certain forever suitable jewels that you need not take out even while you are about to go to bed!


If you made it to the bottom of the page, or here, you are prepared for some outstanding ideas. You are capable of deciding for yourself and get a fresh piercing and then a piece of jewelry! Do not break any step. The conch piercing has a series of rules and regulations which are strictly necessary. The self pierced or non-professional hand into piercing the conch can lead to several other infections and swelling. Thus, stick to the information as provided in this page.

If you found this content informative and useful, feel free to share it with a friend! Thank you for your time.

Happy conch piercing!

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