100 Cute Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart!

Do you want to pet cute animals specifically kittens?

Are you an animal lover? What is your all-time favorite animal that you wish to pet? The most common answer would be a cat or a kitten. Half of the people all over the world seem to have been petting kittens. The other half is just obsessed with dogs and other animals. Well, it is never wrong to have a pet at home. When you like their nature and wish to be loved back, when it comes to cute animals, your heart inevitably melts.

But it doesn’t have to be necessary that everyone likes pets or animals. Some of them are allergic to the fur, and the rest don’t like their existence. It is okay to feel that way. The ones who want to pet animals and feel less lonely can pet kittens right away.

When it comes to cats or kittens, people are more obsessed with their cuteness as every animal is cute while young, kittens are at the top. Their cuteness can make anyone fall in love with them. So, why not know more about cats or kittens? Stay tuned.


Basic Information on Cats or kitties!

Cats belong to the family of Felidae. When we generally say cats, we can misunderstand it with other Felidae that are not domesticated, like leopard and cheetah. It is the only one that is domesticated despite its dangerous claws, hence, referred to as Domestic Cat. Its body is flexible and robust. With its sharp teeth and claws, it can easily hunt small prey like birds and mice.

Cats have good eyesight, that makes them able to see even in the dark. People have been petting cats not just so that they can kill all the rodents, but also as they are good companions. Once start petting, cats become part of the family. Even cats can feel the sense of family from the owner.

The house cats are smaller in size as compared to the wild ones. Their limbs and skull are lower as compared to wild ones. Because of the small size, they are easily carried on the arms and taken to different places.

They have excellent sight and a talent to identify aromas. They do not forget the fragrances of the objects that they have smelled once because of an organ called Jacobson’s organ in the mouth. It is what keeps them feeling all the kinds of stuff around them. They also identify humans from their unique aromas. Though being a carnivore, house cats can compromise when it comes to food. They can feed on anything if they do not get the flesh as food.

Cute Kitten Breeds!

There are plenty of varieties of Kitten breeds. Some of them are extremely popular among people, while the rest are still petted despite not having much of the popularity. The kinds that are famous for cuteness especially are listed below. Though there are others besides this list, the most commonly recognized as a cute breed of a kitten are all mentioned. To find out detail about these, you can have a look at the images attached along with this page.

Just a brief detail of some of the cute breeds of a kitten are mentioned below.

  • Ragdoll: Ragdoll is one of the fluffiest and most desired or says everyone’s favorite breed.
  • Siberian: The Siberian breed is famous all over the world. They are somewhat exotic, but cuteness exceed every other con

  • Maine Coon: Maine Coon is one of the giant breeds, besides the Norwegian race.
  • Tonkinese: It is a kind of funny looking cat, but yet cute. It has a snout like of mouse. But, it is also gaining popularity because of the uniqueness.

  • Norwegian Forest Cat: It is famous for its size, and also cuteness and uniqueness.
  • Chartreux: This breed is getting a lot of attention lately. Not precisely in the USA, but because of its gray, or slightly blue coat, it is getting the attention.
  • Turkish Vanicat
  • Ocicat
  • British Shorthair: It is readily available breed, but the kittens are the prettiest, and you would wish to pet these!
  • Persian: It has a Persian origin. It looks small and cute with a variety of fur colors.
  • Himalayan: As the name suggests, white snowy fluffs

  • Japanese Bobtail: They have a small tail as per the name says, bobby tail.
  • Turkish Angora: They have different color eyes, fascinating, humble, and fluffy.
  • Scottish Folds: They have everything small. Small faces, snouts, eyes, literally everything.

Cutest thing about a kitten!

They are cute because they appear charming. What does it require to seem attractive? May be extreme eyeballs, fluffy fur, small snout, erect ears, and most of all, patterned or white fur? Yes, a kitten has it all! If we forget about the vicious claws, a kitty is a package of cuteness.

With the growing age, they might lose their cuteness too. As a baby cat or kitten, they are more playful and natural. They enjoy being around you, play with you, and destroy your things. When they have their teeth growing, they like to bite off your items, that might not sound cute, but it will still seem attractive.

What else makes a kitten cute? Their playful nature. A kitten wishes to have some food and all your time to play with, and they love catching moving objects. Once you pet a kitten, your entire house will be playful. They way they sleep the best thing to watch, and their cute ‘meows’ are worth listening to all the time.

Though they might cause a lot of trouble by getting their claws, stick to everything they keep their nails on, but besides that, everything is cute.

Especially the big eyes! The small face with big eyes makes them the cutest babies in the world. Moreover, if their eye color is blue or green, they are double as cute as without that color.

Carrying Kitten along with you!

It is one of the trends. People who pet cats or kittens, also take them to wherever they go. As they are a part of the family, they are also treated like a human baby. No matter be at work or shopping, a kitten by your side is always beautiful to see. Their playful nature doesn’t bore you.

With a kitten along with you, you have the best company. At some times, it can be troublesome, but mostly it fills the vacant hole in your heart.

So, the kitten has become something more than just a house cat! May be outdoors companion too?

Decorating your Kitten!

These days cats or kittens are seemed dressed. People also put them beautiful belts or other accessories in their fur. Kittens are already cute, and by adding such kinds of stuff, they are adding the cuteness.

If you want to carry your kitten out with you, you can dress it like a human baby. It will grab a lot of attention for sure. Moreover, it will keep the kitten warm and free from outer pollution.

There are various other ideas to decorate kittens. You can be accessible to these pieces of stuff easily from the pet stores. It isn’t compulsory to decorate anyways. Natural fur is also a kind of decoration. With that ample amount of natural cuteness, why bother by adding types of stuff and, in some cases making their life miserable!

If you surely want to get something to wear for your kitten, make sure the stuff is not bothering the poor kitty. The babies are okay with their natural existence. But in case of cold weather, clothes are mandatory. Be a good parent, and make the right decision when it comes to decorating kitty.

Are human kids safe with kittens?

As long as the kids maintain proper hygiene and the kitten is regularly vaccinated, the kids are safe. The problem is their claws. The claws can cause sharp cuts on the skin. The kitten might not have a desire to harm you, but unknowingly the cuts can happen.

Some people declaw the kitten, which is not a good step. If you wish your kitten or cat to be happy, do not declaw them. You can trim the claws to a level that doesn’t cause cuts. Moreover, if the kids are allergic to the fur, there might be problems raring a kitten under your roof. As long as a kitten is raised nicely and is taught how to treat human beings, the kids are still safe.

Kittens become best friends of human kids if they both are raised in that way. Even pets play a more significant role in the minds of kids. They will learn kindness, love, compassion, etc. when they treat the pets as their family. It is an important thing that parents cannot teach all alone.

Therefore, the kids have less harm from the kittens and fairly more things to learn instead.

Fits every size and reaches every height!

The fascinating thing about a kitten or a cat is that they can fit anywhere. You might allow your kitten to sleep with you on your bed or have bought it a comfy bed of its own, but it can sleep anywhere as long as it is warm.

It amazes every owner. The way they get into the tiniest of the holes and make themselves so comfortable. Cats have a fantastic body that is so flexible that they sometimes seem to be boneless with only muscles. It is like their specialty of getting fit into anything. They impress humans with this talent.

But sometimes they cause a lot of trouble. As they can climb anywhere, they end up at some small holes like ventilation or somewhere too high. It can cause a lot of hard work to get them back to the ground.

Even cats seem helpless once they are stuck somewhere so high. As if they have no idea how they go up there. While they easily climb up, and when it is time to come down, they show some phobia. It is a problem with any cat anywhere in the world.

Multiple Kittens!

You might think of petting one kitten at first. But once you do that, you cannot stop petting multiple kittens. The kitten will grow into a cat, and then there is its own family. It might sound a lot of work, but once there are kittens all over the home, your heart will melt. You will be used to petting more than one kitten eventually and also cannot say no to more kittens.

At first, you might not be used to, but once getting them organized, your schedule will be managed too. And then, there will be excellent new occasions like a kitties birthday party and other cute events along!

You will soon realize, two is better than one. Multiple kittens are worthy. A family of cats is mandatory. You will start to accept all the duties that come along with petting a few kittens. The journey of parenthood begins along with the entry of more kitties at your home.

Mischievous Kitten & Cat!

With cuteness also comes some mischievous nature. Every baby, no matter be of humans or animals, is somehow playful. But to be honest, Kittens are the most mischievous babies when it comes to comparison. With their growth, the mischievousness somehow reduces in some cases. They love to play around the house all the time.

Sometimes they break things. Mostly they bite and chew off the items and destroy with their claws. Let it be shoes, socks, or woolen balls, its sure to be destroyed. Similarly, they create a lot of mess, be it by scattering the napkins, clothes, or other papers. They bite off and develop a lot of mess.

If you like to buy a lot of toys for your kittens, keep this in mind, they will play everything besides their toys. It has to be the universal nature of the kittens. Why buy expensive toys when your kittens are to end up playing with wool, pillows, papers, and socks?

Cats and Dogs!

Have you heard before that cats and dogs are not likely to be more friends? That’s very true. You might even have seen them fight. If not in reality, maybe in the movies or cartoons. But this doesn’t have to be true always.

It is evident for the strangers to doubt each other. It is the same case with cats and dogs. If they are meeting for the first time or do not know each other well, they will not like each other. It will end up in barks and meows, rubs and scratches.

But if a cat and dog both are raised together in a family, they become good friends. So if you already have a dog in your home, do not think twice to pet a cat. You can pet a kitten, and excellently pet them both without any quarrels. It is a matter of time, and then they will eventually be families for each other too.

And, how about cats with other pets? As long as they are both treated as family, there will be no troubles. If you are petting fish in a jar or an aquarium, that will be your cat’s television. Jokes apart, a cat can be an excellent companion to all of your pets besides you and your family.

Everything beats the cuteness!

Yeah, no matter how naughty they are, no how badly they destroy your things, but at the end of the day, you need it beside you. The cuteness wins everything. To convert your bad office mood into a happy one, a kitten is mandatory. With their warm fur and big eyes, you forget all your problems.

You treat your kitten as a part of the family, so all their trouble-making is somehow excused. They win your heart with their cuteness. No one can escape that. That’s why despite being such trouble making animal, they are still mostly petted one.

Because of the playful nature, they help you forget your sorrows. You become their mamma, and apparently, you got to act like one. You need to be a responsible one because your cute little kitty deserves all the care and love.


Adopt one today!

So why not get a kitty home? You do not always have to get the best breeds from the pet store if you can find one homeless. Every kitty is the same when enough nourishment and love are provided. If you can rescue a kitten, and provide a roof above its head, you become a kind mamma.

It is always better to have pets around you. They teach you to love and compassion. You become more responsible and kind. When you get a kitten home, the nature of the house also changes. You become more active and playful.

You will also act more like a parent. It will teach you to be more generous. And, you will even forget all the unnecessary problems that bother your head.

Besides, you will give life to another soul. A kitty will get home, and all the love that you shower it. So, why not pet a kitten today? Rescue one. If not, buy it from the nearest pet stores and give that kitten home and a loving mamma.

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