150 Cutest Puppies on the Internet That Will Melt Your Heart!

Puppies are the cutest animals who love the company of human beings just as much as human beings love their company. Puppies are simply the young dogs that are way too adorable to carry along. Dogs have been part of our families for a long time. There are military dogs that accompany the Army and the police. Various other breeds are sheltered along with human families. Notably, the puppies are the cutest. With a cute puppy, anyone can forget their sorrows or pain. Sweet puppies are not just for the company but also some refreshments.

With puppies, come a lot of responsibilities because it is not a toy; it is a living creature. Therefore, it wants to be fed timely and taken care of. Puppies are attention seekers. They seek your attention and love. For them, their hoo-man is the only thing that matters the most. So, if you are planning to adopt a puppy, be sure you can put it well.

Puppies are cute when they are small and are protected when they grow big. From ancient times, dogs have been a man’s best friend. 2 out of 5 families keep dogs with them in the Western Countries. The wealthy families tend to pet dogs more than the average or low-income families. It was initially petted for house guarding. But these days, dogs are petted for style.

There are various breeds of dogs which are really expensive. The size of a dog also varies from a palm size to a human size. There are many dogs which are preferred of their sizes too. Big dogs are always a good companion for a family house. But, when it comes to traveling, you prefer a small puppy for your companion.

The only problem with the dogs is their fur. Every where a pup goes, there you find its fur. Even with the cutest pup, there is a fur falling problem. Though it is not always, but most of the season, this is the problem.

The nature of the puppies is so weird, they are always happy no matter what as long as they are with their owner. The one who is constantly surrounded by sorrows has to get a puppy. The puppies heal your soul. You are automatically happy when you encounter a puppy.

These days, celebrities seem to carry the puppy along with them to tours and works. There are certain small breeds of puppies that are perfect for taking with you anywhere you go. The kinds like Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Havanese, Pug, Bichon Frise, etc. have ideal size. These breeds come from cheap rates to expensive rates. The most common puppy is a Spaniel. The Pug is a popular breed among the people. The puppies also indicate that you are rich. With an expensive race, you know you are carrying wealth with yourself, along with happiness!

A puppy is a ball of fur, a ball of happiness. A puppy doesn’t know how to frown. Be it of any breed, and it is still a ball of joy. These days, the puppies are getting a hot spot on the house and on the hearts too.


The women seem to carry their ball of fur to their workplace. “Aww, look at this tiny baby! What is its name?” “Aww, can I hold it?” There a lot of compliments and questions on your way if you are getting your pup along with you to your workplace, or anywhere you go.

cute puppy

Puppies are so adorable when they try to run with their tiny feet. And when they try to roar while sound like a tiny bark, that is simply cute.

You treat your pups like one of your kids. The only reason why puppies are better is, they do not irritate you like your kids might!. No pun intended!

With one of the pups, you should not worry on how to spend your leisure. This ball of fur takes all your time, and makes it a happening one.

Once you get a pup, you like to decorate it. You want to get it the best collar available. Sometimes you get it the cutest aprons and boots. Why not accessories too? The pup is yours! Either be a cute ribbon over her head or just cute boots. You can also put on the fancy dresses on the dog and make everyone fall in love with it. Wherever you go for your shopping, you even end up getting some dress or kinds of stuff for your pup. 

Have you noticed a pup sleeping? It heals your soul. There is not better thing than watching your playful pup sleeping soundly with that cute expressions on!

Did I mention all the expressions you pup will make when you are around? The little ball of happiness gives you all the astonishment with the expressions. 

Bulldogs are the ones among the famous pups. They are small in size, no matter how old they are. They have this beautiful wrinkly skin and attractive big eyes like big shiny marbles. Just check these bull-dogs!

Was there any number limit? No. You get as many cute puppies as you like. Why not a puppy along with all its siblings? You will be the best mum! Especially, when the pups are Huskies, you will just be used to the cutest woofs! 

The best thing about a doggo is, another pet to the house, it welcomes it with all its pure heart! Dogs are amazing as they give the best companies to your other pets too, either be a birdie or kitties!

With the tiniest pups in the house, you have to be more sensitive. Though they are cuties, you got to keep them healthy too because a healthy dog is a happy pup, and a happy pup makes you a happy mum!


Some dogs are camera ready! They are not scared of the camera and always give a pretty pose for you while some pups are afraid of the camera. If your pup loves to pose like a model, you got to snap like a pro and make your pup dressed like a model too. Like this lil’ pup right here!


Look at the tiniest butts! How adorable! A pup is pretty in all ways. Tiny yet cute booties.


Do you love to play with your chubby baby? Of course you do! They are so adorable, there’s no heart that doesn’t melt.

Because two is better than one! Get your pup a friend and be the mum of twins. Double responsibilities, double expenses, dual problems, but yet double happiness and joy because two balls of fur are better than a single ball of fur.


Have you taught your pup to give you a High five? If not yet, you ought to right now. This is the best feeling when you receive a high five from your pup. Make your pup a smarty one.

How talented is your pup? Does it understand some of your words? Does it get the newspaper inside? Teach you pup some tricks and amaze your friends.

You wouldn’t wish your pup be sad anything. You will be at work and your pup waiting for you at the windows. That’s sad!

“Momma, give me some rubs, will ya?”

“Yes, hooman, I have been hungry for a long time! Get me some food.”

“Hey mom, you took the hot-dog thing so literally. Am I a joke to you?”

Your pup plays a lot so it feels hungry more often and can fall asleep anywhere. The pup deserves all the rest and a good bed to sleep on.

Do you feed your pup in time? Do not forget and make a time table for feeding your pup. If required, you can also keep an alarm. Because a pup needs to grow strong, and for that it needs good dietary supplements.

What did you put your pup on a Halloween? There are several dog stores that sell tiny pup outfits. Get you pup the cutest one! 

Bigger the baby, better the company. I personally like the big-sized pups. They are paw-mazing!

Are human babies safe with puppies? If your pups are well vaccinated and clean, they are more than just safe. Keep your babies accompanied with the puppies. A man’s best friend has to be a dog, therefore, a baby’s best friend should be a pupper! 

Though your pup do not like bathing but a hot shower once in few weeks with a dog shampoo is required. Do you bathe your dog regularly?

Does your pup do this? I mean does it shows curiosity on its face by bending its neck 90 degrees? Lil’ pups are always curious and express it through their expressions.

A happy pup is a pup that gets to travel everywhere you go. Take your pup along with you during vacation and tours. After all, you will miss it too!

Are you being a good momma and taking your pup for a walk regularly? Take your pup to the parks and let it enjoy with other pups. Give enough time to your pup for the walks.

Does your pup tease you very often? It not just has to be you always! Enjoy being teased by your pup. You cannot be angry with the face like this. 

How tiny was your pup when you get it from the shelter or adopted? With the tiniest or the youngest, you have to be more careful. They can be allergic to you as well. Keep them protected, warm, and feed enough of the milk. It is nice to leave the pups with its mum for few weeks, and adopt it once it has been able to play and walk around.

“I love to run in the snow. This white thing sticks to my nose and I can not get it away. But I still run and run. “

“I am learning to bark like the big dog next door. But my hoo-man says I sound really cute with my woofs.”

“I love to run in the park and chase the butterflies. But I get scared when my mum disappears and I cry until I find her.”

“No, I am not fat. I am just chubby and cute. My belly is furry and cute.”

Is your pup happy? If you are feeding it well, do not put it in a cage, give a lot of attention to it, play with it a lot, let it sleep in a warm bed, and take it for a walk a lot often, then yes, your pup is happy. Watch it grin!

Some pups come from a big breed, i.e., their size is a size of a big dog of another breed when they are just few months old. Big babies are hard to handle, but with big ball of fur, the happiness always becomes bigger!

Different breeds of puppies have different fur. Be any kind of fur, it is sure to fall over all your stuffs. Wherever you go, you carry you pup’s fur along with you, and that is sure something you should compromise with.

Corgis are being a lot popular these days because of its tiny legs and small size. Corgis are cuties and are adorable in all the ways. They have small body. Corgis are being preferred as the carrying dog by the people these days.

Just look at these paws! PAW-dorable! These tiny paws are so cute that one can not resist not having a high five with it. A puppy has the cutest paws!

Hello Hoo-man, my tummy is full, thanks! Just look at this adorable tummy! Isn’t it so satisfying to see you pup well fed like this? Give timely meals or milk and make you pup chubby with happy tummies.

Look at her tiny tongue! This lil’ pup know how to win hearts. This one is way too adorable and perfect for a caring mum!

Tiny pups are always hungry or sleepy. There is no between. Just look at a pup sleeping quietly after a massive destruction of objects with its sharp baby teeth. A pleasant sight of a sleeping beauty!

The round eyes with full of sparkles and glow! This pup has the best eyes that can melt any strong heart. 11/10? Of course!

Because the teeth are on its way, you pup feels like chewing a lot of stuffs like your shoes or mats. Avoid this by providing them the bones that are specially made for new teeth. Give some of these and make your pup happy!


Do you like a more furry pup or just a furry pup? Because there is no other choice. The most beautiful yet problematic part of you pup is its fur. The beautiful fur needs a lot of attention. A lot of shampooing, hair drying, cutting, and so on.


Have you ever seen into the eyes of your baby? It holds the entire universe for you. The sparkly round eyes have a lot to tell. Don’t you communicate with your pup with their eyes sometimes? It is strange yet the best way to have a heart to heart connection with your pup.

Do you ever think of your pup while you are away from your dog? If not, let me tell you something! You pup is always wondering about you waiting for you to return the soonest possible. So, take your pup along with you wherever you go!

A puppy should always be a little chubby. Please, care for the diet you provide to your baby. A chubby puppy is a bundle of joy.


You cannot deny on not liking this cutie! Your heart should be of stone if you do not want to pet this pup. Just look how adorable this little guy is! For your relaxing heart, you need one of this babies!

Many people are depressed about their careers, love life, family problems, education, and so on. When you have a pup with you, you do not find a time to think about anything that can damage your mind. Spend more time on puppies and less time on unnecessary life problems. Feel like a parent, and be a responsible parent with a pup in the house. You instantly will fall in love with the puppy that you wish to adopt and care about it wherever you go. You will feel like a kid and be a playful soul. With a cute pup that loves you unconditionally, no matter how rude you are to it, you will be a happy human being.

I cannot guarantee a soulmate for every human being, but I can ensure a pup love waiting for you. Their life span is too small, so grab as many pups as you can and add some zest and happiness to your life and as well as the life of the lil dog. With a puppy, you do not seek for a company, and your heart will be full of love.

I hope you get your pup soulmate real soon. Thank you for your time!

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