250 Exceptionally Amazing Demotivational Posters on The Internet!

The question is, why demotivational posters? And the answer is for satire, sarcasm, and loads of humor! We all know how the dark humor works. The demotivational signs are for the same purpose. In other words, they serve as the demotivational memes.

Memes make you laugh and, along with that, leave a particular message. When it comes to non-motivational stuff, that will also be called as the memes, with certain humor and dark content. You will find the best ones you can share with your colleague or friend to demotivate him or her completely!

Why demotivational posters?

Well, this is a sign of embarrassment and make someone feel humiliated about themselves. With a demotivated content in a poster, one will surely feel wrong about that, but secondary. Firstly, it is dark humor or sarcasm that only a few percentages of people will understand. However, pulling the leg of a person is what it is all about.

With a poster having a demotivational content, the scenario magically converts to humor and laughter. It is not what you wish to send for the entire purpose of dark humor. It is totally for sarcasm and satire. It is to provide or add some fun and make the other person satirically laughing about that!

Are you ready?

So are you ready for all these posters that have added demotivating content? Please go through all these and share it with a friend and send all the sarcasm and pun intended!

MISTAKES: Mistakes are proof that you are trying. It also means that you are an idiot and don’t learn from them.

demotivational posters

PATIENCE: It is a virtue. For incompetent morons who don’t know when to leave for a better opportunity.
PROBLEMS: Problems are not stop sign, they are guidelines. Yes, to tell you that you are incapable of handling the problems, so stop making an ass of yourself.

STRENGTH: What doesn’t kill you will only make you weak, inept and a deep wishful thinking that you might as well be dead instead.

ROAD LESS TRAVELED: Yeah, I will surely tell you how great the journey has been. If I don’t get lost, eaten up by the wolves or die of thirst on the way.

CARPE THOSE DIEMS: Most of the time, but on the days you know is going to be lousy, just CARPE VEGETATE.

WHAT YOU THINK, YOU BECOME: But I thought I was going to become a rock star. But I was never a rock star. I will never be a rock star.

GENIUS: I am 99 percent sweating out of all my pores here. But where the hell is that 1 percent motivation going to come?

MOTIVATION: It is a cruel joke. It shows up when you can care less. When you desperately need the most, no where you can get it.

BE YOURSELF: Whoa, is that the best you can do? Change of plans. Be anyone but yourself.

HARD WORK: Yes, it does pay off. Not to you sucker. But to the one who made you do all the hard work.

NEGATIVE FEED BACKS: When I give one, I like it. When you give one, I like to slap your face.

CRITICISM: No one likes to be punched around. Unless, they are idiotic enough to ask for their opinions.

PROBLEMS: Doesn’t matter whatever you tell to me. My problems are always greater than yours.

Because, for me, I am more important than you can ever be. This may be the case with you too! Isn’t it?

MIDLIFE: When it hits how stupid you have been till now. And, a vague hunch, that you are only going to get stupider from here.

Relationships are damn confusing. The more you know about someone, the farther you want to run away from them.

FAMILY: A collective pool where you can find mind boggling variations of same, flawed, dysfunctional genes.

Well, you still love your family. The only thing that you love and hate at the same time. This is life.

HARDSHIPS: When the going gets really, really tough. The tough goes batshitbanana crazy!

Love yourself! Because there is no way in hell anybody else is going to do it for you.

Of course. Who else will? If not you. Thus, love yourself. 

LOWERED EXPECTATIONS: If you meet your goals, good. If you fail, remember, there is always that job of making demotivational posters waiting for you.

Because at leas you can do is what I am doing right now. Making and judging the demotivational posters all here for you.

RELATIONSHIPS: Some are like punctured water balloon in a toddler park. It will get broken, do not even bother fixing it.

The case of happy relationship is rare and forgotten. Be ready to accept what the truth is. Be bold enough to get into reality. That’s it!

Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

Common! It is hard to miss such a crappy, useless talent. In fact they will find you to laugh, mock and roast you alive.

Make a difference today. Or if you are really busy, tomorrow, or after a couple of weeks, months, years, whatever. Well, it is the thought that counts, right?

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. Because it is important for future generations to know who should be blamed for your failure.

ELECTIONS: When you have an epiphany on how democracy works – any freaking Jackass can and will become the President of the country.

PARENTING: Parenting is a double whammy. Your kids will point out all your flaws which are exactly what you have heard from your parents already.

OFFENSE: No matter what some people will always be pissed off with you. May be it is not them, may be it is just you.

No I do not really rise and shine. Most days I just caffeine and hope for the best.

EPIC WIN: This kid is made of it.

Do not talk shit about total. TOTAL: Do not make a shit about it.

When it is you versus the world, the least  you can do is at least make a first move.

Be the reason why a friend feels ashamed.

Generic stupid picture of a lion to cliche motivational text attempting to inspire you to do the things or sell the things.

It is never too early to go back to bed!

Burn all your bridges.

You can’t do it.

Before you judge someone else. Try to keep this in mind, you are probably a piece of shit too.

If you require special affirmation, get a puppy. The rest of us are trying to work.

When you disagree…

“That strategy will not solve our problem” “Yes, it will.”


“That strategy will not solve our problem.” “Oh. Okay.”

It is hard watching people change. But it is even harder remembering who they used to be.

ADMAN: Do not blame me. I was born this way.

A good place to put inspirational quotes is up your arse.

Every corpse on Mount Everest was once an extremely motivated person.

Always believe that something wonderful will probably, never happen.

Dream. Bleed. Do repeat.


Dropping loads.

Sharing is caring.

Anyone who has never made is a mistake is valued customer of Durex.

All you need is coffee, and pizza, lots of pizza.

Just the fact that you are reasonable makes you a killer.

Manipulate a soul.

Exploration of the one’s soul is what makes them bar keepers.

The fact that you are hairy does not mean that you are a person.

TRADITION: Just because you have always done it that way does not mean it is not incredibly stupid.

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PRESERVANCE: Sometimes the greatest ambition lies in the smallest hands.

There is no polite way to tell “I am too tired to take care.”

Every life has a purpose. In your case, it may be to remind other that things can go worse.

An Optimist: Invented the Airplane
A Pessimist: Invented the Parachute

BEAUTY: If you are attractive enough on the outside, people will forget how irritating you are on the core.

DISCOVERY: A company that will go to the ends of the Earth for its people will find that it can hire them for the cost of ten percent of Americans.

Just because you are unique does not mean that you are useful.

PRETENSION: The downside of being better than everyone else is that people tend to assume you are pretentious.

The future will not be better, just later.

Annie Wilkes: The official fan girl.

Singing daily reduces stress, clears sinuses, improves posture, and helps you live longer. Unless you suck. You your life will be in danger as people try to punch your throat.

This is public health. No this is Patrick. “Oh Patrick.”

I do not know what I am doing. But I am doing it really really well.

I think obeying the terrorist would be the smart thing.

Is any one going to get that kid out of the fridge?

Shadow Temple: Shit just got real!

Keep Calm! We will get to the Carrion park in a minute.

Thinker cat is thinking.
Listening to hard rock? You are doing it wrong, lady!

Don’t always never back down.

You are screwed. Because Batman is riding Godzilla.

RECOGNITION: Having your moment in the sun is not always a good thing.

Angry Birds: Not as fun in real life.

Junk food you have craved for an hour. Or the body you have craved for a lifetime? Your decision.

Sure there are plenty of fish in the sea. But you are no where near the sea. You are in the desert. Alone.

There will be haters. There will be non believers. And then, there will be you. Proving them wrong.

Best friends: They are like enemies. But enemies treat you better.

What did you just say about my favorite character?

Before and after weight loss.

I hope one day you are happy as you are pretending to be. Because, we all know that is fake and you are not as happy as you seem to be.

EPIPHANY: The sudden realization that your short cut will lead you to cemetery.

There are times when you can not help but give up. There are times when you lose confidence in yourself. But if you keep believing in yourself, you will not lose yourself. You will not think about giving up. You will go out there and do what is right.

Which of the following is the largest? The elephant is obviously larger than the moon because, haven’t you seen how tiny the moon appears to your eyes? Who will go for the actual size while it is not even in the earth.

PRESERVANCE: The courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

Bella Thorne: White boy’s kryptonite.

Tact is for people who are not witty enough to be sarcastic.

Or you could take the stairs..

Eric Lensherr: Just kicked the crap out of bad ass.

Bingo time in Colorado.

Out of lettuce, life is crap.

Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly. But you are not a caterpillar, and you are not ever going to fly!

Things that I feel better than people today.

  1. My dog
  2. Empty toilet paper roll

Run, run, run. The fan girls are coming.

Turns out I am not an afternoon person, either.


ANIME COUPLE: The only place where you can see a ruthless dragon and a gentle bookworm together.

Scatter plot your successes.

INTERNET: It does not make you more stupid. It just makes your stupidity more accessible to others.

GEORGE COSTANZA: One of the original office savages.

BILL CLINGTON: One of the original office savages.

CHANDLER BING: One of the office savages.

“She is totally flashing her wiener too.”
STUPID PUNS: They are funnier with subtitles.

MOTIVATION: Some people need more than others.

SANITY: Minds are like parachutes. Just because you have lost yours, doesn’t mean you can borrow mine.

SELF CONTROL: The only way to survive in this world dominated by idiots.

IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MANY RESOURCES YOU HAVE. If you don’t know how to use them, they will never be enough.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: It is paramount of your personal safety.

AMBITION: The journey of a thousand miles, sometimes end up very, very badly.

CONSISTENCY: It is only a virtue if you are not a screw up.

YOUR JOB: Doesn’t look that bad now, does it?

THERE ARE PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA. But that doesn’t mean any of them want to be near you.

OBSTACLES: Some things can not be overcome with determination.

INDIFFERENCE: It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile. But it does not take any muscle to just lay there with that dumb look on your face.

TEAM BUILDING: Sometimes the most important lesson a team can teach is that you are not a very good team.

AMBITION: The journey of a thousand miles sometimes end very badly.
When you flip it, you will shit bricks. Because, what you always assume about seeing things, can be completely different sometimes.

Some write inspirational quote about overcoming things or some shit.
CODDIWOMPLE: To travel in a purposeful manner in a vague destination.

What you actually say: “Pfft take a chill pill man.”
What I hear: “Quick! Find your cross bow.”

Fear and wonder are a powerful combination. I think he (Caesar) knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they will be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they will roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate. It is the sand of the Coliseum. He will bring them death – and they will love him for it.

BE THE CHANGE: Till you get bored of being the change. Because, no one gives a damn, really.

TALK LESS, DO MORE: Unless doing is painful, grueling hard. In that case, keep talking till you find that sucker, who gets bored of your yakking and does it for you.

FOOT PRINTS: If you are not making them in the moon, you are not making any difference.

Made it to the end?

These were some of the demotivational posters that add a lot of fun and drama through sarcasm. Not just purely demotivational, but at the same time, a lot of humor-filled time with these will be gained. With such posters, you will be able to send a lot of good sarcasm and dark humor to your friends or siblings.

When do we send such demotivational posters and to whom? You will eventually find out that once you begin to get the urge to address these, you will need it! And, at that time, you will need to switch to this page. This page has entirely had the most demotivating posters that will be about your procrastinating habits, everyday small problems and mistakes, and everything else.

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