413 Humorous Dog Memes For Gleeful Time!

Dogs have been an integral part of human life. With human civilization, dogs have been part of almost every home. They have been so attached to humans already, and you can relate anything with your dog now. That’s why we love dog memes. Are you also a dog person and in search of some good dog memes to make your office time some fun-filled? You are on the right page!

With these dog memes, if you will forget all your problems and go back to the time when you had fun with your dog!

Why Dog Memes?

Well, dogs are such cool creatures that they have been able to adapt to human life. Being smart at suspicious things, protecting people, and being a good boy have attained a particular spot in human beings.

Because the dogs have been spoiled with human love and pamper, they behave somehow like a family baby. Taking all the attention of the members of the family. Thus, with their every action, human goes awww…

It is why the dog memes are getting popular. Dogs are naturally funny, and while with their human, they cannot stop making them laugh with their innocent acts.

It is their expressions that make them funnier. With that innocent yet funny expressions, they can be the meme kings. Just check out the most comical illustrations and the story prepared under memes!

Complete Package of Dog Memes!

The wait is over! Just check these out!

We all know how scared are the dogs with vacuum. Are not your dogs scared of it? The momma dog might be explaining the imaginary dog life ghost as vacuum cleaner! Perfectly managed to make you giggle!

Every dog has to have this nature of staring at the human food despite having its own food. This is a clear picture of that! A partner in crime for stealing human food when human is busy watching TV!

This one meme is not about the literal meaning. It says the Internet has become such a place where people trust anything that one has put forward. Not realizing if the thing is put forward by a dog ( a stupid person). Well, this doggo looks like a good boy to me!

The dogs are not cool only when they bark at unreasonable stuffs, specially at night, while you are in your deepest sleep. At that time the dogs are less of a friend, but you still love them! So, this meme has to be completely relating you.

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How spoiled is your dog? Do you let it speak to your other human? If yes, congratulations, your dog is not your dog anymore, but your baby! Let your dogs talk to your other family members. Dogs deserve better! Look how excited this dog looks to be able to grab a phone and hear the voice!

This one is a heck of a funny meme. The simple dog fight can be transformed with such an interpretation! Hats off to the meme maker!

Dogs go crazy when it is a treat time. This is yet another example of how humans have spoiled dogs with such a habit of treating them with treats for every little task. In this meme, a dog seems to be wishing for entire treats alone!

When your dog creates a pinch of a mess, but you being a meme master find out a funny story out of it, this happens! When a doggo tries to think and become smart!

We all know how ambitious our dogs are while catching a rat or a sparrow or a squirrel! And what about their tail? Why are the dogs not able to find their tail? Well, that is no million-dollar question! The million-dollar question is, what will they do even after catching their tail? Look how firm the dog looks in the mirror, plotting a twist to find its tail. Let’s laugh together!

Dogs can wear any disguise so well. Don’t trust me? Look below! The ultimate master of disguise – little doggo!

Did I already mention the superpower of a dog to win a disguise? Just look how well this squirrel is formed! Sure catching of the squirrels with this disguise.

I don’t know why but I’m laughing so hard at this dog meme. Obviously, what is wrong with two girls eating poop? Nothing.

You need to confess your dog that you dog is the good boy and nobody else is.. Treat your doggo well, and do not let him feel sad about not being a good dog!

“It is better to have eaten something and thrown it up and eaten it again than never to have eaten it at all.”

“I did the math, we can not afford the cat.” – says every dog in this world!

“Just a little turbulence folks. Actually I’m a dog, so we are all going to die!”
When a dog becomes your pilot, nothing will help, not even getting your seat belts tied up.

The look your dog will give if you call it a bad boy despite having nothing bad done by the poor doggy. Please do not call your dog with such a brutal name, they can never be so bad at all!

Ever wondered how well you could have used it to hold your pupper this way? Nope? Try it now! The best ever hack for a little pupper. No need to get worried of your pup not tied to a seat belt.

“Where do you see yourself after 5 years?”

The exact portrait of many adults these days. No marrying, no having kids. But say yes to puppers!

Has your dog ever been a bitchy dog? This is still a mystery why dogs are so obsessed with climbing the roofs and getting into such troubles. Moreover, can climb to the roof but can’t get down, a total mystery!

It is a total hurtful feeling when you are trying to pet your dog and boom, the dog leaves the room. Are you not loving my petting? Poor human.

A little pupper on its way to the playground!

Puppers are always nice. But what do you feel about one with a bandana around its neck? Anyways, better than simply nice.

This one might not be relating you some how. The expression of this dog explains how proud it is of doing it! Though it is a script and the reality is a mischievous dog and owner!

“Hey, can you grab me a puppy out of the fridge?” – that’s what happens when your puppy follows you everywhere, specially kitchen and to the fridge!

The expression of a dog when it receives some goodies is amazing. This can be appropriate enough to explain someone who do not know how to react a compliment.

This is with every home. Whenever the human is at leave to some vacation or work, the pupper feels lonely. Whenever you are back, the happiest one will be your dog. Look at the expression of the dog, that is priceless.

When your dog is feeling scared of the fireworks let your little kitty take care of it by cuddling. Animals are the most innocent and lovely creatures in the earth. Look how lovely it looks with kitty trying to pamper and cuddle the dog and make it feel less terrified.

Who is not happy to see Santa Clause? Specially, when your favorite toy is also a Santa in fact. Thus, taking it to see Santa Claus probably can not get better with this face of the dog. Excited little dog.

Just look at the family photo! There are a lot of people and a dog! Who caught your attention? Of course, dog did. It is the most photogenic one in the picture. Therefore, add your dog to your family photo like this! Include your dog in every family events.


It is obviously fun and dream come true meeting your favorite celebrity! For your dog, it might be Pluto. Take your dog to Disneyland today and make it live its life with all the happiness.

Well, a pupper does things that make it happy! Just look how pupper is enjoying the summer by getting its paw into the bowl of water. That doesn’t look anything like a retarded person task to me! Let your pup play and have fun with that water!

Some of us are so attached to the dogs that they are some how part of our family. With them we have some beautiful memories attached. Thus, making meme out of it might not be so okay. Just look at the image below and the love of a dog for its human! Sleeping while having a conversation with your human! Melts my heart right now!

Because ghosts do exist. For your dogs, nothing can be as scary as the vacuum cleaners. The sounds that comes from them! Look at the cuddling and the expressions of them in the picture. It is a horror story of every homes with dogs!

Poor little lad, in that poor condition! Take your dog back to other dogs!

You do not need to worry for not having kids or not married. Think of every possibilities to carry out with your dog instead of your kids. Why not built your doggo a fort? Have fun with that fort, little pup!

They are the best ones while it comes to pretending. Does your dog creates mischief and then pretends like it has no idea about that? It is what all the dogs do! Destroy all your favorite things, and then not even feel sorry about it. Still, dogs are lovely!

Dogs are such a creature, that goes perfectly fit with any kind of drama you wish. They are the most flexible pet buddies who will not say NO to some kind of fun you try to have with it. Thus, any master plan on having fun? Include the doggo!

What do you call a frozen dog? A PUPsicle! Look how adorable is the expression of this dog in this meme. How excited it looks to play with a tiny toy of its!

The lyrics perfectly suit your dog! Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you! So relevant.

This is what happens when you let your dog get into the frying! Do you want yours licked or not? Because I’m only expert in licking!

This is a universal problem. If you have plenty of dogs or just one dog in the house, forget of eating anything alone in peace. A sound of crack, and you have your dogs around you waiting for you to drop the food. Looks like a group of armies trying to protect the fries in the picture.

Why do dogs end up doing such funny things? Well, that’s what makes them dog! Funniest living things on earth must be dogs! They are innocent, stupid, but yet the most lovable creatures.

You need to take help from your doggo in the kitchen instead of letting it out until the food is done. This is simply a team work!

Does your dog pop into your room like this sometimes? Well, mine sleeps in my same bed, and takes more space than I do! If your dog pops in like this, will you pet it and let it sleep with you? You ought to! Else we are not talking anymore!

When you convert your little innocent dogs into an adult content memes. This becomes the result. Well, its funny, and that’s fine.

Do your dog also make the same face of guilt after having destroyed your goods and stolen your foods? Well, every does that! Specially, while you leave it alone. Or, if it has a companion, or a partner in crime! Thus, the responsibility is yours, to keep your dogs full of treats, so they don’t end up stealing and pretending the lie!

Have you heard of dog whistles? Nope? You need to find that out quick! Because, your dog surely knows that and probably loves that too!

What do you think your dog does while you are away from home to office or school? If you leave behind your dog alone, god knows all the mischief it might be part of! Just come without letting your dog know, and find out what’s going on at your absence!

This dog completely resembles the people who pop out of nowhere and gives you lecture on the religion or some other things and try to get you into it. This little pup has played quite a good role.

Why I am laughing out loud to this? This is somehow related to every owner of a dog!

When your dog is trained to do every thing like suspect the criminal, catch squirrel, and when it comes to making it understand that its not allowed in the furniture, the dog doesn’t get that! Well, may be it is trying to not understand or pretending that way!

All the puppers end up with some mischief. Just look at this meme! How did you end up in that little boy? And instead of getting the pup out, the owner has made a meme instead. That’s a kind of relationship goals required between the owner and a pup.

The best part of being a dog is, you get all the excuses fro being even a pervert. Dogs are innocent and though do not mean to do that by intention, but well, are treated nicely. That’s why, be a dog to have all the fun!

Who is the master of disguise? Of course, dogs! Just look who is paving the roads today! With that bulgy clothes of its master. The master has to be a mischievous rat too!


As already mentioned, the expressions of dogs are so real and innocent, they are always happy about everything. It should just be a little piece of happiness, they are already too happy!

Made it to here?

Congratulations! You are almost at the end of the page! Did you like these dog memes? Several relating memes will remind you of your dogs! And it doesn’t necessarily be that you need to have dogs to relate these. You need to be a dog lover, and that’s it!

Do you also have something about your dogs to share with us? Anything that will bring laughter in the face of the viewers? If yes, why don’t you also form some memes relating to your dogs and share them with us?

Have a good time going through these dog memes! Make sure you do not get caught while laughing out loud if you are in your office! And, if possible, share it with your friends.

However, in the end, it is the love, their sassy nature,wiggling tail, happy faces, licking tongue, and every positive vibes that make them the best pets in the world. Enjoy with your happy little babies and cherish their love!

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