125 Attractive Dragon Tattoos With Meaning And Ideas!

Tattoos are cool. But what is cooler? The answer has to be dragon tattoos. It might sound as a cliche but well there is no such thing as cooler than dragon tattoos. There are so many mythical creatures like unicorns, phoenix, mermaids, etc. But out of all the mythical creatures, dragons rank top. This is because of its extra ordinary power to breath fire, fly and have enormous body.

These massive creatures come in different colors and sizes. Well, they have some awesome powers that make them cool, but guess what? They have historically played important roles and are part of various cultures. In some cultures, they are giant beasts which are soldiers, or are there to protect human beings while in some they are portrayed as something that is against good being.  Some dragons can fly while some have no wings.

Where did this mythical creature come from? This comes from ancient books, cultural stories, and is ultimately a myth. Nobody has seen a real dragon, nobody ever did. So, it is all the art of imagination. One can create their fictional dragon on their head. Today dragon exists in our cultures, movies, books, and of course tattoos.

Fondness for dragon tattoos:

People from all over the world are fond of dragon tattoos. When it comes to getting a dragon tattoo, one gets to choose from unlimited ideas. There is no boundary to go creative, modify the existing one, and create your own fictional dragon. It can be something relating your personality. Either get a realistic one or a ferocious one. People who have strong cultural beliefs get a cultural dragon. There are different ways to express your love towards dragon even in tattoos.

The few dozen dragon tattoo ideas are explained in this blog. This is because not everyone is sure of what dragon tattoos he or she wants but all they know is they want a dragon tattoo. So this is a guide blog. We will guide you about dragons and dragon tattoos that will be perfect for your personality and style.

Popularity of Dragon Tattoos:

Dragon tattoos are getting popular day by day. They have been in practice from the time of origin of tattoos. They are one of the pictures that have been favored tattoo themes. Dragons come from the land of fire and have the capacity of breath fire. With one breath, everything in front of the dragon vanishes. While they manage to destroy everything with a breath, they still look fantastic and cool.

Cultural aspect:

What people do not know is that dragons are symbolic and hold a lot of meanings in different cultures and religion. Every different kind of dragon has a different meaning. Like in Chinese tradition, the dragons are impersonation of power. They are also the masters of every elements of nature. This has nothing to do with gender, both male and female dragons have equal strength and power.

Though the origin of dragon is believed from Asian culture and its importance is more in Asian practice, but it is equally seen in European cultures too. In European culture, flying dragons means ‘seeing enough’ as it has the capacity of viewing entire lands. They are both destroyers and creators that means along with fire breath they can also breath ice and poison. In Orient, the dragons mean longevity as well as wisdom which is sometimes connected to water. They are believed to be found as the creatures coming out of the water serpent. Sometimes they are also considered as the sea monsters.

This blog is all about dragon tattoos. One shall have a perfect guidance with this blog. Are you not sure of picking a suitable dragon tattoo for yourself? Worry no more! This article is here to guide you. Check the entire article to quench your thirst or curiosity on dragon tattoos.

Why should one get Dragon Tattoos?

Why should not one get a dragon tattoo? Dragons are so cool and also hold so many meanings and are symbolic. There are no reasons for not getting one. They are so popular when it comes to tattoos. Dragons indicate fierce, strength, mystery, and also are found in the myths of many cultures in many countries. Countries like China, Japan, Wales, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, etc. have a lot of importance for dragons. They are not just cute but also versatile.

It is a flexible tattoo. You can cover your entire back or arm or thighs if you want with a single dragon. It can be as big as you want. But if you want a tiny bit, you can add a small dragon tattoo as well. Do not want to get the entire thing tatted? Well, you can add a portion of it and it still holds meaning and make the appearance amazing. For example, only adding scales or wings or dragon head also make the tattoo looks amazing.

Advantages of Dragon Tattoos:

Getting dragon tattoos are economically convenient. They can be acquired with multiple sessions as well. It can be an outlined dragon or a colorful fully inked one. Anything looks beautiful. People who likes to get their entire arm inked can get dragon tattoos as one complete tattoo will be enough to fill the entire arm.

Dragons are extra ordinary. They have mythical importance. They have strong character in different mythical stories. Dragons are so powerful that it is believed to protect the one who gets a tattoo of it. Dragons are specially for people who are into strength activities or sports like boxing, wrestling, fighting, etc. With dragon tattoos one can get a macho personality. It explains how you can be a creator as well as destroyer by nature just like a dragon can.

Dragons are literally gods in many cultures. And, so far these gods have to be the coolest gods with the most amazing powers. You can relate it with your nature. Just like a dragon is a protector of a person who it loves and destroyer of the person who it does not, you can explain how you have the same personality too.

Well, there are plenty of reasons to get dragon tattoos and it will be endless if kept on explaining.

What are the meanings behind Dragon Tattoos?

Without any doubts, dragons are one of the most meaningful mythical characters. It is not the work or fiction or it does not originate from a fictional movie or book like Harry Potter. This creature comes from our mythical history where every dragon is shown differently strong. They all symbolize a lot of things. It can either be associated with courage or physical strength or even raw power.

The meanings can vary from one culture to another, and from one country to another.  In few countries, it is believed that some warriors wore dragons as a part of their armor and even drew them on the flags for protection and strength. This practice is followed even today. Even today people use dragon paintings as a protective painting and sometimes also as a spiritual shield.

More interesting meanings:

People sometimes use dragons to relate with themselves. They want to become as powerful as dragons or want to present themselves as a strong dragon. Some do it to signify how they have been a protector of their family, or those who they care and others do it to signify how they have been protecting themselves from bad thoughts, evil deeds, etc.

You need to born in dragon year to have a Chinese zodiac. If you are born in that year, you are believed to be an ambitious leader who has no fear of anything and you are afraid of nothing.

In conclusion, dragon tattoos are to indicate bravery, strength, power, fierceness, and ambitions. Like how a dragon is rebellious, the bearer becomes same with extreme courage and power to defeat anything either in person or situations. The dragon tattoos carry a lot of characteristics like passions, desires, creativity, wisdom, longevity, and bravery.

What are different types of Dragon Tattoos?

There are different types of dragon tattoos. The dragon is itself different when described by a person from different culture or region. Some of the popular types of dragon tattoos are explained in this section. These dragon tattoos ideas are common in practice. Go through them to find out which one suits you the most.

Classic & Original Dragon Tat

The classic and original dragon tattoos are the oldest dragon tattoos ever existed and yet the most loved ones. The classic & original dragon has scales, enormous body, long tail, claws, wide wings, and can breathe fire. These are all that requires to make a dragon. And yes, one cannot forget the giant fire body! The dramatic inking can create a realistic classic dragon. Either black ink or colorful ink, both will do it. The classic dragon might be an ordinary one with ordinary body and ordinary skills but with little touch up like giving it a 3D look or adding some unique modification can also increase the charm of the classic dragon tattoo.

There is no specific position for classic dragon tattoos. If you wish to get a long one, arms and back or even legs can be quite cool but for something of a medium size or small size, you can wear it literally anywhere in your body. Classic is always amazing no matter whichever advanced modification comes to dragon tattoos!

Japanese Cultural Dragon Tat

Talking about cultural types of dragon tattoos, Japanese culture also holds a lot of meanings behind dragon tattoos. Japan is a country rich with cultural beliefs. Dragon is one of their important cultural character. In Japan, people believe dragons are there to watch for humanity like a knight. They are considered a symbol of protection and kindness towards good and destroyer of evil. There are 6 types of dragons in the Japanese culture which are Sui, Fuku, Ri, Hai, Ka, and Han. They have unique qualities and each one vary from the other in terms of powers.

Even colors speak a lot about its type in the Japanese culture. For instance, black color of a dragon means wisdom. Similarly, green color of a dragon means nature. There are some specific dragon tattoo ideas in this culture. For instance, irezumi style i s quite popular which has multiple colors and ornate. Well, a small Japanese cultural dragon tattoo fits everywhere and can be worn in style as per your interest.

Chinese Cultural Dragon Tat 

China is very popular for dragons. It has its own symbolic meanings and history. In the Chinese culture, a dragon means a symbol of luck. The unique thing about the Chinese culture is, the dragons here are associated with the water bodies like seas, storms, rivers, and lakes. The Chinese dragon art style itself is fluid which is like water, more or less.

They are the symbol of nobleness and are associated with soldiers, emperors, and rulers. A Chinese dragon looks like a long snake with a body like that of a fish with scales and thin body. Nope, they do not have wings but rather are having crests and curls which resemble waves or steams. Well, they are the most unique dragons throughout the world making it perfect for inking!

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo 

Do you remember a popular anime series called Dragon Ball Z? If you are a 90’s kid, you surely do! It is an anime series with a lot of action scenes. It is one of the mythological story depicted in the form of cartoon series. With amazing characters , this show shows all the seven dragon balls. The collection of all of these balls brings a undying Dragon which will grant the wish.

Well, from here the dragon ball tattoo became quite popular. If you loved this manga series, you can get this tattoo. Only the fans of the series will understand the meaning of this tattoo. It can have bright and exotic pink, yellow, orange, and red colors that will look amazing in any skin.

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Dragon Full Arm Or Sleeve Tat

Dragon sleeve tattoo is a tattoo of a dragon that covers your entire sleeve or arm. This is one of the best ways to wear a dragon tattoo. A dragon has a long body from its head to tail making it possible to ink the entire thing in the form of an arm. It runs from your shoulder to your wrist. This idea is quite popular among men specially those who are into wrestling, skate boarding, boxing, music, and body building. The idea of sleeve tattoo might be a tough one as it can be of multiple sessions and really painful but the ending is worth it.

Getting a complete dragon in your sleeve makes you a hero already in the eyes of the tattoo lovers. If you have nice muscles or biceps, flaunt a dragon tattoo by running it over your sleeve. There are many ideas when it comes to sleeve tattoo. Pick something interesting. It can be either single dragon or multiple dragons!

Image Gallery

This section consists of several unique images. Each image is different depending upon the body parts, shapes, sizes, colors, dimensions, and category. Find all types of dragons in this section. Words are never enough to explain a thing. When there are pictures, words become effective. Thus, take full advantage of this section.

Conclusion| Dragon Tattoos:

To conclude, this article is all about dragons and dragon tattoos. Tattoos are not everyday thing. Not everyone is in the position to get a tattoo either. There are few, and even in few numbers many have no idea of picking something for themselves. So, in that small number of people, many are seeking help on dragon tattoos. Dragons being cool mythical characters are one of the best tattoo ideas. Not just their cool appearance or cool super powers make them popular but also their mythical history make them cool and interesting.

This article is your guidance towards picking the perfect dragon tattoo for you depending upon your nature, choice, interest, and personality. It not just guides you with picking the perfect dragon tattoo idea but also with general things like taking care of your tattoo, precaution ideas, meaning of the dragon tattoos, mythical stories behind it, different types of dragon tattoos, answers to the frequently asked questions over Internet, and so on.

There are several types for either outline, different sizes, different colors, different body parts, and dimensions. Getting a dragon tattoo is okay, but getting a dragon tattoo that perfectly fits your personality and characters is amazing. So, use this blog to find out the perfect dragon tattoo for yourself.

Did you make it here? If yes, congratulations! You are at the end of the blog. Was it helpful? If yes, now it is time for you to pass it on to someone who is crazy about tattoos or is planning to get a tattoo soon or someone who loves dragons.

Do not forget to leave a feed back for us to learn and grow. Also, share us your tattoos! Have a nice time!

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