85 Drunk Memes that surely have crossed you once!

Hey, are you bored? Do you want to see some drunk memes and laugh about them all day in your office too? We are loaded with that! Just freshen yourself with these memes. Drunk memes can never be a wrong choice for a good laughter.

Are you a party person? Do you drink alcohol? It is not a crime to accept if you do drink alcohol sometimes (or very often). If you are young, you drink because you want to have the taste of freedom, if you are an adult, you are tired of all the privileges, and the situations around you demand you to drink it.

It is not just a matter of age; alcohol is the demand of every exhausted condition, every tired mind, every failure, every success, everything in short. How much do you drink usually? And what is the maximum amount of it do you drink on weekends?

Alcohol is a funny thing. It is a magic syrup that makes you a different person. Everyone has two personalities. One is right before an alcohol intake, and the other is right after the alcohol intake. Some people need a tremendous amount of alcohol to go drunk—the people who are still sober after a lot of alcohol, miss all the fun.

The drunk people go crazy and end up doing silly things that turn into drunk memes. We have a massive collection of such drunk memes. The drunk people end up either being sober, going wild, being a psychopath, being sensitive and emotionally depressed, or being a sleeping beauty. There are also crazy dancers, foreign language experts, yogi, motivational speakers, and singers, as the transformation due to the alcohol. Some drunk people miss their exes and tell their entire break-up stories. Some drunkards enjoy texting everyone on their phone book and also call them and enjoy talking.

Some drunkards go blackout and remember nothing that they did while being drunk. Some people cannot digest alcohol and end up throwing everything off their bodies. These kinds of drunkards create pain in the ass.

There are many other types of drunkards too. If you are a college or a University dude, you surely have a gang with all kinds of drunkards and a non-drunkard. The non-drunkard has all your drunk secrets, I bet. If you are an adult and still don’t drink booze, you are missing a heck of a life. But, we do not motivate any drinking habits. Did we just?

Without much a fuss, check out these funny yet relatable drunk memes:

This drunk meme should be so relatable with anyone. Have you ever tried to unlock your room lock like this? I bet you have.


You have this courage right after a sip of booze. You get this urge to talk to rather be your crush or your exes. That’s a terrible idea but you just cannot help, right? Drunk problems.

Because the drunk you have a blurred view and walking with zero self-conscious requires a lot of focus. 

There are stages of being drunk. If you have no control over the one eye and the other eye has to do the job alone, you probably made it to the second last stage, dude!

The most terrible thing after drinking is getting home. You have no idea where your home is and your cab driver just cannot be calm with that. So, be an ol’ lad and make your alcohol party at your home. 

When you have a gang that you drink with every day, you always have that weakest one, who gets drunk the fastest and you are the babysitter eventually. Do you take proper care while you witness a lot of funny activities by your weak drunk friend? You ought to! But, a snapchat might not be that bad.

When you have crazy drunk friends, you never know if you die of alcohol overdose. With such friends, every sip of alcohol is an adventure sip.

Alcohol creates a unique bond of love and hatred on an instant. A person with who you sip alcohol becomes your forever soul mate. This is the magic of alcohol and the same can go opposite too in case you do not get the love bond.

You might have had a lot of pegs already and you might feel like tired and sleepy, but momma didn’t raise a loser, so you grab the attention of the bartender with the freakiest drunk look on your face.

When adulthood hits you so hard, you wait for the holidays just because you can drink excessively and forget what your current problems are for a while.

What kind of alcohol person are you? The most of the women go crazy for wine, and when somebody says free wines, it is the jackpot. This meme reminds me of all my crazy women friends who can go into any adventure for the wines!


When you have had enough of the alcohol and your body starts to throw up, but you are a strong person who is always ready for another shot as long as you are drunk. There is nothing like a last shot. Once you are down, you are automatically done with the drinking.

When you are at the bar, you see so many hot ladies, with who you have no courage to speak to. But once you get some shots on, this courage thing comes into you and you are flirting with your lame jokes and try to hit every chick at the bar.


With every new peg, you have this increased enthusiasm. Save it for something important. Otherwise, you will be funny lad centre of attraction in your group.

There is always a guy in the gang who drinks vodka neat and freak like the taste is amazingly awesome. Can you drink vodka neat? Or are you this guy?

Don’t deal the drunk me conversations with the sober me. I have no idea. 

Wait, is the calculator gone drunk or is it just me? Guys, I need a serious help right here.

Have you ever seen your girl with excessive drinking habit? She throws up and then her face is full of tears and drool and zero make-up on. Do you still like her? If yes, she is the one dude!

When your mother is drunk yet sarcastic. You receive such texts. Do not offend yourself.

When the whole crowd wants to handle you but you know you are completely fine and the alcohol hasn’t done much of destruction to you. The people around should grow up and mind their own business.

When you are drunk, you get this courage automatically. You know you are dead once you let your drunk ass decide or handle the current situations.

This sarcastic drunk meme always lights up my day. 

The family gatherings or any occasion that has union demnads some booze. The ones who do not drink by the age of 25, is a loser according to an average alcohol person. That’s not a good thought though, but society demands are unsual always.

So get my point straight. With alcohol, you become extra funny, you like everyone around you, you confess a lot, you hit people on their face despite any issues, and most importantly you fall for people. Darling, it is not love, it is just that you are a bit drunk, okay?

True shit. Say yes to some alcohol, but say no to Internet and gadgets once you are drunk. Because things can go pretty hard to handle.

Sometimes good things happen. Do not try it on your professor though. This prof. seems really cool with his job and the kid really has some courage while he gets drunk.

Hangover are the worst side effects of alcohol consumption. Once you are over with your good times, and regret over your activites, you have to go through this hangover. Not everyone has hangovers though. The people who almost die of alcohol overdose are back to new personality in the morning. Back to fresh as always. Cheers to such personalities.


How can people drink the right amount of alcohol? There are some cool dudes who know what is the right amount of alcohol for their body. They take the right sips and and drunk and sober at the same time. They also take care of their drunk friends. Some superheroes do not wear cape, they save the life of their drunk friends! 

Just a little bit of tipsy. Some wine and all that happiness recalled when been into the softie couch like this. This meme resembles the life of the most of the people.

With every peg of vodka, you need more attention. You realize your life is falling apart, you have so many deadlines this week, you have been single for a long time, and nobody loves you. This meme is so accurate. You love to share all your deep down secrets to a strnger that you collide with in the bar and you get the full attention and love from the person on the very first attempt, only if the other person is drunk enough.

When you have been drinking mimosas for three days and your doctor finds out why your health is fluctuating despite all the healthy juice you have been intaking. But wait, do not consider mimosas as juice cleanser the next time.

Because you become quickly in bond with the girls in the washroom at the bar. They help you fix your make-up, hear your stories, and when it comes to texting your ex, they know it is welcoming terror. So listen to the bitches who share the same problems about exes and the sober one is always right, believe me.

Why does this meme seem so well defined? The plain 8 glasses of water seem so impossible while one can consume as many of the glasses of wine so easily in a single meal.


“Well, I don’t know how I ended up like this. I am as surprised as you are.”

While being a drunk you, do not end up screwing yourself. While you got to act sober, do it with elegance.

You bring out the every moves in you right after the vodka hits you right. And wake up with hangover, and a lot of body aches.

This one is my favorite drunk meme. Who would not be able to relate with this? Everyone has tried to set an alarm like this, admit it fellas.

Alcohol is a yoga master after all. Don’t you trust alcohol for your yoga moves?

What do you expect a drunk person to see? Of course everything blurred.

This happens when you are a teenager and want to have a taste of freedom. And, it is too late until you find you, you have been tasting the freedom in a wrong way. Everyone has ended up like this more than once in their life.


This made me question myself. Isn’t that Scooby-doo?

When you are drunk and your phone gallery fills up with your weird selfies. You clean it up right in the morning.

When you are drunk, your heart is the biggest one, and you become the kindest person in the world. So, here are the free likes. 

I repeat, NEVER.

This would be a nightmare to walk on those carpets even while being a sober, just imagine the problems that arise while you are walking on that while being drunk! “Dude, the floor is moving!”

The anonymous lord of alcohol once said, “No great story begins while having a salad. Drink alcohol, and add up a new story to your life.” The very true words from the legend!

Every group has a softie, that neither drinks any kind of alcohol nor can be left away from the party. So, the non-drinking friend really becomes hard to be comfortable with. 

You know you have done a lot of mess while being drunk, and you want to hear every detail, but not just strong enough for that. This meme resembles life.

When your friend is an alcohol expert, and you are just scared to be his/her experiment victim. This meme is so accurate.

57 is just a number. With the drunk you come courage, ideas, enthusiasm and in the morning comes to a hangover, headache, regrets, and embarrassments. 

Ever chilled yourself with Bacardi at other time than the evening? You might regret a bit, but we are born young, wild and free!

This meme is so freaking true. This vision is so accurate after some pegs of vodka or whiskey. Don’t mind to not notice you meanwhile.

This meme is a way to funny, ever been in place of this shark? Many a time probably. 

Everything remains same even if you are stopping your drinking habit. Trust us on that.

I have two sides. A drunk me has no idea of sober me and vice versa. You do not deal of a drunk me to a sober me.

Did you know that if you drink alcohol in an empty stomach, you are likely to get drunk really quick? So, for a drunkard, the most important meal is the one right before the alcohol schedule.

When you just tasted a sip of alcohol, and remember you have to ride your way back and do not want to get into cops, you still get scared of being caught. It is because once a criminal is always a criminal on the mind.

This meme is so accurate. The alcohol nature it is!

Because the drunk me is not a sober me, and a drunk me doesn’t hesitate to judge you right on the spot, that a sober me would be scared of. 


There are these people who have this habit of asking stupid questions. “Did you drink a lot?”, well, no bitch, I am good.

Drinking alcohol is no fun unless you drink it to fully blackout! The ones who can go drunk and remain sober, how can they manage this? When you are completely blackout and the next day, you hear your companions elaborating the non-sense pieces of stuff you did the last night, well, they are all lying, because you don’t remember shit about that!

Every drunkard has some of the golden drunk memories while some of the horrible drunk stories. The above memes represent the drunk stories. These drunk memes are not just funny and relatable but are also the source of remembering the best and the worst memories you have.

Did you go through each meme and just went back to some memories related to the meme? You know it is not good to drink alcohol because you also know what side effects it can bring, but sometimes you drink for some occasions or events, where you build a new drunk memory, and here we add on some new drunk meme. The Internet is a home of all the drunk memes, while we hold only the best ones. Have fun today, and remember it all week and laugh at the memes even during your work time.

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