45 Stunning Fade Haircut Ideas For Your Sexy Personality!

The fade haircut is a man’s thing. Who does not love it? When the fade haircut was out, it became a life-changing thing for men, because there is not a single man who would not like to try it, but it is not a gender thing. Even women flaunt fade haircuts, but it is mainly men’s type all over the planet.

The fade haircut is somehow the most significant invention of 2000. Though it was started in the ’80s by celebrities and street boys, it had to struggle two decades straight to get its space. Now that it has gained its scope, it has also received a lot of fame worldwide.

Men’s fashion industry is not as extensive as that of women, and comparatively, women’s clothing and hair get more highlighted than men’s. But fade haircut is something that is stealing the stage. It has out ruled all other men’s hair and has competed well with the women’s too.

Fade haircut got its popularity when celebrities, athletes, and famous people started accepting this haircut and came out in public, all confident and amazing. It has brought a revolution in men’s fashion and hair. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to fade haircut.

This article is all about fade haircut and ideas relating to it. If you are a man who has no idea about it, don’t worry, this article will help you begin from scratch. It is okay if you want to make it yourself, make it for an event, or trying it for the first time, this article right here is your guide.
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What is a fade haircut?

A fade haircut by its name is clear. It has faded hair from the bottom towards the top. The hair can be as fade as the skin is only remaining. It is also commonly known as military reg. This hair started as a part of the military, where boys had to make fade haircut only. Later on, it became an outspread fashion. This hair lets you have tapered hair from bottom to top, and the skin is evident on reaching above the bottom.

There are three main types of fade haircuts: low, medium, and high, all unique and fashionable. It can go as short as bald. There are also other two types known as burst fade and temple fade that will cover only a small portion of the head and will not stop making the impact.

There is this false belief that the thin straight hair cannot have a good fade haircut. It might be slightly right, but not entirely. Getting a fade haircut is possible for all hair type and texture. Honestly, the low and high fades look extra amazing when the hair is thick and dense.

Starting with a military thing and worn by military and army boys, today, the fade haircut has become every man’s first choice no matter what age!

How to prepare a fade haircut?

There are two ways to prepare your fade haircut. Either you take the help of a professional and get it done in a hair salon or visit your hairdresser. Or, you can do it yourself at home, which will require a bit of a guideline.

Prepare fade haircut in hair saloon:

All you need to do is have a little knowledge of fade haircut ideas. You will need to find a proper hair saloon. Yes, most of the hairdressers are very familiar with fades, but not everyone is capable of providing you with the most exceptional style. For that, you will have to find someone good at it. Hair artists are the people who will study your face, orientation of your face, and suggest you with the best possible fade haircut ideas. It is because even the face’s shape plays an essential role in determining what suits you well.

You can visit the stores near you or find online and visit the salon for the haircut. The artist will ask you the level of fading you would want. You can go level zero, which is bald. Express your opinion. The hair will grow again, very soon. So, it would be best if you made fades that almost touch your skin.

The plus point on getting the fades done in a hair salon is you will get some suggestions as well. The artist has to have worked a lot of haircuts and define something perfect for your face shape and hair type. You need not do whatever the artist says, but you can think about it at least. Going to saloon will save a lot of time and avoid blunder from happening. But if you are a pro at doing it yourself and might not be able to explain to your artist what you want, then it is better to get it done yourself.

Prepare fade haircut yourself at home:

This one is kind of risky. You need to be very cautious if you want to get it done yourself at home. Have you done this before? If yes, it is not a big deal then. But if not, you need to be very cautious. Do not make your steps and follow some ideal steps. The following steps are suitable for you. Check them out:

  1. It would be best if you started from the top center. Use a medium-size scissor that is sharp enough to cut well, then make a center section.
  2. Add a comb that goes parallel to the bottom. Pull hair up. You need to measure the length you will be chopping off. Do it very carefully. You can use a mirror to see the back and top.
  3. Do steps 1 and 2 unless you are okay with the length.
  4. You can leave the top portion messy, long, short, or give any look you want.
  5. Now that the top is over, you need to make a final check with scissors to fix the hair portion’s remaining.
  6. Now you will require a blade to get rid of the hair on the sides. Start making the fades. Add a detachable blade clipper if needed. First, pick a team, either left or right, and do the same on the remaining sides. Blend well, and make sure it looks perfect.
  7. Repeat on the entire remaining portion unless done.
  8. Use trimmer in case of remaining awkward hair portions. Do it to bring evenness.

Is fade haircut okay with any hair texture?

Fade haircut came out from military boys. They made it almost bald, and later on, fade haircut got its space. They had different hair textures, but it did not matter then. Today fade haircuts have been categorized into several types. This haircut is possible with all hair textures. It looks unique to each one. The difficulty level might vary, and the looks might be different for different hair texture. We have classified it into three hair textures. Check them out below:


Curly hair texture can be challenging when it comes to making fade haircuts. The top portion is the problem. The sides and the bottom are all shaved without any problem, but the top needs to be short. It can be burdensome for small scissors or even trimmers. It would be best if you kept trimming the sides because a little hair growth can also create problems. The curly hair texture looks more refreshing with a fade haircut.


Waves are generally most people’s hair texture. The waves are comfortable when they are to be turned into the faded haircut. All you need to do is gently make the right length with the scissors. Wavy hairs are mostly with perfect density making it easy to handle the top center hair. Wavy hair makes classic faded haircuts. Do not worry about even taking care of the hair. You can use the trimmer to make the length reduced even after a long time.


Initially, people believed, straight hairs are thin, and thin strands do not make perfect haircuts, especially when it comes to faded ones. Because faded hair will look almost bald, but with thin hair, the baldness becomes more visible. But you can receive perfect faded haircut even on the straight hair. It looks fantastic, and most people also choose to straighten their hair before getting this hairdo. You will love it.

Can fade haircut be suitable for any hair length?

Initially, it began with short hair. Army and military boys had their hair almost bald before getting a faded haircut. It was in the 2000s. But today, the faded haircut has become something more than it used to be. We have classified hair length into three types, namely short, medium, and long. Find out about them.


The short hair looks cool when faded on the sides. There are specific ways to make it look attractive. The short can again be generalized or classified into further lengths, but in this topic, you will find out about general short measures. Short hair is easy for making fade haircut. It is because you need not use the scissors frequently and more to cut the center top hair.


The medium-length looks cool but can be messy as well. You cannot even make it into a ponytail, and this might end up covering your forehead and eyes. Men usually go short or long but unconsciously are having a medium-length.


Long hair with fade sides has become one of the most popular ways to flaunt fade haircut. Men have started growing their hair long but yet make the sides faded. They usually add a half bun or full bun to their long hair, which makes them look super sexy. Or, merely adding a rubber band to make a ponytail is also not bad but unusual.

How to make your fade haircut last longer?

Making a fade haircut is itself a tough job, but guess what is more stringent? It is to make it last longer! Well, men are, by nature, very rough. If you are a guy who is 24/7 out in the dirt, this one might be even tougher. You can do carry a trimmer and a pair of scissors along with you. If you trim regularly and also make the cutting done yourself, you will have it last longer. If you have provided a specific shape, add hairspray to last the form. Do not let your hair get damaged because it will cause hair breakage. Well, the fade haircut will last longer just if you provide little time to add little effort.

Moreover, you can create a little different style every time there is growth in hair length. Thus, you can make it last longer with different styles every time. You can also use different hair products to make the fade haircut last longer.

How to take care of your hair?

The best ways to take care of the hair is loving it. To love your hair, you will have to buy the products that are not harming your hair instead. People are using soap in their hair to wash it, which should be avoided. Men are by birth a little rough with their hair, which has led to bad hair. Well, a man should find out what he is allergic to and should avoid it.

Using shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, etc. will make the hair healthy. But these should again be free from the kinds of stuff you are allergic to. You can figure that out after you use it once or twice. Apply organic lotions once in a while like egg, aloe, etc. to make the hair gain natural strength and shine.

Do not use heating devices excessively. You can air-dry instead of using a hairdryer after every wash. Also, do not use straightening or curling devices more often as it can damage your hair. All you need to do it keep them natural.

You can drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet to make your hair roots secure and add strength internally.

What makes it so popular?

The first thing that makes it accessible is acceptance. People all over the world are accepting this hairdo. It is because it is easy to prepare, and people have no complaints regarding it. There are many sportsmen like famous Christiano Ronaldo, musicians like Zayn Malik, and other models and artists who have been wearing this haircut for a long time, making it more loved. Men like simplicity, something easy to carry, and something easy to handle, well fade haircut is a combo.

Another reason for its popularity is it can be worn anywhere. Either school, office, club, party, official programs, informal programs, etc. You need not worry about being judged by wearing it anywhere. It goes well with anything, as well. You can flaunt it in any outfit. Go casual or even smart with this hairdo. You can also prepare it yourself, and it is not labeled as a sophisticated hairdo either.

What are different ideas of fade haircuts?

There are plenty of ideas when you wish to get this hairdo. Some of the pictures below are labeled with the combo that one can receive with a fade haircut. Check these combos out and try it on yourself if it matches your personality.

Fade haircut with beard:

Colorful fade haircut:

Emo looks with fade haircut:

Fade haircut for nerd looks:

Go crazy with this hairdo:

Image Gallery:

This section consists of plenty of images of men with fade haircuts. They are ordinary men, celebrities, sportsmen, actors, models, and musicians. Pictures make the words clear. Despite a lot of descriptions made on about fade haircuts, it might not be still evident. So this section is critical to visualize and figure out something perfect for you.

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To conclude, this article consists of ideas and innovations that are possible with a fade haircut. From 90s typical one to the latest ones, it has it all. The fade haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles existing for a very long time now, It is here with many possibilities for you. You can prepare it for any hair texture, type, and length. If you secretly have been admiring this hair and want to get it for yourself too, but has no idea where to start from, this is your starting point.

This article is a guide for a complete haircut and also with ideas to make it last longer. You will find out about its origin, types, and ways to flaunt it well. You will also get to a section with large images, out of which none are identical. This article is your guide, even if you want to start from scratch.

Just go through the article and put yourself into an advantage. Well, researches are essential before getting into any new look. And, this one is a package of all. Feel free to give us feedback or ask any questions regarding this article. If you liked the content or if it was helpful, share it among your loved ones, especially those fond of fade hairdos. Keep loving!

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