88 Soothing Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men!

Men and their haircuts!

Do you know what men’s problem is? It is picking a perfect haircut for themselves. It is a universal problem, especially for those who prefer short hair, and mainly in summer. Those who are willing to have the short hair, so that they do not have to look after it all the time, Faux Hawk or Fohawk is the ultimate solution to all your problems.

There are a lot of varieties of haircuts for men, which have their recent origin. A few years back, there were only a limited number of hairstyles for men, but now you can find a new haircut every day. Even men are going stylish. They also prefer to look something beyond muscular or hot, and they also prefer to seem sexy yet professional. That’s why they are picking a new hairstyle every week. But wait, what’s on the top right now? Of course, Faux Hawk is leading!

Stay tuned. There are so many amazing styles with Fohawk on this page. We are loaded with the techniques that will make you look spectacular with security procedures. There are plenty of images of celebrities and models who seem to have loved this cut for a long time.

Now, it is your time to grab this style.

Problem with long hair? Try Faux hawk

Want a different look? Try Faux hawk!

Having the wrong date? Try Faux hawk

Want to handle profession and style at once? Try Faux hawk!

What is Faux Hawk?

As the name suggests, it has two words, faux, which means false and hawk, a bird with a long tail. So, to make it short, Faux Hawk is a style that has a fake hawk-like tail that starts from the head and goes some way up with a curvy erection. Besides the hawk-like erected false tail, the remaining portion is shaved, like a Mohawk haircut.

There are some other definitions of this word from different websites. The word faux is a French word, which means somehow imitating. Yes, in this case, the haircut is a result of the imitation of Mohawk. Before the hair trend of Fauxhawk, Mohawk was only present. We will know the only slight difference between these two in no time. As said, they are somehow similar, but only the flipping to hair to a specific direction is the change or identity of these two hair cuts.

Despite not being into the hair trend for a long time, Faux hawk seems to be ruling every other haircut. If you have not even a slight idea about what this haircut means, you have ended up on the right page. With the images of the best of the best hairstyles with Fohawk, you will get the entire clue about it.

This style seems to be at the top of the trending list as many of the commoners, as well as the celebs, seem to have it. Even some of the women who prefer short hair seem to have been making this haircut. So, this is undoubtedly not a gender-biased haircut. Our very own Pink is also seen with this haircut for a long time.

But mainly, in a large ratio, of course, men have this haircut. Despite the technical definitions, there is no such thing as ideal Fohawk, and there are few self-modified changes in this hairstyle itself. So, some modifications are allowed and accepted.

What makes Faux Hawk so trendy?

Well, it is all about style. With a Faux Hawk haircut, you obviously will look more stylish and hot. Faux Hawk will help you to seek professional during your weekdays and punk during the weekend. With the same hairstyle, you can visit the office with all your suits up, and even to the bar, with that casual clothes. So, every man is falling or this haircut.

Even the kids who are asked to keep their hair short in the school or high school premises also seem to make this hair cut, which is not boring like shaving your head, duh.

Is it something like Mohawk?

The original Fohawk or Faux Hawk is the modification of Mohawk itself. Mohawk is a haircut that is just like Fohawk, and the only difference is the side where the hair turns. In Mohawk, the ample amount of hair is bending backward, while in Faux Hawk, it is reverse.

Therefore Mohawk is more dramatic, while Faux Hawk seems natural and refreshing. It doesn’t mean you do not have to pick Mohawk as your hairstyle, but with Fohawk, you will feel more accessible and ordinary.

How to make this hairstyle?

Once you visit your hair salon, ask the hairdresser to shave somehow the sides of your head. It doesn’t have to be an exceptional shave, and you can omit the upper sides. The remaining long hair in the center can be trimmed in case it is too long. Once you are done with this, add your hair product, either gel or another sticky thing that will hold your hair firm. Comb your hair from the back to the front.

After this, use a blow dryer to set your hair frontwards by blowing from the back. It will give the perfect shape of a Hawk tail. Then, you can use hair spray so that everything lasts longer.
It is how you make a Fohawk hairstyle!

Is there a length limit?

Actually, not. You don’t have a limit to your hair length. It cannot be too long, but with medium length, its fine. We can find the same haircut for different lengths.

  1. Long Hair Fohawk:
    For long hair, Fohawk differs from regular short hair Fohawk. With the increase in length, there has to be a long tail towards the front. The hair needs to be blended well and erected with a lot of hairspray and gel. It is somehow hard to fix the erection with long hair, but that’s not the biggest issue. With long hair, a little more time is required to make sure the hair stays well. The sides do not have to be completely shaved if your mid hair is somehow long. You can keep short hair on your sides too. It is a modified style, and the bet will look cool on men.
  2. Short Hair Fohawk:
    With short hair, somehow, its less like a Fohawk, as there will be only a little hair trying to stand up. But it gives a classic look. With shorter hair, there is somewhat space for mixing up of different hairstyles along with this one. It is not a disadvantage though, to have short hair, and still wanting to get Fohawk.


Fohawk with Beards and Mustaches?

It has to be the latest trend going on throughout the world. Men from all over the world are growing their mustaches and beard like a fashion trend. Moreover, to match their beards and mustaches, they are picking Fohawk. It is the best combination so far discovered among men. Catching up the latest trend, beards go better with Faux Hawk.

If you are planning to grow beard any sooner, don’t forget to pick this haircut. It is how you achieve all the best looks and confidence.

Does it has to be a specific type of hair to have this haircut?

Of course not! It can be either straight, wavy, curl, or kinky. No matter what texture the hair holds, it fits perfectly. Do not worry if your hair if of different composition, you will still look stunning with this hairstyle. You need a lot of hair spray or gel in case if your hair doesn’t stay well in place. Else, everything is fine.

Curly Hair:

You will love the result in curly hair. I mean, look at the pictures below. It is undoubtedly amazing! With small or big curls, there seems some modification, but still superb outcome. So, to all the men with curls, do try a Fohawk and compliment you for that!

Who got the Fohawk Trend?

Without any doubt, it is the soccer players who play this haircut well. There are plenty of soccer players who have been keeping this haircut, which has made it a standard style. Men all over the world are copying it from soccer players.

David Beckham might be the first one to have it on the ground. After that ever since, there has been a lot of other players too. But nobody could wear it as well as Beckham. It was once famous as the Beckham style as well.

Also, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and some other famous soccer players are having this haircut. It has to be the most popular haircut among the footballers. They are making it viral and taking this hair trend to a large number of years in the future hopefully.

Not just soccer players, but also the musicians and actors seem to have this haircut. Actors like Zac Efron seem to love this haircut for a long time, such that he always picks the same hair. Similarly, there are plenty of celebrities who seem to love this comfortable yet stylish haircut.

Do lazy men prefer Fohawk?

Yes, to make it more accurate, lazy, but stylish, men prefer Fohawk. With long hair, one has to find out more time to take care of it. But with Fohawk, it is more straightforward. Also, the sides are shaved, which creates taking care of the only middle portion of the head. It not just saves time but also makes you ready most of the time.

Either be at home or work or playground, you are ready all the time. That’s why it is more like a formula to excellent style with a pinch of time and hard work.

Color in Faux Hawk Haircut

If you wish to make your hair a different color and then try this haircut, you still won’t be making a wrong decision. You can pick a fancy shade of course, or just a decent one before making this haircut.

Just like in the picture below, a blue will surely make you look admirable and stylish. The spikes on the top look like crystals hanging on the cave top. But make sure you pick a perfect hair color so that you won’t regret later on.

Also brown looks soothing. It is mostly a natural color, but in some cases, brown or blonde is prepared artificially. Still, looks good with this hairstyle.

Braids along the Faux Hawk

Well, if your hair is longer, you can get it twisted into braids. It will avoid the extra care of blending the hair to keep it stretched all the time. Also, it will bring a different look to your face. With braids, you will look amazing at an instant.

It is not compulsory. It can always be an option. You can make occasional braids to bring changes in your hairstyle. Also, you can tie your hair back if t bothers you. You can always modify your hair, as it is after all yours!

Do Spectacles look good with this haircut?

This haircut has somehow professional look waiting for you. If you are an officer, with this haircut, you can seem gentle and professional. At the same time, if you wear spectacles and have this haircut, you will look relatively smart and less of a nerd.

So, if you have spectacles on, don’t worry, your impressive looks remain the same, or might enhance.

Any Pros & Cons?

As every coin has a head and tail, there are pros and cons to everything. Likewise, even this hairstyle has some good and bad points. We can sort the pros and cons like follows:-


  • Less time to get it done
  • Less hair product required
  • No more itchy hair
  • Free from sweaty hair
  • Do not have to worry about frequent styling
  • Goes well with any dress
  • Doesn’t have any limitations
  • Most popular among celebrities, footballers, and commoners
  • Perfect look


  • Needs different hair products
  • Still requires a barber to get it prepared
  • Requires shaving the side heads
  • Can bore your look in a long run

Why should men have this haircut?

Nobody is asked to make Fohawk if they have no personal interest. If you do not wish to shave the side heads or prefer some other hairstyles over it, that’s fine. You need to always pick your decision at last.

But with this haircut, you become socially accepted. This haircut will make you updated, and of course, you become part of the trend. This haircut doesn’t just make you look amazing, but you also feel sexy and feel sexy.

The result is a masculine look with less time to worry about styling hair differently every time. You will surely look better with this haircut as it suits everyone. With Fohawk, you will be shining.

Ladies also prefer men with short hair rather than very long ones. With short hair and Fohawk cut, you are neat and clean, but also the ladies’ man.

This summer, beat up the sun and sweats with this fresh haircut and feel extra confident and handsome.

Isn’t that still a lot of care?

To have a fantastic destination, you need to go through the toughest roads. To have this perfect haircut, you surely have not much to do, but still, for a better look, little hard work is necessary. The procedure is nothing as compared to styling longer hair or making some other haircuts.

Among the other hair styling technique, this one has to be the easiest. Yeah, if we do not talk about going bald. Moreover, if you make the perfect erect tail like a hawk for a few days, your hair starts accepting that. Therefore, it will be more comfortable as you start making more of this hairstyle, or once you make this haircut more often.

The problem is getting your hair firmly erected frontwards. It is solved with a good brand of products. You need to find out the best ones, and make a habit with that. It might be tough at the beginning, but I bet you will be okay with making this fantastic hairstyle on your own after a specific time.

Get it done today!

If you made it to the end of this page, we hope you are surely about to try this haircut. This page has so many images with Fohawk styling by commoners, models, and celebs. Pick your favorite among these and get it done today. If you have any doubts or willing to receive some more, share it with us!

Don’t think much, and try once. You will surely not regret your choice. Fohawk is always the easiest and still the best haircut for men. Problem with styling? Have a Fohawk! Don’t think twice. Still, having some ‘I don’t know’ in mind? Reread the page! Go all the way up and see the images again.

Have a functional styling with this fantastic haircut idea!

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