101 Magnificent Flower Tattoo Ideas For You!

We are part of the world, which is beautified by tattoos! When it is about beauty, there comes along flowers. Flower tattoo is one of the most common tattoos after simple heart tattoos. When you are out of ideas or want to ink something pretty, you go for flower tattoos. But, do you know it has more meaning besides just being a beautiful idea for inking?

The flower itself has a lot of variety. Either be an ordinary flower like lotus or rose or be a unique one like a tulip, it has its beauty and values. As there are plenty of varieties to it, there are different meaning which differs from each one. The origin of the flower tattoo started with the source of tattoos. Therefore, you can find a lot of ideas if you are planning to ink a random flower!

Meaning of a flower tattoo!

Well, the meaning of a flower tattoo varies from the type of flower it is. Initially, a flower is considered a pure form of beauty. Moreover, a flower is deemed to be sensitive. By sensitive, it does not mean weak, and it instead means strong in an emotional way.

Notably, women seem to wear a flower tattoo! But again, it is not a gender thing. As it resembles a lot of meaning, one can wear it in their style. Though there are plenty of flowers in the world, some are more popular when it comes to tattooing. Find out more about them below:


As we all know, how common is rose and its popularity reaches the peak. The meaning behind getting a tattoo of a rose is pure love. As one provides rose flower to express his or her love towards their partner, rose indicates pure love and compassion. It also shows beauty, balance, and positivism. Young lovers’ ink rose tattoo along with their lover’s name with the hope that their love lasts forever like the tattoo.


Orchids are pretty and have fantastic meaning behind existence. If we look at the Japanese culture, orchid always has been representing the braveness of the warriors. Strange, right? How can a sensitive flower indicate bravery? Yes, indeed, orchids represented strength and positive power from the very beginning! It also means prosperity, as well as fertility.

As there are more than 25,000 varieties of orchids, one has a lot of options as well. Orchids grow naturally and require less attention and pampering, thus, meaning how self-dependent you are and how well you can flourish at your own. The best part of it is you are flaunting orchid as well as holding deeper meaning behind!


Lotus is one of the most popular flowers that people tattoo. It represents beauty, love, enlightenment, the meaning of life, and understanding. The beauty of lotus is not only the thing that makes it accessible. As a lotus grows in the pond’s surface, no matter how dirty the inside of the lake is, it manages to flower beautifully, which explains a lot about the meaning behind a lotus.


As hibiscus has more meaning in Japanese culture, it is a popular tattoo in Asia. It has a beautiful and straightforward meaning that is gentle. Hibiscus also symbolizes power and royalty. If we look back in the history, kings, and queens inked hibiscus on themselves.

But, it is equally popular among the commoners. The meaning of hibiscus is also unique, as it can mean gentle as well as sturdy at the same time. Thus, the definition varies as per the country, culture, and individual.

Origin of a flower tattoo!

The origin of a flower tattoo took place from the time when inking was originated. It has been into existence from the very time. Firstly women were inked with the flower tattoos to enhance their beauty. No, any meaning was behind the flower tattoo beside the sole purpose of grace.

The people from the stone age have been inking flowers, which can be seen in the stones inside the caves as well. Flowers have been representing beauty since then. Moreover, African women have been inking flowers to follow up on their old traditions. In some Asian cultures, flowers also represent the goddess, and they ink flowers to please the deity.

The origin of flowers might be one step closer to the revolution in tattoos. It has to be one of the tattoos that have been into existence from the very beginning. People are still inking flowers with the same enthusiasm as the people in ancient times had. Though there are millions of other tattoo ideas now, it is sometimes fun to stick to the old traditional ideas which hold more significant meaning.

Thus, the origin of flower tattoo took place centuries ago, and since then, only modifications are taking place. Admittedly, it will be in existence for a long time, too many centuries in the future!

Sizes of flower tattoo!

After you have selected a tattoo among flower types, you will need to figure out what size will fit perfectly on you. For that, the foremost important thing is the body part where you wish to ink the tattoo. If you are planning to ink it in the back of the thighs, the considerable flower print will look amazing! But if you plan to ink in wrist, ankle, finger, or ear, you need to find out a small piece of a flower tattoo.

Sometimes, it is vice versa. If you have already planned or fixed a body part where you wish to ink a flower tattoo, then the size will be self-determined, and you will have to compromise with that. Let’s find out more about the size of flower tattoos. We generally divide them into three basic sizes, namely: small, medium, and large. Learn more that it!


When we talk about a small or petite flower tattoo, we imagine the cute little flowers that will look amazing anywhere in your body! Small size always holds cuteness, but you cannot do much with that. The pro of getting a small flower tattoo is you can ink it anywhere, either making it visible or invisible to people. The con is that you cannot add more colors, textures, designs, or even ideas.

If you wish to ink your ear, finger, ankle, wrist, etc. you can always pick a small flower tattoo. A little flower tattoo looks impressive and beautiful anywhere you ink it! Be creative and mix the flower tattoo with some other tattoos. You can add up quotes or names as well. Instead of covering the entire body with flowers, add tiny flowers along with some other tattoos!



Medium is the perfect size for flower tattoo! It can still fit in maximum body parts and look amazing that way! Sometimes a small quantity is unnoticed or unseen. Moreover, a considerable size looks cumbersome and annoying sometimes. But a medium size has the least cons.

You can get one in the back, neck, belly, arm, feet, and even chest. A medium-size tattoo has more advantages and looks perfect once inked. So, if you are not sure of the size you wish to ink, the medium will be the right one for you!


The large flower tattoo is suitable when you aim to cover a large area of your body. Sometimes it can go horrible and look like a huge mess. So, if you are planning to get a large flower tattoo, make sure you have thought about it well. Moreover, you can check out some ideas on big large flower tattoos before getting one.

Rose, hibiscus, lotus, etc. are preferred for large flower tattoos. But, the idea uses perfect colors, abstract art, and some beautiful texture to make the tattoo more beautiful. The advantage of having a large flower tattoo is that you can add a lot of varieties to the tattoo along with the basic flower, which will make it more amazing. The only disadvantage is that it can look horrible because of the size and area covered.

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Flower tattoo at different body parts!

Indeed, the same tattoo can look different when you ink it in a different body part. Though the print might be the same, with appearance can differ with the part you are inking it in. There are various body parts which are mostly used for inking purpose. You can find out the flower tattoos for different body parts here. They are ankle, wrist, finger, leg, arm, back, chest, shoulder, etc. Find out more:


For a petite size flower, you can always think of the ankle. The ankle is the best spot when it comes to small tattoos. Especially when it is something beautiful like a flower tattoo, get an ink in the ankle. With a flower tattoo in the ankle, you will be able to view it yourself and also be able to show it to everyone.

When you plan to get a flower tattoo in an ankle, make sure it is colorful and petite.



When you think of your back, you think of ample space for a lot of things to include. Of course, a large flower tattoo goes amazingly in the end. But you can also go creative. When you wish to ink your back, you can try a large flower or many flowers. You can also add different flowers or flowers of the same species to decorate it. It looks more surprising if there is color in it as well. Without color, it seems unique, nevertheless.

Try being creative because you can do a lot when you have a bigger space. Sometimes, you can use shoulder blades for a petite tattoo again, and you do not have to ink the entire back either. Moreover, you can add texts or names as well to tribute your family or lover.

Ear lobe:

If you wish to ink in your ear, you are bound to tattoo a small flower only. It can be a long one that starts from the ear and goes back down. But, it cannot be huge. It looks pretty and more like a permanent accessory when you are inking your ear. People also pierce ears who ink their ears, which is a pair thing. So, if you wish to ink the ears, you can do some piercings too.


People do not usually use ink tattoos in their fingers. But it looks cool. Either be just lines resembling leaves or some petals of the flower, they look fantastic. With the petite flower tattoo in fingers or hands, you can always view it and enjoy looking at it unintentionally.


Thighs also have a considerable area. If you wish to tattoo on thigh, make sure you utilize the space well! That means you can add up a lot of flowers or different other tattoos along with your flower tattoos. You can also make the entire garden with the same or different species of flowers! Either be a colorful one or a black outlined one, it will look gorgeous.

With the flower print on your thigh that ends up till waist, you will let the people wonder how the entire tattoo looks like while you are in your swimsuit! Moreover, with that summer bikini, you will slay that flower tattoo. Mostly women like to ink flower tattoos up in the thigh because of the curves they have.


Arms are the most common body parts for inking tattoos. Even for flowers, you can ink either in the wrist or at the bottom of the shoulder, letting any flower tattoo size fit there. It has to be the body part with maximum ideas on inking any tattoo. You can decide any place along the arm for a flower tattoo.

Below neck & upper back:

Below neck and above the back has to be a ladies’ part when we talk about inking tattoos because this region is the sexiest one! If you are wearing a low neck tee, you will slay the tattoo. It looks so gorgeous that people will compliment it every time. The advantage of this region is, you can make any size of tattoo here, the result will still be flawless. You can instead make symmetric flowers on both sides near the back of shoulder blades.

The disadvantage is, you will not be able to see it all the time! Sometimes, you need to feel that a tattoo exists in your body, and it is not essential to view it to feel it! But if you want to see tattoo and appreciate is very often, this can be the wrong spot for you!


The chest will look fantastic if you are inking symmetric tattoos on both sides of it. People who ink their chest prefer this, and the result is certainly not wrong! Sometimes one can tattoo a flower-like rose near the heart to express the love and the name of their lover. It is also one of the prevailing ideas. One can tattoo flowers near heart, and this will remind that the person they are inking this for, is not less than the heartbeat!

Therefore, the chest has been a famous region for inking as well. Even men ink flowers in their chest to represent their beloved soulmates and their love for the woman of their life. It is common among youths and teenagers mostly.


Hips are hotter when there are flower tattoos on them! Are you a working out woman or a swimmer? If yes, you should ink your bones to make then look sexier! Again, hips have been the women’s body parts to express their beauty and curves. Thus, this region is solely taken by women, and they slay with the flower tattoos in them!


How about getting a petite flower tattoo on your wrist? That will certainly not be a bad idea! You can always get a cute little flower tattoo in the wrist and never regret the decision. When you think of inking tats like flowers, do prefer the region like wrist! But the huge flowers in the wrist will not always look good, and mostly it gives a horrible outcome. Thus, only tiny ones are preferred when it is about wrists.


Who says flower tattoos express sensitiveness? It also represents power and strength most of the time. It shows blossom, purity, life, and maturity. If you want to convey depth through a flower tattoo, the neck is the right region for that! You might already be aware that it is not easy to get inked in the neck without any pain. Therefore, neck tattoos are painful, and a flower tattoo in the neck represents the strength & power!


The sides of the breasts look beautiful and sexy when there is a flower print on it. Sometimes men also ink flower tattoos on the sides of their breasts, but mostly it is a woman thing. If you are wearing a crop top or just bikini top, you will be able to slay that flower tattoo and look beautiful! Breasts are rarely inked, but gradually a large number of people shall ink their breasts with flower tattoos!



Legs are again one of the most famous regions to ink any tattoo, not specifically just a flower tattoo. With flower tattoos in your leg, you can watch it anytime and appreciate too. You have a more considerable list of choices to pick a spot for flaunting a flower tattoo. Either be just a single petite flower or be a series of flowers, anything looks good.

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