144 Spectacular Funny Memes To Freshen You Up!

Are you looking for some funny memes?

When we talk about memes, all that comes in mind is funny memes. In the time where memes have become part of a daily schedule, funny memes are lit ones. The funny memes have solely become the source of happiness for this generation.

A funny meme doesn’t require much. It can be a group of texts, conversations among people, reactions, everyday issues, something related to your daily life, etc. There are so many memes that are invented every day. In this busy world, memes have become the source of smiles and laughter.

It has to be the best thing that happened in this century. The discovery of memes has brought smiles to a lot of faces. Even funny memes are of different types. It can be categorized based on what kind of funny meme one is looking for here.

Before that, what is a MEME?

How do you even pronounce that? Are you pronouncing it right? It is not a ‘mee-mee’ but rather a ‘meem’. A meme is a piece of picture, text, video, or gif that is humorous. So, when we talk about the meme, it is somehow automatically a funny meme that we are talking about.

The meme is a medium of sending laughter among people of the same mind. When somebody finds something hilarious, he/she sends the same thing to the group of friends so that even they can enjoy it. It is how a meme is also spread. It has been a new thing to the Internet, which has been spread rapidly in the entire Internet today.

There are certain variations people bring to it as per their ideas and BAM! there’s another meme in the market. Similarly, people with different mindsets bring different changes, which again might have the same likeness by other groups of people.

For example, if you are a fan of Lionel Messi and find him ad football king, you praise him and make good memes about him. But if another group of people has someone else as their football king, they will make funny memes about Lionel Messi while good ones of their choice.

It is how conflict is created among meme masters. It is a virtual conflict that doesn’t provide any physical harm to the people but can sometimes cause mental damage.

A meme master also gets rewarded for the contents he prepares. The ones that are sold to Internet websites also allow the meme master to earn money. The competition of creating new memes every day is rising because of the very reason too. It is somehow a good thing for those who like memes. Everyone likes memes.

Sources of Funny Memes!

The funny memes spread so quickly, just like the news. One has to like it, then he/she starts sharing it and boom it’s all over the Internet. The only source of funny memes is the Internet. Before the Internet, only comics or newspaper had memes. But still, nothing can beat the quality of today’s memes. The entire credit goes to the creativity of meme makers who have been doing the greatest of the deeds by making everyone laugh!

What’s Fresh in the Memes World?

The memes are funny when they are part of you. The popular memes are those which match a lot of people’s thought. They can be of cherished animals, like dogs or cats. The memes can be on politics, targeting the most influential people you can do nothing about but laugh in some way. There can be memes on celebrities, singers, players, musicians, etc. The important things are mostly the subject to laugh at.

It can also be something solely about your life. Something that you find funny about every day. There can be awkward situations or some of our dark secrets that we do not feel like sharing. But once we find that in a meme, it seems too funny.

There are plenty of funny memes on this page. The collection is made from various sources. Are you tired and bored of the same old stuff? Here is the new thing that will give you a good laugh. Either being in office or home, this is your ultimate solution to boredom. Go through every meme and have the time of your life.

Trump & Obama Funny Memes

What’s cooking in the political world? What funny thing is going with the most powerful men in the world? When we talk about power and weird stuff at once, the only keep that strikes our mind is Donald Trump. Being the President of the United States of America, the enormous mass of people are looking at him. The way he works that has a pun. The everyday new funny meme is produced featuring Donald Trump.

What about ex-President Barack Obama? He is the cool dude who we love to see in the memes. Here are plenty of memes relating to Trump & Obama. Everyone is worth a watch. Do enjoy the funny memes of the most powerful men on the earth.

The Simpsons Funny Memes

Are you a Simpsons person? Most of the people are fans of this cartoon series. It is something that has the most extensive fan base. The motto of this cartoon series is solely laughter. With the funniest characters in the show, they produce the best memes.

Their characters are unique, and every one of them resembles some of us in real life. Therefore, life memes are available in the series. Here are the best Simpsons funny memes collected. Could you go through them?

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Spongebob Square Pants Funny Memes

Only the 90s kid will resemble Spongebob memes. It has to be the funniest cartoon series at that time. The characters like Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, etc. are funny. The scenes are cut into and transformed into memes.

School Funny Memes

Let us admit this, and we have the funniest memories with the school. Especially for the 90s kids, the school was different. There are some of the minds of schools that were just funny and awesome too. We can find many funny memes regarding the school that will take us back to good old golden days. It doesn’t always have to be relatable, though.

The school memes are somehow refreshing. Even kids these days come up with the latest school memes, but nothing matches the level of the 90s.

When we talk about the school memes, it includes torture, home works, punishments, friends, crushes, examinations, etc. We get back to the time and relate it with that. Then there comes bullying, being bullied, kid fights, detention rooms, vacation tasks, summer, etc.

Going through all the funny memes regarding school is the best thing to do right now. Making fun of the teachers, spitting a joke in the class, trying to be the funniest one in class, cursing school and teachers every day. It has to be everyone’s story.

If you are right now in school, of that age, it is even better to add your own to the list and enjoy these fun overloaded memes.

Let us get back into time and make fun of teachers and homework again. Through these memes, feel old, which is not a good thing to feel, right? You will have a freshen up mood, and your jaw might hurt off over laughing.

Adult Funny Memes

Nothing can beat up adult memes. When we talk about adult memes, it is funny to its peak level. If you are under 18, then stay right away. You might not like to understand the content. This one is solely for adults.

Adults are somehow the category of people who have seen it all. While kids or teens are just in the phase of learning, whatever a kid or a teenager finds funny might not be equally amusing for the adults. The mature contents are somehow the adult thing.

These contents are getting popular as it doesn’t show any vulgarity but still give you the intended pun. You might not roll on the floor laughing to these adult memes, but you will have an absolute giggle inside, or sometimes outside too. With the increase in age, laughing becomes difficult. The things that made you laugh once become a story. You rarely hear an adult’s laughter while kids are laughing at the simplest wiggling of the tail of dogs.

So, some of the adult memes are necessary to make an adult forget about the family, office, boss, kids, bills, etc. Funny memes with adult content not just let you forget about these problems but also make you giggle for a long time. Therefore, these adult funny memes are essential.

These are also created by an adult who has used their minds for funniest outcomes. Here you will find the list of the hilarious memes on the Internet. Enjoy to your fullest.



Funny & Dark Memes Relating Life

Everyone can relate a meme to some context. The definition of a dark meme is such a meme that is funny as well as has a hurting end, just like creating a joke on someone’s hair, color, chin, voice, walking style, blindness, etc. It is not considered a mannered gesture, but still, people create dark memes.

For whom we dedicate the meme, it is saddening and hurtful, but it is entertaining for the rest of the people. The memes which relate to our life make us happier, and we laugh even more.

Animals Funny Meme

The memes are funny when animals are also involved—especially pets, dogs, and cats—and goose, chicken, pig, and every other animal in the homes. Even the wild animals can be transformed into memes. When it comes to dogs and cats, meme-makers use plenty of them to form memes. Because most people have cats or dogs, and they are lovable creatures. They do plenty of funny things when around, which can be memes later.

But not just dogs or cats, there can be any animal involved. We all know animals are cute and innocent. Therefore their funny memes are not only amusing but make us smile too.

Doesn’t this pig remind you of the time you also do the same? Just see how things start to be double funny when it becomes part of your life. When you are able to compare yourself with the meme, that becomes funny.

When it comes to cat, the most fascinating thing about them is they   can fit anywhere. Just look at this meme where a kitty is getting a triangular face after trying to fit into a champagne glass. Isn’t it hilarious?

Funny Celebrity Memes

Celebrities are the people who are stalked maximum by the people. They are also used for making funny memes. The way they do things might be standard, but for a celebrity, that can come out in media. As many people love them, their memes will be viral as soon as it gets out on the Internet. That’s why celebrity memes are more popular as compared to others.

Racist Memes

Racist memes are funny but also dark. There are many racist memes in the Internet which are entertained by the viewers.

Screenshots Conversation

The most viral funny memes on the Internet are the screenshots of the conversations. Once you comment on your opinion in the online media, you will receive the feedback. If it is funny, people screenshot it and add a relevant sticker to it and boom the meme is throughout the Internet.

It has to be the easiest method to get the memes produced. It can be anybody’s opinion from commoner to celebs. Even the private chat conversations also become memes when the screenshot is taken and posted. While the celebrities seem to be keeping their opinions through Twitter, they also get a screenshot, and with some finishing touch, a new meme is made.

Funny Memes – Women!

Women are mainly driven into memes with varieties of collective actions. Their ways of behaving are described through memes. It can be about their height, weight, shyness, innocence, stupidity, mood swings, period, cramps, anger, etc. These memes are funny and solely resembles women. Find the best funny memes on women!

It is the proper way of explaining by a woman, yell, and speak. And do not admit to doing so.

Spying or stalking must be the habit of majority of women out there. You think doesn’t know? She knows it all already.

Random Funny Memes Gallery!

Here find the funny memes randomly collected to bring more laughter in your face. Don’t miss any of these!


Short People Funny Memes

There are various memes targeting short people. These memes are prepared by the tall people of course. But these memes resemble all the truth regarding short people. Being a short person, one has problem reaching tall places. It is rather difficult to hang out with a group of people with you being the shortest. But oncesthese are framed as memes, the outcome is funny!


Some Random Funny Memes!

The basic idea behind a funny meme is, it should be entertaining. People should understand it. Sometimes, some memes are solely dependent on the tv series or movies that we might not have watched. In such cases, we are somehow missing the fun. But the general memes allow everyone to understand it.

Sometimes there are also some double meaning funny memes. These require extraordinary effort or a spectacular mind to understand. Some laugh, realizing it in one way while others laugh, grasping it with real meaning. So, there has to be a clear justification for understanding a meme in the right way.

Similarly, the meaning of memes according to the country too. People with a different language, caste, culture, way of living, place of life, race, gender, etc. can also vary the meaning behind any meme. It can make the boring ending of it.

Those who create funny memes are geniuses. Once we see any meme, we realize to know the fact already, but we do not form it as a meme. And, the one who does it probably puts a lot of effort and hard work behind that. Therefore, it is not merely to easy to prepare a funny meme.

In the world where laughter is slowly being vanished, meme artists are keeping the laughter alive with all their creativity and hard work. One has to respect the efforts and do not criticize a meme even if it doesn’t meet your expectation. Others might love something that you didn’t like, and others might not like something you wanted a lot. It is always how a person visualizes things.

See all the funny memes we have here in the store for you! If you think some memes are hilarious while not included here, you can share that with us. Else, you can also give it a try on composing your meme. It is how you be part of someone’s laughter. Keep enjoying memes, and keep laughing.

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