How Can One Get Rid Of Double Chin?

What is a Double Chin?

A double chin is a faux chin that appears below your chin and the top of the neck. It is a presence of fat known as submental fat that causes the formation of false chin below the original chin. It is a result of obesity sometimes and heredity as well.

Sometimes it is also a result of a looser or less thick skin type. It is one of the severe facial problems that people worldwide are tired but can not get rid of that quickly. Sometimes aging is also the cause.

There are so many problems like stretch marks, cellulite, and double chin to which people are fed up finding the solutions. You might have already surfed the entire Internet, might have gone through a lot of YouTube videos and also did some of it as instructed, but still have that double chin.

Of course, if you search about double chin on Google, you will get the millions of solutions that will be claimed to be working 100% and have many creepy ideas inside. You might have already tried some of those, and yet fed up with the double chin problems.

There is no such thing as guaranteeing about being able to reduce that double chin, but one can at least give it a try. Different people have different skin types and various reasons behind that double chin fat, so the solution that worked out for her might not work out on you. It would be best if you were matured enough to know that by now.

How do people view Double Chins?

Double chin is not much of a problem if you do not take it seriously. But for the people who are conscious about their looks, it is a huge problem.

“Look at her double chin…she is so fat!”. People judge each other based on their looks, especially weight. Some people do not care what others tell and are happy with even the double chin.

The case is different with the kids in school and high school. Though it is not much of a situation at a younger age, some kids have double chin from a young age due to obesity and heredity. They become the victim of abuse and bully. Some of them are also trying to get rid of the double chin due to embarrassment and harassment.

Why to get rid of the Double Chin?

Obesity has been taking place for a long time, and many people, especially in the west, are its victim. People do not follow a healthy diet system and end up getting so many diseases due to improper diet schedule. Double chin is mostly due to obesity.

It would be best if you got rid of that double chin because you might suffer from various health issues like breathing in circulatory systems. There are some cases of tumors leading to cancer as well due to a double chin. To maintain proper health, you need to get rid of that double chin.

Moreover, the face looks brighten and tighten once you get rid of the double chin. Your natural beauty will be back. A double chin will add some difference in your original look.

People are tired of feeling ugly because of the double chin problem. They want to explore their original face again. Thus, go through a lot of procedures and surgeries to get it back. But it would be best if you worried about getting into medicines so quickly. First, give a try to the home remedies, healthy diet, a lot of exercise, and some face masks. One of the solutions will surely work!

Reasons behind Double Chin!

The reason behind a double chin is carelessness at the top! Yes, you are the reason why you have a double chin. In some cases, it is due to genetics, but mostly it is due to a bad diet, and sometimes due to age. If you are aware of what got you that double chin, you can get rid of it accordingly.

There is this extra layer of fat below your chin. That is what your target should be to get rid of it. The reasons can be explained behind the double chin in the following way:


  • Elasticity is lost from the skin with age.
  • The appearance of sagging skin because of the lost elasticity


  • A diet with high-calorie content
  • Processed foods, unhealthy fats


  • People with a family and their ancestors with loose skin and double chin get it themselves without any reasons


  • Poor neck posture causes loosening skin and saggy double chin.

Solution to your Double Chin!

The solution to getting rid of double chin varies from adapting some healthy food habits to applying facial masks, doing massages, chewing gums, doing some exercises, and at last, it also ends up with surgeries. Find out all about these here. The following are some of the ways to get rid of your double chin. Choose the best one for you, and do not skip any instructions.


  • The best way to tighten that already loosen doubled chin fat is to apply face masks. Several face masks are available in the market, which works well for the double chin and is specially prepared for that.
  • Some of the top-rated face masks are glycerin masks, coffee masks, green tea masks, etc. These are there to support you and reduce the first stage of a double chin. But if you already have a considerable amount of fat in your jawbone, you need first to do the exercises that will reduce your face fat to some level. And then, you can apply these face masks to tighten the loose skin.
  • It does not always have to be a face mask that you can buy in-store when you can easily prepare one at home. Try mixing egg whites, lemon juice with honey, and apply it every night for some minutes. It helps to reduce the chin fat to some people. But as everyone does not have the same skin type, it is not sure to work well for everyone.


There are various ideas to lose that doubled chin fat. One of those ideas is applying a slimming mask. It is some kind of band that you use or let your chin to rest at. It is connecting your face with a confident posture, which will gradually make your skin get into the desired shape. It is readily available in cosmetics, too, and as well as online.

With these slimming masks, people can get rid of the double chin, especially in the first stage. Some also tell that they have gained a different shape than their original form and are happy about it.


To apply cocoa butter, you need to take a few tablespoons of it on a bowl and use it on your throat and chin. Cocoa butter is good for the tightening of the skin, and many have been benefited by applying it. Once you have well massaged your double chin area, you can go to bed. Else, you can use it before a shower too. It improves skin elasticity.


Some of the exercises are scientifically proven to work for double chin problems. They are targeted to the throat and chin area. You do not have to get the actual activities to get rid of that double chin. All you can do is bring maximum movement in that area’s muscles, and you will have changes from the first week.

You can try “whistling at the ceiling” exercise. In this exercise, you will have to tilt your head backward. Then, form a whistle shape by your lips. Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds and then get back to your original position. Perform a few sets early in the morning.

Another popular exercise to get rid of double chin is “kissing the sky.”  It is similar to whistling at the ceiling. All you need to do is make a pout and pretend like you are kissing the sky. You can perform it several times as per your comfort.

Similarly, the other one is “the lion’s yawn.” It is a rather funny exercise where you are supposed to stick out your tongue out as much as possible, which resembles a lion yawning. It is proven to tighten the skin of your chin and throat. It is easy to perform but requires dedication for it to work.

These were some of the exercise ideas. But you should be aware that you can perform any movements that are comfortable to you and involve the progress of the chin and neck. It will gradually reduce your double chin fat!


Some people are so disappointed with their doubled chin problem that they also wish to do the surgery. It is not always suggested to the people to get some operations done. Because operations come to a lot of other responsibilities, time, money, and main side effects. The side effects can be so dangerous that it might be worse than having a simple double chin. There are three options to get a chin surgery. They are mention below:

  • MESOTHERAPY: It involves compounds being injected inside the jawbone. These compounds will dissolve fat
  • Mesotherapy involves injecting compounds into the chin that dissolve fat. It is a long process and can take around six months to complete. It will require injecting more than hundreds of injections in some cases. Also, it has some side effects like nerve damage.
  • LIPOSCULPTING: In this procedure, the fat is rather sucked then dissolved. It will just remove the fat and makes no changes in elasticity.
  • KYBELLA: This is a drug name that involves fifty injections inside the fat tissue. It will require a lot of treatments, each with fifty doses each. It is approved by the United States o Food & Drug Administration too.


Chewing gums is one of the most straightforward technique to lose the extra fat in the throat area. While chewing a pack of gum, the muscles in the throat and chin are already in motion. It is the best technique because you will not realize you are reducing your chin muscle but rather enjoy the chewing gum instead.

Some more techniques

There are some other home remedies besides the solution, as mentioned above. It is a series of tasks actually to avoid that double chin. You do not need to perform some exercise or follow some diet but look after every solution. Along with developing a particular food, you also need to complete the exercises and apply some preventive measures. You can try these at home and see if your skin type favors that! Because every skin is different, and some techniques might work on only some of the people with the same skin type. Check these out:

  1. Consume the foods with a high content of Vitamin E like green leafy vegetables, legumes, brown rice, dairy, beans, nuts, seeds, soya beans, etc.
  2. Apply Vitamin E capsule in your double chin region.
  3. Apply honey lemon on your face. Melon is rich in Vitamin C.
  4. Massage with milk cream. Milk has calcium and Vitamin D, which are essential to avoid skin aging.
  5. Apply egg white in your face and massage well. It will tighten the skin and reduce the chin fat.
  6. Massage with olive oil.
  7. Apply glycerin to massage face.
  8. Use Chamomile, which is a natural moisturizing agent.
  9. Keep a tennis ball in your neck and firmly hold it with your chin, or slightly press it for a few seconds and repeat the entire process a few times.
  10. Stretch your neck towards both sides, alternatively. Keep it firmly in place once you get into one side. It will also tighten the skin and reduce the chin fat.
  11. Move your jaws in all the directions while sitting straight.
  12. Perform cardio and weight training exercises.
  13. Drink a lot of water every day.
  14. Sleep on a rather thin pillow.
  15. Follow a healthy diet.
  16. Maintain neck and head postures while sitting or standing.
  17. Avoid drinking tea, coffee, alcohol, and carbonated drinks.
  18. Avoid slouching to prevent and avoid doubled chin.

Preventive Measures!

There are various preventive measures to that double chin. You need to be conscious enough to follow the precautionary measures so that you don’t just easily be the victim. If your parents or grandparents have it or had it, you might have higher chances of having it, but with some preventive measures, you can avoid it.

Prevention is better than cure; we all know this. Therefore, follow some preventive measures or else cry later. It doesn’t mean you cannot get rid of double chin once you have it, but the procedure and the efforts it requires is a lot!

The first and foremost is to avoid high-calorie foods. It would be best if you were calorie-conscious. With the gain in weight, there comes a double chin. Thus, follow a dietary schedule and try to be underbalanced weight.

Secondly, try to have a correct posture with that neck. You can learn that from anywhere about what is the proper position. With some facial movements, you will hardly get a doubled chin. Be active and less of a lazy person.

Apply the anti-aging creams as directed by your doctor to avoid having saggy skin. Aging is the reason for that saggy skin, which will give you a faux double chin later on. So, you can prevent the skin’s loosening with various products that vary according to skin type and age.

Something More!

The more you worry about your double chin, the higher the skin loosening will take place. Stress and depression also add up the weight on you. Instead of worrying about how to get rid of that double chin, start looking for alternatives. If you feel humiliated with your double chin, you can hide it.
You can apply a scarf up your neck to hide your doubled chin. If you do not want it to be shown in your pictures, you can learn about various postures and angles, with which your double chin will not be noticed. Similarly, there are plenty of dressing styles and clothes that will help you hide that doubled chin.
Sometimes correct hair cut or hairstyle can also do the magic with making your double chin go unnoticed. You can be creative to make it seen a less of it.
But these all are for some apparent beauty. Of course, one should try to eliminate the double chin because it can cause a lot of skin diseases, tumors, or even cancer if not cared for timely. But, to appear beautiful or handsome, you need not worry much about the double chin. You need to have a beautiful heart before a beautiful face.

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