98 Goatee Styles For Men For Stunning Looks!

What is a Goatee Style?

The goatee is a name given to a beard. It is solely a men’s style where you style your beard in some sort. The beard has to extend from the chin and nowhere else but its bottom. It is fine to have mustaches along, but the entire sides should be clean shaved. Or in other words, it is a typical chin beard just below the lower lip that exists nowhere besides chin.


This style has been into existence from ancient times. Men seem to be carefree and accept this beard style without thinking twice as it is easier and sometimes adds a masculine feature. There are various reasons why men seem to have this beard kind on themselves.

History of Goatee Style Origin!

The history of this style seems to be unique. Not humans, but even gods also have it. It was all seen for the first time in history when the Greek God Pan, half a man, and half a goat had it. Therefore, it exists for a very long time.

Why such a name?

Well, from its name, it is clear that Goatee resembles Goat somehow. The word is prevalent to indicate the fur that a goat has under its chin. As initially been called the beard of a goat’s style, it is later accepted as a goatee style for men. So, the name clarifies why this is called a Goatee style.

Why do men wear Goatee Style?

Sometimes, it is a personal choice to have this sort of style, but it is a necessity for most men. It is saddening that some of the men cannot grow a full beard despite the desire to have it. In that case, they have some unequal beard growth all over the chin and side cheeks.

To still look masculine and fulfill the wish of growing a beard, men started following this style. It is straightforward to get because you shouldn’t do much besides letting a beard to become. In some cases, one can trim it to the desired level. Therefore, this style is chosen by men who are unable to have a full beard on their cheeks. It is the ultimate solution to that.

Do only men not being able to grow full beard grows a Goatee?

That is again a false belief. It has nothing to do with the kind of beard when one desperately wants to have this style done. Because even if you have an entire face full of a goatee instead of just the lower chin, you can still get this styling done.

All you have to do is allow the side cheeks to be clean shaved and only let the chin have the beard. It is as simple as that. The only problem would be cutting the cheeks more often to allow only the jaw to have the beard. And, it has nothing to do with a mustache as well. Growing a mustache has nothing to do with goatee style.

Pros & Cons of Goatee!

Every styling has some cons, along with the pros, with the goatee is also similar. You might on surface find it excellent and easy, but deep inside, there are some cons to it. We can find it out from the detailed list below:


  • An amazing and trending style one must follow
  • Solution to the ultimate beardless cheeks
  • Goes well with any dress up and hair
  • Lesser time to groom
  • Doesn’t have to do much if the side cheeks have no beards
  • Trimming is easily possible at home at your own
  • Hides the scar of the chin (in case there is one)
  • Shows more matured and masculine
  • Seeks attention of beardless people and obviously women


  • Itchy
  • Can have rashes sometimes
  • Regular cleaning and washing required
  • Need to visit the saloon once in a while
  • Needs to make a clean shave on the side cheeks
  • Requires time for grooming
  • Also, products are required for grooming it
  • Has to have timely trimming

Types of Goatee Beard Styling!

There are various kinds of styling ideas with a goatee beard. All it has to have is an ample amount of chin hair and something else to match it. Entire modifications ideas are highly welcomed. There are a lot of already existing designs in the goatee world. Let’s know more that it in detail, along with the images.

Goatee with Handlebar

The handlebar is a type of mustache. In a handlebar mustache, the ends seem to be rising upward. It somehow resembles the horns of a bull. They are facing up and sides. It is a fantastic combination lately. Men with a handlebar and a goatee look so attractive. Sometimes the handlebar is connected to the goatee while mostly they do not join each other.


This style resembles the old nautical ship equipment known as Anchor, hence the name. In this style, your famous goatee beard has the shape of an Anchor. Instead of having a full volume beard in the chin, there is some anchor shape. It can also have a mustache along or not, and it doesn’t matter much.

Many celebrities and commoners seem to be wearing this style. It is also one of the natural techniques for men because you cannot ask your beard to grow as per your instructions. So, with a natural beard style, this one has the lead.

Extended Goatee

It is an extended version where the mustache meets the beard from the sideways up to the bottom chin. It is one of the grand styles as many men have a good volume of a beard coming that ends up to the beard. Despite not having any full cheeks beard, men mostly grow mustaches well. In such cases, the extended goatee is at the top. So many celebrities and stars are having such a type of style.

We can find DiCaprio slaying Hollywood with this style. Whenever DiCaprio feels like a growing beard and mustache, it goes for this style. No one slays it better than DiCaprio does.

Rap Industry Standard

By the name, it is clear that the beard is somehow popular among rappers. Yeah, this has its origin from the rappers, and most of the rappers in the rap industry seem to be having this style of beard. Though popular among rappers, people from other professions and also commoners seem to wear it. It adds a class to the personality.

In this style of beard, there is only a thin line of beard on the side that seems like a part of a thin mustache itself, which forms like a ring below the lower lip and ends at the chin. It needs to have a mustache for a complete look. With this style, the face seems more clear despite having a mustache and beard. It is a neat game with a perfection level 100.

Goatee With a Chin Strap!

It is somewhat similar to extended goatee and a rap industry standard. The only difference is a chin strap in the middle of the ring in a rapper style goatee. Moreover, this also resembles an anchor style, but the center has a small beard ball.

It is an attractive natural style again. It is how the beard wishes to grow in your face and not anywhere else. There is no side cheek beard, as already mentioned. This thin line on the side elongating from the mustache meets the chin, and in between is the small circular beard. It is one of the famous and original styles among the men in every corner of the world.

Simply a Goatee!

If you do not have any beard and mustache except the chin, it is merely goatee. There can be the various length of a goatee style. In some cases, in men, the beard length is also somewhat limited. That means the beard grows to only some length, and then there is no further growth.

Long Length Goatee

Some men are carefree and do not worry about trimming the beards anyway. It is somehow a new trend too that allows men to grow the longest of the beards. Not just men but even young boys seem to be growing longer beards these days. This new trend is all about being more manly with a beard.

Short Goatee

Well, it doesn’t always have to be a long beard to have a goatee. You can clean shave the remaining and just have a lining of the beard at the chin, and you still have a perfect style of this beard. So length is not an issue for making goatee style.

With short beard and mustache, there are little duties to groom it. You do not have to clean it or even wash it continually. There will be small works, and the beard looks back to fabulous. With short beard goatee, there is still all the sexiness in the personality; this adds a lot of charm.

Medium Length Goatee

To have a medium length beard, it should neither be too long nor be too short. It is nicely noticed when the style is in an extended goatee beard. Having a medium length means you are doing it right. It isn’t more exotic and not even too simple. So somehow, this might also be the perfect length for the men who prefer this styling.

Petite Goatee

From the word petite, its clear what we are talking about. We categorize the beard with a nice size in this group. It has to be wholesome and covering an ample area. With this style, there is lesser grooming required. It is somehow similar to a small beard length. But it has a larger area. There is also a lot of clean shaves necessary to get one.

Asian and Goatee!

Most of the Asian men have goatee style. It is a trending look among the Asian men that has been lasting for centuries. Asian men with this style look amazing. They are keeping the trend and making it something called their thing.

Embrace the formal look!

Some men have this thought that one cannot look formal with an unnecessary beard on them. But goatee is such a style, that doesn’t bother your formal look. It makes you more manly and adds up the charm to your formal look. So, embrace the formal look with a goatee beard. Don’t worry, and you are the change-makers!

Bald Hair? No Care!

Are you having a bald head but a proper goatee? Yes, in this case, you can use your goatee to dominate your hair! It will fill up the vacancy of not having hair on the head. Most of the men with the bald head are seem to have goatee style. It has merely helped them look better than with no beard.

You can keep the longer beard length. Men with bald head seem to be having goatee beard for a long time. They look fabulous and more confident this way. Who cares about not having hair in the head while you have plenty of it in the chin! Just make good use of what you have rather than fussing for something that is gone.

Image Gallery of Goatee Style!

Here you will find hundreds of best goatee styling images. You can pick a perfect one as per your beard criteria. Please go through all of it and choose a perfect for yourself! Don’t miss any of these because these are raw and fresh on the entire Internet.


Goatee and its Secret!

Actually, as we know the past about its origin, we can now also confirm about some of the dark secrets. As Greek God Pan who was half a deity and half a goat had this beard initially, we can also reflect its meaning to the world. This beard style reflects the wilderness. Men with wild character will have it. If we again look back to the history, pirates also were having this style.

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Though in today’s generation, even men with professional get up who has to go to office formally look quite good in this men’s beard style. This was initially meant to reflect wilderness and raw attitude, a more specifically aggressive look, but now it doesn’t anymore. These days goatee modifications have made it perfect for any kind of looks. This doesn’t have any criteria. All you need is some chin beard, and you are all set!


Do you groom your goatee?

With beards come a large number of responsibilities. You need to find at least a little time for the beautiful beard. Being a beard daddy, please groom it We have the procedures how you can do that. Follow the list below:

Trim it:

  • First of all, a desirable length of it is to be found out. You can assume what length would look perfect. Also you can take help from the images about your desired style.
  • Find a perfect tool for trimming. It can either be a tool that trims with power or be a pair of scissors.
  • Make a perfect use of mirror! You need to be confident and not tear your skin in this case.

Clean it:

  • For cleaning, it can be normally just water, that will remove all the dirt or dust attached to it.
  • You can use beard shampoo or even just a regular shampoo to clean it occasionally.
  • You can also do it while you are having a shower or washing your head or face.
  • But make sure you make it a regular thing.

Visit Saloon:

  • If you are not confident enough, you can visit saloon and get the beard groomed.
  • The beard masters will do full justice to your beard and they will feel happy.
  • Make it a regular plan to have frequent visit to the saloon!

Goatee in Hollywood and Sports

Movie stars seem to wear this style more often. Not just for everyday life but also for their movies. When stars wear this style along then it gains more popularity. Men obviously would love to imitate their favorite celebs and heroes. They would prefer to wear something that is already been accepted by the people and you already know how it looks.

Celebrities seem to wear it with style. With their suits and even casuals, they make it more cooler. If a commoner seems to imitate, it has to have strike their heads that they also will be looking more than just good with it. Therefore, celebrities are the main men who have brought this beard trend into market.

Especially when your favorite superhero wears it, you ought to copy that. It is more often seen that the superheroes like Iron Man and Thor are also a fan of goatee style. Men who have their favorite superhero, and find they are also following the same goatee trend cannot just stay away from not having it.

Especially when recently Aquaman was seen with this look, the fans are increasing to follow the goatee trend. Trying to imitate their favorite stars, and somehow achieving, the goatee fans are multiplied.

We’re at the end of the page!

So, we made it to the end of the page. There you could find more than 200 images that have helped you pick a perfect for yourself. If you made it to the bottom, you might enjoy it as well. It doesn’t have to be the already existing goatee styles. You can always create your own. You can also modify these and also share your results.

Shout out to all the men who are somehow into the goatee style. Don’t forget to groom your beard.

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