300+ Happy Birthday Images for Everyone!

Birthdays are one of the most important days of every person, no matter what age or gender. The day has to be celebrated with some mandatory style. There is a massive celebration of some of the people while some people wish to have a little party. The birthdays remind you that you have been to the world your birthday years back. You should be happy about it and celebrate. When it comes to somebody else’s birthday, you put a birthday poster on social media dedicating them. Either be it for wife, husband, son, daughter, friend, colleague, boss, teachers or students, you need a special birthday poster for each.

Birthdays bring a lot of happiness in one’s life. The happiest people on their birthdays are kids. Kids are always excited and count on days to celebrate their birthdays. It is because they get to distribute candies in their classroom; in some cases, they are not sent school on the birthday. Almost everyone gets to cut a surprise cake on their birthday. Some get more than one cakes. The birthday cake brings the vibes of getting all the attention. It is your day, and you ought to feel good about it. There are tons of birthday presents in case you are very social. You receive good wishes; spend a lot of money on the food and kinds of stuff for the party.

The most crucial way to wish one on the birthday these days is wishing them on social media, rather be through Facebook or Instagram. You will post a particular picture that indicates a birthday. It is more like a soft copy of a birthday card. It is tough to pick a perfect birthday image for the person who is having a birthday. So, we have many birthday cards that can be used to express your wish for them. These cards can also be printed and provided. These cards can be printed and used as posters in the walls of a party house and can be used as a source of decoration.

The kinds of stuff like cakes, candles, hats, flowers, candies, etc. are the essential parts of any birthday. There can be a strange indication of these.

  1. Candles: The candle is blown, and a wish is made before cutting the cake. The candle can be assumed as the problems or the evils in the life of a person. By blowing the candles off, it is like you are destroying your issues on your birthday. You are ready for only positive energy. It can be a simple elaboration to blowing candles on your birthdays. To be precise, the birthday candles also represent age, so with the present age, you add the same number of candles and blow them with a hope that all the problems you faced during your lifetime will all be blown away too.
  2. Cakes: The cake is mandatory. The cake makes the birthday person feel special. It is all about feeling special on your most important day. And by cutting a cake and distributing it to your loved ones, you are sharing your happiness. You are also letting them eat something sweet, i.e., you are the reason behind their smile.

Birthdays can be celebrated in other ways too, that is, without all the cakes and candles. It is all about how a person wants to feel on the big day.

What you can do to make a person happy on their birthday is, wish them. Just call them or meet them. You can allocate an inevitable part of your time for them and show your love towards them. Making someone happy doesn’t cost much, and sometimes it costs nothing but your time.

You can send some flowers to their doors. You can add some chocolates too. Why not just a text or a poster? And about the happy birthday images for your loved ones, we are loaded with that!

Send all the happiness in the least time. Just add one of these pictures and bring a smile to their face.

Check out all the happy birthday images that you will use in some parts of life. Download the ones that you can use for now. Do not waste another second at searching the perfect birthday images for either wife or kid or friends, pick out the selection.

Happy Birthday Images

Here are some of the frequent birthday posters that are especially party-oriented. These can be used to print and put it on the walls to decorate. These cards can be modified and individualized too. The use of balloons, colorful texts with amazing word art fonts, the use of picky light colors, and their combination have made these seem amazingly bright and hold the birthday vibes. Check them out!


These colorful balloons with the work of light has made it perfect to look at because balloons are mandatory when it is about birthdays.

This poster has a golden, maroon and a white color. It looks classic. The text font and the use of sparkle patterns has made it simple yet classic one.

This poster has a cake in it with glowing candles and amazing color of the background. This can add up the charm of the birthday.

A simple yet attractive. The font suits the theme of the day.

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It has stars too. The font type and colors are amazing.

A poster that can be a birthday present wrapper. With only good notes, surround the present in the most fancy way.

This one again can be a part of the decoration or to wrap up the birthday presents.


Funny Happy Birthday Images

All of us love funny birthday images. We like to add a funny birthday image to some of the people either be friends or cousins. Here are the list of the images that has a funny way of expressing birthday.

This little froggy on a birthday card, because, the birthday person is a lazy one, or a fat one, or has a terrible voice, or just because a cute frog goes good with anything.

Either to make a satirical note through sarcasm or because the birthday person is really sexy as hell. This one image is really interesting and will add a smile on the face of the birthday person.

Another frog again. This one is for a old gentle lad who is very generous and a softie. 

This one is for the person who is a tea addict. Or else because you cannot afford an entire cake so the tea can replace. The perfect funny birthday image to bring a laughter of the birthday person.


This one is for either your little brother or sister, or your friend or your colleague, who eats like a mouse, or acts like a mouse. This one is funny and cute too. Just look at the tiny little mouse feeding on a birthday muffin.

This one is fairly cute than funny. This dog smiles and expresses happiness because it is your birthday!

This birthday image can be for your angry mate. It can also be for your angry sibling, or your angry partner. The angry birds resemble the nature of the birthday person yet brings a smile on the face.

This one is way too adorable. The tiny mouse presents you the birthday cake. So, have a tiny birthday celebration from my side too.

The Tom & Jerry cartoon characters can be used in a birthday card of your real life Tom or Jerry. This one is an amazing way to express birthday wishes.This one has a team of cats singing and dancing and mainly posing for the picture, to wish you a happy birthday. Add some humor to your birthday wish by adding this picture.

Again, here’s a Tom & Jerry happy birthday poster for you to add some vibes. This one is again a reminder of good ol’ times along with a birthday wish.

This little pup out of the flower petals is really a funny one to wish you a happy birthday.

When the birthday person is as sweet as a squirrel why not add this picture and just wish a simple happy birthday to you. This one is cute, and funny too.

Happy Birthday Friend Images

Here is the list of some descent happy birthday images that one holds for friend. Send these to your friends and make their birthday a bit more glorious.

Why not this mage that has an entire bouquet! The flowers that shall stay forever despite no fragrance.

Well, no body sends “Happy birthday friend” texts to friends on birthdays like this, but if you wish to, here’s an mage that does the work.

This one is actually cute. It has all the birthday stuffs starting from a birthday hat, presents, balloons, sparkles, and cake.

This one has a Tweety! A cute birthday poster for your friend on this birthday.

Happy Birthday Images For Her

When it comes to wife, female friend, female colleague, sister, and girlfriend, the ‘he’ has a hard time picking up the right birthday picture. So, we make the complications easier by listing some women loving birthday pictures. They love wines, bright colors, heels, pretty clothes, and besides that, they love being cared. To show how you care them, you need to attach one of these pictures.

But if you miss a birthday of any of your female friends, please do send a belated wish. Women love it when they get attention, specially when it is their birthday.

So, here’s a list of images that are appropriate to be attached on a birthday of your female friend or colleague or any female. Make them happy today by adding these!

A lady loves teddies, chocolates, and cakes! So, all in one for the birthday girl.

This one is for a wine-woman. Most of them love the wine, so a birthday poster that adds elegance with a glass of wine.

This one is a perfect picture with beautiful presentation of the chocolate and wine for your woman.

This one has purple flowers and teddy with a sweet note. This can melt a heart of any woman out there. Just send it to her.

This one is for a lady who is a bit of naughty, a bit of spicy, and a much of a diva. The glitters in the heel and the perfect pink color, it is amazing.

Here’s wine and cake for the woman on her birthday. A perfect picture it is.

Happy Birthday Images For Him

We have a perfect birthday image for the man who loves beer. This one has replaced cake with beer, because, why not? But, there are other images as well in other sections that can be suitable for men as well. Go check them all out now!

Happy Birthday Sister Images

Sisters are hard to please. But, they deserve it too. They deserve all the happiness and goodwill. Here are few birthday images that can be for your little or big sister.  Check them all out, add one of these on her birthday, and see her scream with happiness on that face. It will be worth it.

Here’s a ‘Hello Kitty!’ to make a birthday more joyful for you sister who is as sweet as a Kitty!

Here’s a Tweety for your little sister on her birthday. Because, sometimes she is as freaky as Tweety and other times really sweet.


This one has a kitten appearing from a birthday present. A perfect poster for you little sister.

Happy Birthday cake images

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes! AS already mentioned above, cakes are the best part of the birthdays We all have that special cake on our minds that we want to cut for our coming birthdays. The person be of any age or gender, when it comes to cakes, everyone has a pick. Cake has to be there and candles have to be blown if it is a birthday. Why not share some pictures with cakes and happy birthdays on them? Check them all out and share one with a birthday person!

This one is simple chocolate cake with strawberry fills.

This one has beautiful sugar hearts. Looks amazing!

This one is real birthday cake that has been snapped with glowing candles; but it has no specific name.

This one is a cute cake that has been drawn and looks really lively.

This cake has a lot of balloons and the text has been printed.

This is simple yet beautiful cake that has cute font type. The colors over the plane white surface has made it attractive.


This has pretty flowers on the white surface.

This looks like a present wrapped up with colorful ribbons. This birthday cake looks nice.

This one is more of a green theme. Beautiful and elegant.

Simple, yet classic. There are pearls and a rose.

Beautiful flower with loads of flowers on the top.

This cake has amazing topping of chocolate crunches.

This is a birthday cake for pink color lover.

This picture has a cake and beautiful text decorations. A perfect picture for friends on their birthday.


A plane-and-fancy-at-the-same-time cake.


This is a really cute cake with a lot of fruit decorations on the top. The smileys make it prettier.

This has more than just cake. A beautiful poster rather than a picture. This can be used for the birthday wish to your loved ones. There are flowers along with amazing sparkles.

This one has pretty flowers all over the cake and has made it royal.

This cake is plane and still beautiful!

Because a birthday cake can be a birthday present at the same time. Like this one!

Here’s a beautifully drawn cake for your kid!

This cake is an awesome combination of red and white!

Happy Birthday Image with Name!

You can have many websites that can print your name in the birthday cake images. Such as this one below. This will let you write anything on the top of a cake. Enjoy finding one!

This picture has a kitty that has beautiful eyes! Just look at this birthday poster!

Who doesn’t love dogs? May be just few. This dog is holding a party for you with a lot of stuffs. Just share this picture with your loved ones.


Happy Birthday flowers images

There are some birthday images with flowers! For any event, flower goes well. A flower is always pretty and a lower goes well with anything. We have so many images of flowers decorations and beautiful notes on birthdays for the loved ones. Check them all out, and add one to your list for someone you care.

There is a lot of pink roses for your loved one.

Why not a bouquet of pink flowers? This one is pretty!

This one has a lot of pink and white flowers!

Here it has simple text over flowers!

It has a lot of sparkles and charms along with the flower bouquet!

Just look at this! How amazing effect it puts to the eyes. 

This one has flowers on a vase and a sweet note along with the birthday text.

This is a pretty flower made up of wool and ribbons and indicates birthday note in an amazing way.

This has colorful balloons and waves that make this birthday poster nice.

A simple happy birthday text with colorful font and lot of sparkles.

This one has a flower and a birthday text. Little though enough.

This is a simple birthday wish over some green grass and between two edible flowers.


This one has a lot of candles saying happy birthday!

A fruit bouquet? Why not! The flowers that you can admire first and eat later!

Here’s a vase that has lots of colorful roses that can make any birthday happier!

This one has a beautiful nature scene along with a birthday text.

Simply, happy birthday! 

A lot of flowers can never go wrong! A funky font type to make it amazing.

For your friend, here’s a pretty flower and a birthday note!



Happy Birthday images with Birds!

Birds represent peace. They also represent beauty. A beautiful bird or a group of birds on a picture makes it beautiful. They go good with the birthday notes. Here are some birthday mages with birds to add some beauty and meaning. Make it a Happy Bird-day!

This one is a greeting card with a little birdie and some paper works over it.

A family of bird for your family on an occasion of birthday.

This one is a beautiful picture of a bird that is making a birthday note even beautiful.

Why not a singing bird? Here’s a singing bird that sings you a happy birthday song!

There are a lot of varieties of birds on this image. Happy birds for your happy birthday.

This one shows two playful birds on flowers. This beautiful picture for any one on a birthday looks great.

Happy Birthday images with Butterflies!

Because butterflies are colorful and beautiful, a birthday note with a butterfly will look prettier. The wings that have different patterns and colors, a butterfly is a package of creativity of nature. Add butterflies to any greeting cards, it becomes more beautiful. Check a list of pictures with butterflies on them!


More are the butterflies, more beautiful the picture looks!

Happy birthday image with a beautiful butterfly on it!

Just adding a butterfly to an image can increase its beauty to another level.

A perfect color and a beautiful butterfly!


This one has butterflies hovering around the birthday text an making it beautiful!

It has a lot of butterflies and colors! Look at the charm it creates.

Why not a happy butterfly birthday to you?

This one has a beautiful note along with a birthday wish. Butterfly makes it more beautiful, the entire picture.

Beautiful butterflies hovering over the birthday cake.

A happy birthday text with a lot of flowers and sparks on it.

A bouquet of flowers for a special one on the birthday. 

A tray full of cupcakes to bring all the delights to your birthday.

For your Instagram, here’s a perfect picture to post on your own birthday! This seeks a lot of attention and brings a lot of birthday wishes. This fills your inbox and comment box for sure!

Here’s a birthday muffin.

A pretty birthday image you can share!

A birthday image with a beautiful blessing note on it along with a cupcake and a candle!

Here’s a birthday image with a blessing note too.

Simple and cute birthday picture!

A birthday cake slice with a birthday note.

A birthday picture with a note on it!

Simply, happy birthday to you!

A full birthday combo with cakes and stuffs!

Classic way to tell you happy birthday!Hey, hey, hey. Just wishing you a happy birthday with this beautiful cake!

Flowers and strawberries. Sure, a happy birthday it is.

Here’s a birthday cake for a yummy birthday wish!

Pretty happy birthday image!

Muffins on a birthday wish!
Simple birthday poster.

A lot of balloons for a birthday picture.

Sparkles, patterns, colors, presents, and what else?

A vase with beautiful flowers and a birthday note.

Happy birthday for baby

  • Here are some cute images that are perfect for the babies or someone who is more like a baby.
  • This one is for a baby who is amazing with expressions. Else, you can write a happy birthday text over your own baby’s picture and create something similar like this.

  • This one is really cute. A baby with a hat that says happy birthday and acts as a birthday cake with a glowing candle. 
  • This one is a cute one. It has all the mandatory birthday items and a lot of colors and sparks.


  • For your baby, here’s a happy cow with its happy milk! The perfect picture on a birthday for a baby.

  • For a messy kid, who loves messing everything and still looks cute doing it, here’s a perfect picture on birthday.
  • This one is a really cute cake that has a piggy and mickey heads over the top. This one on your kid’s birthday will look great.

With birthdays come a lot of good memories. You try to create some beautiful memories of birthdays. You like to laugh and be happy. There are many ways to make a person happy on their birthday. By adding a post on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can bring a small smile on their face! You can email them or mail them with a birthday card. It is a way to get into somebody’s mind for some time during their birthday.

Create happiness on their birthdays by adding one of these images! You surely have selected some of the pictures already and hope you can add some spark to their birthdays somehow! Whatever good you do, it comes back to you in a better form. More like, what you sow, that you receive. Make them happy, and become satisfied for yourself too. Happy birthday to you!

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