100 Henna Tattoo Ideas that you had been missing all your life!

Henna is a dye that is prepared from the mignonette tree, also called Lawsonia inermis. It is the result of the staining of the skin due to the colors. Henna has been popularly used to dye skin, fingernails, hair, and fabrics like silks, leathers, wool, etc. The most popular name of henna is Mehendi. Its historical origin is from the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian Sub-continent, Middle East, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and some parts of Africa. Henna tattoos have a vast market because it is organic and lasts reasonably enough for some days and are cheaply and readily available.

Henna tattoo occupies some traditional beliefs. It has been part of weddings, occasions, festivals. Not only women but also men and kids seem to wear the henna tattoo in their palms and hair. Also, this includes coloring your hands with beautiful designs that will make anyone fall in love with. Henna tattoos were initially part of cultural clothes and occasions, but nowadays, it has been in the trendiest fashion. Women are getting henna tattoos over their thighs, arms, and feet and also on their back.

Likewise, the new henna tattoos are more synthesized and can stay longer with darker results. The demand for the henna tattoo is all over the world. It has been the hottest trend and the most popular sensation.

Women are going crazy over the henna prints, and men are going amazed at whatever the results are. Because Henna is sure to add some magic to your skin if you put a perfect design, but, if you mess it up, the results can be a disaster. Moreover, Henna has been on demand because, firstly, it is temporary. Secondly, it is cheap. Thirdly, it is readily available, fourthly, it doesn’t harm your skin as long as you are not allergic to it, and lastly, it makes you instantly beautiful.

There are conventional designs that have been repeated for a long time. Some models are being modernized and are given the latest touch. Some traditional ones are modified and are being copied from palm to palm. There are some particular designs that are meant for the palms, feet, arms, and even waist. Women are taking it to another level. They have started painting a small part of their skin and using the henna tattoo to replace the original ink tattoos. These represent their nature, style, and way of life. Henna has been a popular product for a long time. With time, it has been better with chemicals that have added its life span.

Henna Tattoos in various body parts:


Palm is the basic and the most mandatory organ that is suitable for the henna prints. There are various images that shows how beautifully you can decorate your palms!

This picture has the most beautiful piece of art in the palm as a result of henna. This design suits cultural attire as well as the casual one.

You don’t always have to go with precise designs. Just draw freely. After all, you are not a pro!


You mostly keep your feet covered, but when its summer and you wear the slippers and wish your dull looking feet would look amazing, add henna tattoos! The ultimate solution! Here are some fantastic prints!

The picture shows some beautiful feet that are, in fact, attractive because of the henna tattoo. Don’t they look familiar to some Egyptian print? Just saying!


It shouldn’t always be some large or symmetric prints. Even the small symbols or designs can be beautiful and easy to get as well.

The picture shows a wedding scene, where a bride has got her feet printed with henna tattoo that has reached her legs. She looks amazing when her hands and feet are all covered with dyes that depict some historical beliefs yet do not leave a point on making her more beautiful.

As said before, get some little prints, that shows a bit of naughty you, a bit of funky you or may be a badass you!

These symmetric prints are fabulous! Just make the mirror prints on your feet and catch all the attention. Had you imagined how your feet can look this beautiful?

Just a bit of henna on your foot, and you are done! Ready for any events, or just some regular day!

Something is better than nothing. Why not add a tiny design in your foot rather than leaving it vacant?


It has been the latest fashion to get some henna prints over your thighs. Imagine walking on streets with henna tattoos over your legs visible from your shorts? You will look like a diva. People will give a second look to your thighs!

Are you chilling in your bikini? Try that with some thigh henna tattoos. You will have some natural prints, and it won’t be lesser than some inked ones.

Are you off to the beach? Get some henna tattoos over your thighs. You will be catching a lot of attention. “Hey, can I see your tattoo?” “Wow, they are fab!” “Where did you get it?” “Can I take a picture of it?” Ladies, get ready for all the compliments.

Okay, you can go creative and add a lot of designs all over your arms and legs! There’s not a limit to it!

You can add some symbols that carries some notes for you. Your thighs are the best place for it!


It is always awesome to admire your own thighs because with henna tattoos over them, they are simply marvelous. 

Thighs henna tattoos are mandatory if its summer time and you want to look pretty. Get some of it that matches your outfit and hair!

Personally, I have been loving this thigh design. I mean, look at the perfect size and the darker border. If I am getting my thigh printed,  I will copy this design.

This one is simple yet beautiful. You can even print the same designs for your arms and thighs.


Women love to ink their backs. Several great designs suitably fit your back and no other places. Similarly, henna tattoos that are way too big require a big spot, and yes, your back is perfect for that. It doesn’t mean you cannot draw smaller designs. But with larger designs and opened back, you will have the most attention. Check some of them:

Do you have a best friend? Get the similar design on your back and make the bond even stronger.

Classic yet naughty. The pretty lotus flower over the back! This looks amazing.

A pretty design and you are ready to show and get a lot of compliments! Look at this.

You need to get a perfect size henna tattoo over your back and make sure its visible despite the clothes.

This one is amazing. It is a lotus design too. This one is a smaller version. So, even the small print can be cute enough.




There’s the mainstream designs that you find in arms. Women like to print on their arms. There are several designs that go well with your arms. Find them below!


Traditional yet pure! Look how gracefully these design stick to the arms and goes well with any outfit.

Be it an occasion indoors or partying outdoors. With a little henna tattoo in your arms, you are pretty and perfect. Get it done for any event and be flawless.

A bit of designs just to make the lame arms beautiful You can make it long or short, it is up to you. But, it sure brings some magic that you had been missing for long.

Does it have to be long? NO. Does it has to be something regular? No. Can I draw a small pattern? Yes. Be creative and when the little one can do the magic, don’t waste a lot on big ones.

Every women love flower. And with flower designs over your arms, you feel a little happier than before. And, flowers may be mainstream but still nothing can beat it.

Some regular designs? Why not!

With henna tattoo over your arms, grace multiplies and ugliness divides. 

Be creative! Just get different designs and be the artist. Poor at drawing? You can get it done from the professionals.

For a kid, this one is the cutest. Decorate those tiny arms with henna tattoo.

This one is simple yet attractive. Simple symbols, patterns, a bit of lines and your lame hand is pretty enough.

Finest result you can see here.

If I am ever getting henna tattoo over my arms, I definitely will get these. How perfect it is! Pleasure to the eyes.

I am in love with this design. Just imagine having it on your arms and feeling proud of your own arms.

A lot of flowers, and some mandatory designs, yet, at its best.

This one steals the show. Small in size yet big enough to be seen and complimented.

This surely will get all the attention of your man. Bring it on!

Another perfect design. Damn, this one is so catchy. 

Wow, ladies, be creative like this! Why the same old designs when you can add your own flavors? See and learn.

The arms and the legs combo!

The symmetry!

This one shows a simple symmetry pattern. You always look better with the symmetric designs.

Accessories look better with henna:

This one is amazing. Adding a lot of accessories to your hands and then there is henna tattoo all over! Just amazing.

Going to a cultural event? You have to add a lot of henna for sure. This will make you instantly pretty and grabs a lot of attention for you.

Either be a office woman, a school girl, a house-wife or in a vacation, a bit of henna and you are ever ready.

Symmetric designs more specifically the ones that have been into existence for a long time now, they add values to your life. Try some of these designs and feel cultural.

Don’t worry, they don’t last longer. So, prepare yourself for another design that you will be adding right after the old one is removed.

Small, simple, easy and yet so attractive. Give your hands some of these designs and get ready for an adventure.

Be a young and funky girl, with some of these naughty designs. With such prints, you are forever young and wild.

This one covers the entire arm. These designs are unique and the entire arm is looking pretty. Creativity to another level! 

When little of it can do the magic, why worry on adding the unnecessary designs?

Why not add certain notes to your designs? It surely can include some text!

What is replacing henna and why?

It happens to be some new sticker available tattoos that you can put over any skin and get it done within seconds. And, if you feel like removing it, you can do it in seconds as well. Moreover, this avoids dying your skin and is replacing henna tattoos. With such stickers, you need to accept the only available symbols rather than picking or getting your style. These sticker tattoos can be available in several colors, out of with silver and gold are taking the stage.

This one looks a heck of an amazing piece. Easy to put and get rid of any time you wish.

Even weddings are being overtaken by such sticker tattoos rather than applying henna tattoos. Henna being cheap and long-lasting, is the first choice, though. But, as it has only one color, it cannot be removed spontaneously and has to wait a lot to get it stuck, sometimes, these sticker tattoos replace henna.

Henna Tattoo For a Wedding Ceremony:

Some of the weddings are incomplete without the bride decorated with a lot of henna tattoos. Especially Indian weddings are still incomplete without it. There is a ritual of getting the bride’s hands and feet painted with the henna tattoos overnight before the wedding day. The color of the henna is believed to predict the love of the groom for the bride. The darker is the color, and more is the love of the groom for the bride. So, henna also carries some traditional beliefs and has been a part of the traditions for a long time. With the modernization, the traditions have varied in some way, but decorating the bride with the henna hasn’t changed or modified.

Even with the lapse in time, the demand for henna during wedding ceremonies are high. The entire ladies crew who join the wedding seem to wear henna over their arms and also feet. It has been a crucial ritual that also acts as a part of beauty. Because, with henna prints, the hands look better than they are with no prints. These days, women from other cultures and religions are also enjoying henna during their wedding. After all, a woman is a woman no matter what culture or religion she belongs to. And, when it comes to being pretty, henna does its part well.

Here are some wedding ceremony henna tattoos:

Henna was initially famous for dying hair, as it was easier to get a right burgundy color. It has been used by various organic dyes lately. Initially, henna leaves were crushed and made into a paste and were applied roughly in palms for decorations. Later on, with its growing industry, henna is available in packets that allow drawing with more ease. Henna tattoos are evolving. These days modern designs are replacing the classical ones. Henna can be pictured with anything on the skin.

Henna stays longer in fingernails than in skin. It is popular among young women. Even kids love to get henna designs over their palms. Some masculine designs are copied by men over their palms or arms using henna.

Henna is organic and has lesser effects than the synthesized dyes. Some stickers with designs printed with colors are replacing henna. Models apply these because they do not like it to stay for a long time. So, sometimes the only advantage of staying for a long time can be a disadvantage too. Sometimes, waiting can be another disadvantage also. If you remove henna within a short time, then dying becomes incomplete. It can be orange or yellow color, which is less beautiful than the exact dark color. Therefore, when you apply the fresh henna, make sure you let it dries for a couple of hours or even overnight. Hence, this will give the best results. You also need to get the best raw material for the henna. Sometimes, bad ones can give you bad results. If the henna is not fresh, it can have a monotonous effect.

Don’t hesitate if it is your first time. Besides, try it with a small or a somewhat more straightforward pattern. Put it long enough to dry and remove it gently. If you love it, go creative and give us the chance to see as well. Hope, you got a lot of original ideas of henna tattoos for you or somebody that you care about.

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