Top 49 Jumbo Box Braids You Need To Know !


Jumbo box braids tend to be everywhere today; they are such a versatile and beautiful way to put on your hair. Additionally called box braids but occasionally Poetic-Justice-braids, here we ensure there are several looks on the list that you will instantly love.

Giving you advantage of being capable of protecting your natural hair throughout the seriously crappy winter weather, there usually are a hundred ways in which you can wear them. Here’s a short video for you!

Just before you begin styling the hair with the Jumbo-box braids, here you must accumulate these components as tools as well as requirements.

  • Rattail comb
  • Broad-toothed comb
  • Sectioning clips
  • Edge wax
  • Sectioning clips
  • Lighter
  • Hair Elastics
  • Boiling warm water

How To Accomplish?

Well, you’ll get many blogs, instructions and videos on internet and YouTube in the particular issue ‘How to get jumbo box-braids yourselves. Yet to tell you of entire process, here is what we come up with for you indeed.

  • Before the particular day, just do the hot “oil-treatment,” wash, then condition the hair.
  • Take off all tangles and knots from the hair with wide-toothed.
  • Section away the hair on top of head, making lose your hair from around 3″ above nape of the neck.
  • With “tail” end of the “rat-tail” comb, make a square-sized parting around 3 x 3 inches in size.
  • Smoothen down edges of parting with the edge wax as well as tie your hair tightly using hair elastic.
  • Repeat number 4 and also 5 steps to divide the hair and then form foundation of the jumbo box-braids.
  • Get a thicker weft of locks extensions and then fold it half for forming upside-down “U.”
  • Place both side of U on both sides of 1 section of natural hair.
  • Re-divide your locks extensions into only 3 sections plus add the natural hair in one of sections.
  • Braid with the 3-sections right until the end then secure it through burning the particular ends with lighter for around 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Repeat 7-10 points on all sections of the hair to make your jumbo braids.
  • Dunk the finishes of all braids in the cup of boiling water to blend them jointly and secure all of them completely.

Top 49 Jumbo Box Braids Ideas!

  1. Bold Look Braid:

If you’re a blonde, then try this specific jumbo box-braids hairdo. It can trigger slightly damage to hair, so a few women stay away from this style. The look here is bold, and the particular rings in braids increase beauty of the hairstyle.

  1. Braided:

An amazing idea if perhaps you’re fearless and love lengthy jumbo box-braids. Here you need to have patience for growing long hair to check out this hairstyle. Braids are accomplished layer to layer on beginning from sides till the entire length looks just like the photo. However, try any hairdo on top of head that appears excellent on you.

  1. Highlights With Horsetail:

A cute combo between jumbo box-braids and ponytail. You can use a few highlights just like above photo that will make you noticeable from crowd.

  1. With Accessories:

Well, do you adore using “accessories” on hair? If perhaps yes, then try out this hairdo and see amazing effect that it will bring into the look!

  1. Jumbo Box Bohemian Braids Hairdo:

An incredible causal “jumbo-box” braids design you can put on daily in school, work or everywhere! In this hairdo, braids are maintained thin, and then a knot has been made with braids on top of head.

  1. Updos With Jumbo Box Braid:

Do you love playing hair updos? You will definitely love the “jumbo-box” braids customized along with updos. All these vibrant braids create stunning updo.

  1. Turn And Twist:

If you’ve beautifully-shaded braids, you only have to test the hairdos. Create asymmetrical photos by sweeping your hair upward on just a single side and also keeping it undamaged with the hair clips.

  1. Add Some Shade:

As we mentioned before, black and blue look tremendous jointly, therefore, why not utilize the mix. Purchase some black and blue hair extension so that the blue strands do not prevail. Some blue braids tend to be a wonderful inclusion to the style.

  1. Zebra Hairstyle:

Make your impression striking by utilizing dazzling white locks extensions for the jumbo box-braids. The entire look is very appealing. Here all you require to accomplish is to make some strands white then reap the advantages.

  1. A Sphere Style:

Making a higher bun with the box braids will be easy. Making “bun look” like the “asymmetrical sphere” is tougher. Practice with the braids to make unique hairdos. You can have advantage of locks gel and locks pins to assist you all along.

11. Jumbo Box Colorful Braids Looks:

If you’re tired of short hairstyle, then multi-colored synthetic strands organized into the box braids will save your day. It does not matter just how shorter your natural locks is, when you’ll find some strands, you will be saved through this box braids.

  1. Golden Rings:

Making use of accessories on braids is an awesome way to create your image look even more amazing. Don’t be scared to test out headbands, elastic band, bows, and rings. You will look fabulous!

  1. Twists:

Although box braids tend to be rather large, they are not always comfortable to put on. Twisting them in a single big braid can be one of best ways. It can appear truly tremendous!

  1. Bigger Than The Big:

However, box braids offer you a chance to have lots of fun along with size of the hair. If perhaps you make a bun that is bigger compared to your head, then you can surely make an impact. Add some shades to diversify your style.

  1. Rare Jumbo Style:

The big benefit of box braids will be that you are able to make them of any size as per your desire. If you do not have time for dealing with little braids, then take truly thicker strands and make large and even rare braids.

  1. Wet Look Style:

If you’re a fan of wet and neat looks, then jumbo box-braids can be your ideal friends. Utilizing hair solution on them will be easy. Just you need to be all set for the longer maintenance as they are tougher to wash.

  1. The Knot:

Well, one of coolest ways for beginning a higher bun will be to make this look just like “a knot.” Box braids offer you a chance to make that experiment. Just after lifting the braids to create a bun, utilize another 2 or 3 to “tie” your knot.

  1. Beehive:

You are able to use your gorgeous box braids for creating something between large bun and beehive. Buns are well-known since they maintain voluminous tresses away from your face when looking truly outstanding.

  1. Coils On The Top:

Here, you do not have to add the braids over the strands. Leave some strands at the top to create natural coils. Just see how neat and cute, such hairdo looks. It will be an excellent choice for the younger girls.

  1. Flaming Shades:

The more crazy colors you utilize, the more attractive your style can be. Attempt yellow and flaming red shades for diversifying your image. Also, you can create a blend of jumbo box-braids and pencil for far better effect.

  1. Small Bun:

Volume which you can make when you utilize hair extensions enables you to blend a few unique hairstyles. You are able to make an extremely large bun at the top of head when having the remaining of hair hang easily.

  1. Braid Them Inside:

You do not have to utilize all of the strands to make jumbo box-braids. Actually, you can use several. Then you might take “box braids” and weave in a typical braid with rest of locks. The outcome will be invaluable.

  1. Side Sweep:

While you’ve a voluminous hairdo, you desire to flaunt this. By sweeping the locks to a single side, you are able to make an excellent statement. Check out how several strands aren’t braided. It is a whole new strategy to the box braiding.

  1. Contrasts:

Locks extensions are made for color contrasts and volume. You can have benefit of both along with silver or white strands. White and black, silver or beige look very cool together. Ensure not to utilize thicker extensions so that the black will be noticeable.

  1. Bangs:

As women with box braids seldom go for the bangs, here, you can utilize your imagination for making a fringe from the braids. Check out simple way displayed on this image. Three coils tend to be made to look like bangs.

  1. Tricolor Mix Braid:

When you utilize hair extensions, then color experiments will be unavoidable. As silver colors are popular, here, you can make use of several shades while doing box braids. This won’t look all-natural, but great impact is assured.

  1. Interlacing Braid:

Playing with the braids is enjoyable. Use new long hair to create different hairdo. Interlacing the particular braids and also using them like hair accessories will be a great option. Leave some hanging freely.

  1. Match And Mix:

If you’re combining braid types, then you might additionally want to take into account mixing the shade. Use a single color for box braids, an additional for typical box braids, a third for cornrows. You will love the effect!

  1. White And Black:

White and black is an ideal match, so exactly why not benefit from these colors? Include 1 or 2 white strands towards your hairdo, and you’ll notice how unique the overall image can become.

  1. The Easier, The Better Style:

Simple “box braids” are what you require to create easy-going picture. The nearer you will stick to classics, more option you will get when styling the locks. Utilize your braids just to tie your hair in back.

  1. Metallic Colors:

Box braids include all colors, sizes, and shapes. Don’t be scared to test out metallic colors. They often look quite amazing and make the hair appear like the part of wardrobe.

  1. Up Dos:

The particular box braids tend to be your chance for trying the “updos” you were incapable to create just before because of length of the hair. Do not just put on the box braids straight down. Make high ponytails, donuts, buns, and more.

  1. Braid Your Braids:

Utilize your spectacular “box braids” as strands for creating large and amazing braids. Check out how easy it’s and how fascinating such method looks. You are able to make some loose “braids” to start.

  1. Rainbow Hairdo:

Being noticed from crowd with crazy box braid shades is easy. Making a rainbow at the top of head is daring. Try all colors you prefer and blend them into a single outrageous style. You will look fantastic!

  1. Mohawk Braids

Classic and simple styles can seem very simple for you? Examine this remarkable Mohawk hairstyle which will keep your head turning in your way. You will find a lot of things that you can accomplish with box braids!

  1. Just Top Style:

If you’re trying to find a special hairdo, you can take pleasure in this pencil box and jumbo braid blend. Only top portion of head can wear jumbo extensions. Rest of tresses is braided tighter and smaller.

  1. Go, Violet:

Some violet strands will make your entire hairstyle look excellent and assist you to be noticeable from the crowd. While choosing hair extensions just for box braids, think about getting some violet pieces.

  1. Bright Blue:

The bright “metallic-blue” colors appear perfect when combined with the natural raven “black hair.” The box braids tend to be a great chance to try the most stupendous colors. The black and blue mix is constantly exceptional.

  1. Extra Jumbo Braid:

These extra box braids are ideal for gals who are simply getting started on their approach to complex braiding. You will choose only some strands to increase hair extensions and make truly huge braids. Also, you may end up loving this style above the classics.

  1. Make The Palm:

The palm-like hairdos look great while you use the box braids. It does not matter how thin or thick the box braids will be; you can raise them up for creating an impact of palm tree.

  1. Simple Combo:

Combine “box braids” at the top and also thin cornrows just on bottom, and you will get a thrilling look. This specific style is ideal for women having long faces as it will assist in adding a few volumes on the top and even keep your locks thinner on bottom just for contrast.

  1. Highlights:

The highlights are simply created on box braids. You can as well make patchy “highlights” by really dyeing the particular extensions.

  1. Lift This Up:

Big braids get this possible to make various striking updos. Lift side braids at top of head and then secure those using pins or even big elastic bands. Really you can have a royal look within few moves.

  1. Silver Queen:

Usually, silver locks extensions are getting popularity. Girls having dark-skin look especially wonderful when their locks are actually complimented by the silver strands. Ensure not to “overdo” the silver thus it does not make you appear older.

  1. Ponytails Style:

Jumbo “box-braids” are usually hard to organize into regular hairdos. However, the ponytails are feasible no matter just how voluminous the hair is. Utilize a few braids and elastic band for securing the locks in the backside.

  1. Classic Braids:

If you’ve not tried the box braids previously, then you may want to begin with classics. Do not choose longer hair extensions. Begin with the shoulder-blade or shoulder-length locks and make some classic box braids.

  1. Use Variations:

Here you do not have to make use of all the hair to make box braids. Well, if you’re ready to take just several jumbo braids, then you can utilize only a couple of hair strands. These kinds of styles additionally look fashionable and even are simpler to maintain.

  1. Jumbo Box Green Braids:

If you desire to make a good impression while testing various wild colors, the box braids will help you accomplish it fast. Don’t be scared to use imagination. Consider all colors that you generally want.

  1. Sweet And Short:

While many gals use the jumbo “box braids” as an option to create longer tresses, you do not need to stick to suit. Braids with shoulder-length look fantastic. The truth is, they are simpler to style at the same time look far more natural.


To conclude, Jumbo box braids are excellent to sport. These braids will give you an amazing look. If you enjoyed this post and found your best match, then feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below. Also, share this post with your friends on social media.

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