75 Amazing Laundry Room Ideas One Should Not Miss!

Laundry room might sound a fancy topic for some of us who never had enough space for it. Well, for the rest of us, it is one of the essential rooms in the house. Every family needs a laundry room, but as stated, not everyone has enough space or will to build one. It is some kind of the wrong concept that people have about it; it does not need a lot of space anyway. The idea of having this room is to create a separate area for your dirty clothes, clean clothes, piled up clothes, and laundry machines as well as some other associates.

The best thing about this room is you do not need much space, and you can have it somewhere in the house without even a proper door or right height. People who have a separate area or room for laundry still find it a complicated one with a lot of mess inside it because they lack the easy hacks that are important to sort everything in the room in the best way.

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, the laundry room is the kidney!

It does not matter whether you like doing laundry or not; there is practically no choice to avoid it. If you are an adult, with kids and partners, you will find it the chore that cannot be missed despite any hatred. Well, a task has to be done no matter what, when you have that responsibility. Some ideas will help you keep everything sorted, and you need not worry extremely about the responsibilities that come along with doing laundry.

Are you tired of not being able to organize the laundry room despite all your efforts? Do you think there is no enough space, and you are tired of cleaning all the mess every day that repeats there is no way out? If yes, you need some professional guidance. This page will guide you with the mind-blowing ideas that you can pick with the least efforts to make your laundry room appear beautiful, along with well-organized functionality. Check out this article for more about laundry room ideas.

Efforts to have an organized laundry room:

You will be fascinated to figure out how a small effort can bring such a significant change in your everyday practice. Some certain tricks and techniques will make your storage problem vanish, and decorating the laundry room will look better than before, and you will not feel bored to get some work done.

How does it feel like when you go into your laundry room, you found out your kids have again scattered the clothes and mixed of washed clothes with the dirty one? There is detergent all over the floor, you are tripping over washed clothes, and there is no way you can figure it out quickly which cloth belongs to whom. It happens because of inappropriate storage solutions and because of carelessness. This way, you will keep on adding problems. The room looks pale and dull and reminds you how tough it is to do the laundry and how much you loathe doing it.

Well, if you think the kitchen has been the center of your house like a heart, you must admit that the laundry room deserves to be the kidneys. It is because both places are famous and both are to be kept clean. You need not make things hard by merely thinking the laundry room is a burden, or you have to make a lot of effort to get ideas in order. It is not as complicated as the kitchen; that is why it is not the heart but the kidneys.

More about laundry room:

If you can manage the room at the beginning by adding appropriate shelves, separated storage bins, add hangers or hooks, make maximum use of the vacant space (though it might be tiny), and keep things in order, there is not much to do every day. It would be best if you made little effort during the installment, and after that, you need to find time for laundry.

There are plenty of ideas that you can work on while trying to make a laundry room look organized, fresh, and worthy. The purposes should be such that the place serves functionality, and makes your everyday work more accessible. You need to be able to feel comfortable, and the room should not make you feel bored at all. It would be best if you designed it in such a way that along with its organized appearance, it also looks pretty and elegant.


A laundry room might serve multiple purposes, too, depending upon the space available. You can make it creative by merely adding a book shelve. You can read the book and keep yourself occupied while the clothes are being washed. Moreover, adding a small coffee table to the room can also be a creative way. There are two chairs to the table, and you can have an excellent time engaged in the place even in your free time. It’s all about being creative.

But if there is no much space, you need to be very smart to design it. It would be best if you made every inch of the walls and floor occupied except for the area for two people to stand and prepare the way out. It can be done in unusual ways without for you to trip down over any clothe or other stuff. But it does not mean you cannot make a small room to be fit for the laundry room, of course, you can do that, with some bright ideas.

Don’t have a separate laundry room?

If you do not have a separate laundry room, you can create space in the house, which is somehow isolated. It would be best if you had a corner with space for washing machines, a few shelves, and maybe some baskets. But, make sure there is a space for it. Do not try to merge it with a kitchen or bathroom. Yes, there are bathrooms with laundry attached. It is okay if the bathroom has a big space and almost private space vacant for laundry stuff. Otherwise, do it somewhere else where laundry kinds of material are protected from wetness and other things. That is, there has to be a roof as well.

The idea of creating a great laundry room means ditching some of your valuable dreams, like adding amazing wall decors or hanging paintings. The place requires shelves and hangers more importantly than any of the wall decor beauties. It would help if you kept this thing in mind. The space of the laundry room is already compact. It would help if you emphasized the crucial furniture or cabinetry or storage bins that go along, and then you can think of vibrant decorations.

You can even merge it outside the space (if there is any) of the bathroom. It is also practiced in many houses where there are no private rooms for the laundry. Bathing and laundry are somehow related and will help you be less lazy to do the laundry after you have showered instantly. You can try doing this too.

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Ideas For Making Laundry Room Better:

This section consists of the ideas that you can try on your laundry room. Whether you are building a new one or are remodeling the existing one, these ideas will help you. The size of the place might vary among one another, even the design can vary, but these ideas will benefit all, at least most of us. Check out these fantastic ideas and ways to make your laundry room better than before.

Storage Ideas on Walls for Laundry Supplies

Well, a laundry room is, without any doubt, tiny, like a bathroom. The washing machine already utilizes most of the space, and the rest is for you to stand and work. So, there is no space left for all the clothes that are to be placed in the same room. This case might vary with those who have big laundry rooms. But with the majority, space problem is there.

So, in that case, the key to defeating space problem is making use of even the walls. You can make the wall storage a thing. You might have to ditch your idea of hanging any wall paintings or other decors that serve the purpose of making the room look fancy.

Instead of the fancy artworks, you can hang a storage rack that is held by wire. It can be perfect for storing detergent, dry sheets, sorted dirty clothes and clean clothes, lined up clothes for laundry turns, and so on. You can either buy one, design one, use something that already lies on other parts of the house, or DIY one.

Hang a Drying Rack From the Ceiling

Utilizing all the wall space, and yet have no space for your other kinds of stuff? How about using the ceiling? You can use the maximum for hanging a drying rack as well. It will have chains and will be a perfect spot to hang kinds of stuff for either drying them or merely hanging them after ironing them.

Well, people take only walls and floor as the space for storage, but they are missing the use of ceiling for the same purpose. If you are not having enough space in-wall, or want to use wall space for some other stuff and use ceiling space for adding drying racks, go for it.

It will help you create a smart laundry room with space for all kinds of stuff. You can add even dryer, and add other delicate objects there. It will also protect your ironed clothes from wrinkling. Moreover, you can be creative and install multiple drying racks and sort them according to the items that will occupy them. You will not regret investing in this one.

Add Shelving on Every Vacant Corner

After having a lot of discussion on adding storage bins or shelves even on the ceiling, this one is a common idea. You might have already figured out this one or have been practicing it already. But if there are any unused corners in the room, this needs to be well occupied. You need not always add shelves or some fancy cabin. Simply adding containers will also do and which will look like shelves if they go there permanently. Shelves can be used for critical and sensitive items like detergent, cleaning supplies, and some other light items.

Put Supplies in DIY Shelves (baskets, containers, bins)

You need not always install shelves everywhere on the walls. Or, if you have used all of the wall space for shelves and still do not find everything with its area, you can add other containers. You can DIY shelves by adding baskets or bins that can be placed one over another. It is one of the best hacks. You can add colorful bins, or give a theme to your laundry room.

You can match it with the paint on the walls or the color of the shelves. Adding baskets or bins that are identical can have labels on them. You can label them with what category of clothes go in them. Or, also you can mark it according to the person’s name whose clothes go in it. Moreover, you can categorize identical ones with color.

It is just another idea that helps kitchen or closet sorting. Like adding utensils in the kitchen or adding clothes in the closet, you can apply this technique in your laundry room.

Use of Curtains For Separation

Add a curtain if you do not have a separate room for laundry. And if you have it on some corner of the house that does not have a door, you can add a curtain. Well, adding curtains to separate washing and drying is already in practice. It will keep things sorted, and there will be no mess. And it is easy as well. You need to install a curtain rod for that.

Choosing a curtain can be tough. You would not like something transparent or translucent because the sight is not very fascinating, so use an opaque one. The color and design of the curtain can be something that matches the wall paint. This way, it will look more as if it is part of the original laundry room. This way, you can still stick to the theme and make everything look fresh and beautiful.

Adding an Alternative Shelf (like a bookshelf)

You should not always have to invest on new shelves if you think there is lacking space for your kinds of stuff in the laundry room. You can always pick something already available in the house. And something which works fine. If you have a low budget estimation, or there is an extra shelf lying in the house, use it.

It can be a piece of furniture built for other purposes, for instance, for books, or for merely storing decors. It can hold items in the laundry room with little shifting. Do it instead of installing a new shelf.

Image Gallery:

This section consists of some unique images. These images show you some useful ideas for the laundry room. Words are not always enough to explain things. What pictures can do, that words fail to do! So, this section will help you visualize the ideas, and you can copy them. They are simple and easy for installment and adapting. Check these images out and fascinate yourself.


This article is all about laundry room ideas. Most people find it annoying to do laundry. But as it is a necessary chore, no one can avoid not doing that. It becomes an everyday challenge, especially if there are multiple people in the house.

Not everyone has a separate room for laundry, but everyone has laundry problems. Even if you have a private laundry space outside in free space, problems are common. If you do not have any issues with laundry, either you are very active or merely lying. So, if it is the second case, you need some serious help.

Every adult has a problem with this necessary chore, and all should figure out its solutions. Adding some simple everyday stuff, making every vacant space useful, and adding some tricky bins, you can fix it. You can do so much with a laundry room with the right ideas and effort. It will no more be a boring room, which makes you dull and sad.

Check this article for all the guidance. Check this if you are about to build a house and looking ideas for the laundry room installment. Or if you already have one and merely looking for hacks and ideas, then go through this article. It will help you to make things better.

If this content was helpful, now it is time for you to share it with others. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please keep on loving and having a lovely time ahead.

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