Best 106 Light Brown Hair Color Designs In The World !


If you’re thinking about a new fresh look and feel aside from dark brown which you are already living with, in that case just lightning the current shade up is precisely what you require.

You might not want to proceed as “light” as the blonde, then the light brown might be the ideal shade to suit your needs. There are numerous different ways which you can easily sport the “Light Brown Hair Color designs” for fitting your own individuality.

We have almost all the unique styles which you are trying to find. Check these 106 gorgeous light brown haircolor ideas out to get the new look! Here’s a short video for you!

106 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Designs!

  1. Goddess Styling Hair Color:

This warm hairstyle is stunning with bright highlights.

  1. Soft And Thin Highlight:

The soft, hardly-there “blonde” streaks in the bob are completely chic. The delicate highlights usually are an amazing option in case you desire the partial highlights; otherwise, you can even go “all-out” and have highlights in under the layers too.

  1. Cool Toned Highlight:

Lowlights as well as highlights twisting jointly in loose curls? Hmm, yes! Brown lowlights usually are notable on top as well as back of head; while the blonde tones will get noticed more in the “front-side”.

  1. Caramel Ribbons And Brown Hair Color:

These aren’t the ribbons for hair you had in the past. They will lift shade of the light brown locks, keeping this from sensing flat as well as dull. The loose waves, as well as piecey layers, tend to complete this gorgeous “laid back” look.

  1. Bronde Colormelt Hair Color:

Blend lowlights & highlights for getting an excellent hairdo with the endless depth. Colormelt is excellent and mind-blowing for people who’re generally non-committal. You’ll have the greatest just slightly blonde and slightly brown.

  1. Pretty Browns Hair Color:

An excellent look which is naturally attractive.

  1. Interesting Looks Hair Color:

This is an excellent look which is bright and light.

  1. Sunny Style Hair Color:

This spectacular style is the best one to experiment with this year.

  1. Lush Styling Hair Color:

Another wonderful light brown hairstyle which you can easily rock this year.

  1. Great Lengths Hair Color:

This simple look is without a doubt rocking this unique brown coloring.

11. Pretty Styles Hair Color:

A gorgeous look which will put a lovely smile on the face of anyone.

  1. Beautiful Highlights Hair Color:

This brunette hairstyle is full of numerous highlights.

  1. Lush Locks Hair Color:

An excellent look which you’ll love because it is creatively light.

  1. Simple Looks Hair Color:

A gorgeous look which has the cool highlights.

  1. A Long Look Hair Color:

A lightened and sexy look which you are guaranteed to love.

  1. Shockingly Light Hair Color:

This is an incredible style for the brunettes who desire to go truly light.

  1. Warming Lights Hair Color:

There are numerous different shades in this particular style which go from the dark to pretty light.

  1. Cool Shading Hair Color:

All you require is a few highlights for changing up your look a little bit.

  1. Warm Looks Hair Color:

A long & gorgeous look stands perfectly out in this hairstyle.

  1. Dark Roots Hair Color:

The golden highlights truly make this unique brunette hairstyle stand out.

  1. Messy Styles Hair Color:

An excellent look similar to this is all you need at this time.

  1. Layered Looks Hair Color:

This particular layered look truly showcases a gorgeous style.

  1. Fun Looks Hair Color:

Brunette styles aren’t supposed to be dull but beautiful.

  1. Bombshell Styles Hair Color:

We are not sure exactly what we really love more than the colors or the style.

  1. Flowing Love Hair Color:

If you’re trying to find a new fresh style, then it is it.

  1. Light Shades Hair Color:

There are darks and lights throughout this hairstyle. The bottom part is actually dark while light is usually spread everywhere.

  1. Fun Highlights Hair Color:

A spectacular brunette look which has highlights.

  1. Shimmering Styles Hair Color:

This excellent style brightens the look up due to the highlights across the face.

  1. Red Tones Hair Color:

If you desire a warming appearance, after that all it requires is adding a few red shades into the brown.

  1. Curly Styles Hair Color:

Curls are constantly a superb look for brunette.

  1. Shimmering Highlights Hair Color:

An awesome light brown hairstyle with highlights.

  1. Stunning Lights Hair Color:

A superb style similar to this is light and pretty.

  1. Brighter Looks Hair Color:

A perfect brunette style which has some light, thin brown highlights.

  1. Hot Looks Hair Color:

There are numerous contrasts to the coloring, and in case you desire a sexy and bold look, this is what you need.

  1. Cool Vibes Hair Color:

This is an incredible look in case you need something which is thought to be awesome.

  1. Stunning Shades Hair Color:

This is an attractive look which you may want to experiment with this year.

  1. Pretty Highlights Hair Color:

If a light look is exactly what you’re after and consider this warm tone. It will certainly brighten your complexion up very quickly.

  1. Natural Lights Hair Color:

Another organic look which has bright color throughout the style.

  1. Shining Lights Hair Color:

If you need a bright look, then you’re guaranteed to love a hairstyle like this.

  1. Flowing Styles Hair Color:

If you desire to look and feel like goddess, then you’re sure to enjoy this style.

  1. Soft Coloring Hair Color:

It is an extremely natural sort of look as well as one which you are guaranteed to love.

  1. Thick Styles Hair Color:

A nice look which has some incredible highlights throughout the thick locks.

  1. Modeling Looks Hair Color:

This particular casual look is made excellent with these beautiful locks.

  1. Gorgeous Layering Hair Color:

The best thing about having the long locks is that you’ll get to showcase these beautiful highlights.

  1. Pretty Looks Hair Color:

A superb hairstyle like this one is gorgeous with simply a few highlights.

  1. Fun Colors Hair Color:

You can effortlessly prove that the brunettes have a lot more enjoyment with this amazing style.

  1. Softer Shading Hair Color:

This is a long & sexy look which is brown and wavy.

  1. Blessed Blondes Hair Color:

A spectacular shade similar to this is precisely what you need for a new fresh look.

  1. Creamy Colors Hair Color:

If you’re trying to find a solid shade, then you must try out this look.

  1. Cool Highlights Hair Color:

These beautiful highlights are simply a lighter shade than natural.

  1. Romantic Looks Hair Color:

A superb look which is fantastic with the brown light shade and waves.

  1. Warm Styles Hair Color:

This is an awesome look for one who does not desire a major change. It is just a lighter shade than natural one.

  1. Soft Delights Hair Color:

Another superb style which features an ombre feel and look to this with bottom a lot lighter compared to the top.

  1. Curly And Long Hair Color:

It is actually a natural tone of the light brown which you can copy easily.

  1. Sweet Looks Hair Color:

This is one more wonderful brunette style which you are guaranteed to appreciate this year.

  1. Bold Looks Hair Color:

Angelina Jolie, without any doubt, is one more brunette that accepts the look. At the same time, she may easily lighten up it from time to time, but she loves the look.

  1. Flowing Locks Hair Color:

It is a truly casual look which is wispy along with some brown light shades.

  1. Deep Designs Hair Color:

It is somewhere between dark brown and light brown, but still, we love it.

  1. Cool Browns Hair Color:

Another excellent example of an all natural shade which anyone will love.

  1. Choppy Styles Hair Color:

It is hard to think that “Miley-Cyrus” ever had tresses this thick and long. We find her in the short styles nowadays, but it is still an excellent look to clone.

  1. Sultry Styles Hair Color:

This attractive look is guaranteed to have a few heads turning regardless of where you go.

  1. Flirty Styles Hair Color:

There is usually something excellent about adding the highlights to the look you have.

  1. Edgier Styles Hair Color:

Maybe you’re in search of a style which much more dramatic. On the other hand, here the highlights are a lot thicker that creates a great look.

  1. Doll Styles Hair Color:

Do: – Just rock a normal look as frequently as you cannot.

Don’t:- Add the highlights if they’re unnecessary to the look.

  1. Subtle Browns Hair Color:

There’s less brown right here than actually there’s blonde, but brown truly warms the look up.

  1. Gorgeous Locks Hair Color:

Jennifer Garner always has embraced an all-natural look. Needless to say, she may include a few highlights in this in some places, but in most cases, she enjoys to be a brunette.

  1. Long Styles Hair Color:

If you possess long hair, after that you will require thicker highlights, or else, the highlights will get shed in the hair. The thicker highlights can stand out considerably more.

  1. Casual Looks Hair Color:

If you have the light brown locks naturally, then there’s no requirement to change your look up. Embrace this and love the style.

  1. Warm Styles Hair Color:

This brown and blonde combination truly warms the face up.

  1. Subtle Changes Hair Color:

If a massive change is actually not what you’re trying to find, then simply add some thin highlights, similar to what you’re seeing here. This will put some dimension, particularly to your amazing style.

  1. Feathered Look Hair Color:

Feathering your locks back this way is an excellent way to showcase your highlights.

  1. Highlighted Looks Hair Color:

Styles similar to these require lots of care. In case you desire to keep a style along with this numerous highlights you must check out the parlor every 6 weeks.

  1. Short Looks Hair Color:

Simply tips of hair are highlighted that provides her an exceptional hairstyle.

  1. Brown And Blonde Hair Color:

If you’re in search of highlights, then including blonde to the brown is constantly an excellent choice.

  1. Fresh Looks Hair Color:

If you include highlights in front of face, you’ll make the look get noticed more. This will provide a shine to the face.

  1. Natural Looks Hair Color:

If you’re seeking out more of an all-natural shade, after that you cannot make a mistake with this amazing style.

  1. Sweet Shades Hair Color:

Do:- An all-around color in case you are not cozy going light definitely.

Don’t:- The highlight except if you can keep on with maintenance if not, it will look sloppy.

  1. Sharp Edges Hair Color:

This is an incredible illustration of a changing look.

  1. Ombre Styling Hair Color:

If you need an organic look similar to this, then do not go over 2 lighter shades than the natural shade. Or else, you will find yourself with a very dramatic look.

  1. Adding Blonde – Brown Hair Color:

A very important factor to take into account when you’re going from the dark to the light is actually that there can be a changing period. Based on exactly how dark you’re you may be unable to proceed as “light” as they possess on tips here.

  1. Gorgeous Styles Hair Color:

Another tone of the light brown which is absolute to set a lovely smile on the face.

  1. Cascading Hair Color:

The best technique to change your brown up is always to add a few highlights.

  1. Summer Shades Hair Color:

Everyone appears to lighten up their particular look for this summer, but simply because the summer is now over, it does not mean that you cannot try out lighter shade.

  1. Soft Hair Color:

It is an excellent shade to attempt if you desire a trendy color. It is a shade which is elegant and soft.

  1. Cool Designs Hair Color:

A dark root which moves into an extremely lighter pattern. In case you are in search of a new fresh look, then consider this one.

  1. Light Designs Hair Color:

It is a light style which will get you embracing the brown again.

  1. Model Style Hair Color:

Numerous models maintain their natural colors of hair, and there’s a cause why. They’re beautiful naturally.

  1. Darkening Designs Hair Color:

Here this “light-brown” is used only as highlights, and they’re minimal.

  1. Subtle Styles Hair Color:

Adding some highlights in will really change the style.

  1. Bold Looks Hair Color:

Another wonderful look which you can very easily sport all the year long.

  1. Celebrity Styles Hair Color:

Jennifer Lopez is rocking this hairstyle for years. It is a famous look which you can grab hold of as your particular one.

  1. Wavy Styles Hair Color:

It is an extremely trendy look in the Hollywood now. Try this out this year.

  1. Beautiful And Bold Hair Color:

An awesome look which is sexy and polished. Showcase your hairstyle this way.

  1. Ombre Styles Hair Color:

You can focus on a dark style and also lighten this more while it reaches the bottom.

  1. Bright Lights Hair Color:

A superb style similar to this is elegant and classy. There’s plenty of blonde blended in with light brown. It is a great tool for freshening your style up.

  1. Straight Styles Hair Color:

A wonderful look which has a straightforward style. In case you do not want a massive change, then consider a style similar to this. It is cool and simple.

  1. Full Style Hair Color:

This particular style is actually short, and also it has full color. Accept your brown as well as show this off with the cool style.

  1. Light Styles Hair Color:

Sometimes what you require is some highlights for freshening your look up.

  1. Pretty Shades Hair Color:

It is the sort of look which you ought to have in case you love natural styles. It is inspiring, clean and fresh.

  1. Bright Highlights Hair Color:

This is an attractive light brown color that has a few stunning blonde highlights all over the color. In case you are trying to find a new beautiful look, then it is the best style to suit your needs.

  1. Gorgeous Styles Hair Color:

This “light-brown” has some red in this that gives it an extremely warm vibe.

  1. Full Hair Color:

It is definitely a “full color” look which embraces the “light-brown” color. Needless to say, the best aspect is those beautiful waves which showcase the color.

  1. Simple Styles Hair Color:

A soft hairstyle with a “light-brown” shade. It is an excellent look which has a few gentle waves to this.

  1. Curly Styles Hair Color:

An attractive style which is curly and light. It is a gorgeous look.

  1. Soft Lights Hair Color:

You can easily lighten your entire look with the “light-brown” highlights. This will offer you a delicate look which anyone will love.

  1. Gorgeous Ombre Hair Color:

What you may be trying to find is a mixture of dark and light. We find the “light-brown” at the end of this particular style in ombre style.


Last but not the least, Light Brown Hair Color designs mentioned above are excellent enough to make your look gorgeous. Just find out the best match for you and start rocking.

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