155 Vigorous Long Hairstyles’ Ideas For Men!

Men & Long Hairstyles!

Going back to ancient times, there was no idea for men to have long hairstyles. Considered a woman thing, men always kept their hair short. Men are always rared up with a false belief that long hair is not a man’s cup of tea. From childhood, being a boy, then a teen, and finally, a man, there is no period when they are preferred with long hair.


Being something reasonable, even men have started to grow longer hair these days. Not just a long hair it is, but also varieties of styling is inside of this topic. Men with long hair look more masculine these days, forgetting about it as a women’s thing.

So basically, we have adapted that even women can go around with short hair these days. Likewise, men can also have long hairstyles on them. Men also prefer long hairstyles because they find hair to be one of their valuable treasures. They will also let the tears roll down their eyes if they have to make it cut short. Therefore, long hair is not just a choice, and it is an emotion for those who value it.

History of Men with Long Hairstyles!

If we turn the pages of the ancient books, we will find no men with long hair. They would instead go bald but not have the long hair. But, some professions were suited with long hair even in the case of men. The men who worked in Churches, Priests, Holy Men, etc. were having long hairstyles. It was because they would not be considered to groom themselves instead dedicate their lives to the gods.

Later on, looking into the wilderness, pirates also had a long hairstyle. It also had the same reason, no time for self-grooming. Long hair shows the wildness and aggressiveness nature of men. It was supposed this way somehow. The hippies and gypsies also seemed to have a long hairstyle, especially with the deadlocks or twist braids. That was also because of less self-grooming time.

From the 1980s, some bands started growing long hair. Especially the rock and metal bands musicians started growing long hair. They would not have to give a pinch of feminine look with long hair. Instead, they were considered more masculine and wild with long hair.

It then became the trend of the rock or metal performers to have long hair. During their stage shows, they would make the head bangs, where they would let their long hair open and set it free. They seemed more aloof with this. Later on, rock musicians all over the world seemed with long hairs. They built a separate image towards having long hair. They also somehow changed the trend of long hair being a women’s thing.

Not just them, even surfers and skateboarders had long hair. It was kind of their thing. With long hair, surfing, or playing skateboards would make them look so cool. It is still popular among them. Still, they grow long hair. But today, it has become more like an individual choice rather than some profession to grow hair.

Alert: Long Hair Forbidden!

Even today, there are some of the issues with men having long hair. While women can grow long hair from their childhood, that depicts their feminine character, but men are still not allowed. There is this trend among men to have short hair from their childhood. Even schools and high schools do not allow them at school periphery with long hair. It is not just the case, and even parents do not let their sons have longer hair.

Some boys also report being bullied for having long hair in schools and high schools. Therefore, this is considered forbidden for boys and men to grow long hair. Society has this impact on their minds for centuries. It is the case in every corner of the world.

Unique Styling with Long Hair!

These days the hairdresser is going crazy. They are inventing so many styles for our generation. You can find different shapes on the head formed with blades. You can have that in your long hair too, just like the image below. Just look at how smoothly the shape forms, and this looks fantastic. It doesn’t have to be the entire head. Let the remaining hair be longer, yet the shape can form in the remaining hair.

Types of Long Hairstyles for Men!

There are plenty of ideas that you can use to style your long hair. Obviously, with long hair, there are double styling ideas instead of short hair. The following are some of the styling ideas with long hair.

One Side Shaved

You can have long hair as well as have the shortest hair at the same time. All you have to do is shave one of the sides and let the entire hair fall on the other sides. It is one of the modern hairstyles that is occupying a lot of men’s heads. This one is simpler to have, and with this, there is half the grooming required while full attention.

Not just little boys or young men, but also the adult men are trying it. It gives you an impressive finish and a professional look. With one clean side shave, the other occupies all the hair. It builds a dual style at once. This style is popular in the west, and even the men all over the world are trying it somehow.

Even celebrities, athletes, and musicians are seen with this look. It shows you neat and tidy. You are vigorous and all clean at the same time. You look stylish, and to be honest, women seem to love this styling too. And, you do not have to have very long hair for that. All it requires is a perfect length that is somewhat longer than regular short hair and shaving one of the head’s sides.

Backcombing of Rattled Hair

The simplest way to style your long hair is to do an excellent backcombing. You do not have to be a pro to get it done. Allow all of your hair to fall back with an excellent backcombing. It allows the rattled hair to stay behind your forehead and also not bothering your eyes. It also gives you a professional look.

With backcombing, you have an automatic decent look. You can also do all the kinds of stuff without bothering much about a sophisticated hairstyle to have a good look. It again doesn’t have to be very long, just longer than army cut hair and smooth hair. Keeping all your hair behind by backcombing makes you look smart and reasonably handsome.

Both Sides Shaved Long Hair

Instead of growing the entire hair long, you can allow only your center hair to grow long while allowing the side hair to be shaved. It is one of the trendiest looks currently. It can either be a Mohawk or a Fohawk or even a Pompadour, and everything goes well with this style of hair with long hair length.

Wavy Long Hair

You do not need to style much if you have naturally wavy hair. It is because, with wavy hair, the hair looks automatically good. You can either make some regular backcombing or let your hair just with sideways part. It is simple, and the result is impressive. You will love the result.

Waves in your hair enhance your face. You will have to groom it to get the best waves still. But men without wavy hair die to have one. Even women would envy your long wavy hair. It doesn’t have to be too long, just perfect length would also look elegant.

Colored Long Hair!

If you have a naturally different color hair, i.e., something besides the color black, that’s also great. But if you do not like your present color hair, you can color it and let it grow long. The long colored hair is sexy. It is something that the men are following these days.

You can add a different color to your long hair, doesn’t have to be some basic ones. Also, choose the one that will look amazing on you. You can imitate one from the image gallery too.

Curly Long Hairstyle!

Men with curly hair are so attractive. Though there are varieties of curls, all of them are amazing. If you want to have long hair in curls, make sure you are ready to take the proper care. That is because with proper care, only you will able to manage the long-lasting fantastic look.

Slick Long Hairstyle!

Slickness is sometimes natural and sometimes artificial. Some men are born with the best slick hairs in the world, while some can make it themselves with the different hair products. When you have long and glossy hair, you are automatically more good looking. You need not also worry about the hairstyling because it will look good no matter what you do to it!

Image Gallery of Best long Hair Ideas For Men!

You will find more than hundreds of images that show men with long hairstyles that look so amazing, and you will also wish to imitate one of them. Therefore, stay tuned and make it to the bottom of the list.

Long Hair & Dreadlocks

With long hair, you can also make dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are some kind of twist braids that require a lot of time to prepare. This has been mostly the men thing. Once you make dreadlocks and decorate your long hair, you will not have to bother styling again and again for a long time. Men with dreadlocks are ten times more hot and sexy.

You can even tie your dreadlocks into a pony tail or style it with whatever style you like. You need to make a proper timely grooming for your long dreadlocks hair style.

Long Hair Pony Tail Style!

With long hair you can make a pony tail. This will help you not bother about frequent falling of hair. Long hair sounds cool, but along with long hair comes a lot of responsibilities. So, to get rid of some, try making a pony tail out of it.

Messed Up Long Hair!

Talking about hair styling, men still don’t have to have the proper hairstyle when it is long hair case. The men with natural messed up hair look dashing and carefree. So, with long hair, you do not have to make the pleasant style all the time. Let it be natural and let it seem effortless and ordinary.

Long Hair with Braids!

If you want to keep your long hair free from a lot of styling, why not create some braids? Braids keep your hair firmly and also gives an amazing look. Men with long hair braids are so attractive. They are getting the entire attention. Though it is not a matter of seconds to get some braids, and you might also need helping hands, but with braids on, you will look amazing and that thing lasts for a long time.

Grooming Long Hair Ideas!

With long hair comes a lot of responsibilities. A woman cares a lot of her hair because mostly she has long hair. So, if you are wishing to have long hair, make sure you learn something from them. You will require a lot of time and care to give to your hair and at the same time you also need to buy the best products, else you might not be able to groom your hair properly.

Here are some of the grooming ideas:-

  • Use the best shampoo. By best it means the one which is actually suiting your hair. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or popular brand. It should be something that your hair finds soothing.
  • Same goes with the after shampoo conditioner. Be sure you use one.
  • You also need to have a regular treatment of your hair. You can do that yourself with a treatment cream at home.
  • Make minimum use of hair gel and hair spray. Even if you have to use that regularly, make sure it is of the best kind.
  • Trim the end most part of the hair timely. This way you will lose your damaged hair.
  • If you are having hair fall, do visit doctor and sort that thing out.
  • Comb your hair regularly to avoid dreads.
  • Use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair.
  • Give full justice to your long hair by giving it the best care, because long hair deserves that.

Half Hair Bun for Long Hairstyles!

Men look good when they have a messed up or rough look. There is this style where you make a hair bun, but only take the hair from the upper half. To be honest, women go crazy upon this hairstyle of men. This has some magic. But make sure, you do not do it all neat, only the rough have buns look amazing. If you have a long hair, do try this style and get ready to receive all the compliments.

Long Hairstyles & Beard Combination

If you are willing to grow your hair long, you can also grow some beard, and vice versa. With long hairstyles, beard goes well. This is also a part of latest trend. Men are not just growing long hair, but along with that they are keeping long beards too. A man with entire facial hair and long hair looks more masculine and robust. This is somehow interesting to find that large men or men with big bodies or gym bodies keep look amazing with this combination.

Celebrities with Long Hairstyles!

The celebrities do not have much of a choice when it comes to hair styling. They are somehow bound to make the hair style as per the demand the movies. But still some of the celebrities are seen with long hairstyles, and without a doubt they look amazing. The long hair for men has a taken a leap because of the celebrities pushing it to come into the fashion industry.

They are doing a good job as they are promoting long hair and killing the stereotype of long hair being only a women’s thing. Moreover, they are encouraging the young boys and men to accept the fact that even men can look amazing with long hair and it doesn’t reduce their masculinity at all. To be honest, it adds the masculinity even more, impacting the ruthless and wilderness character.

Therefore, choosing a long hair is normal and commoner should understand that just like the celebrities. With longer hair there are many styling options, so why not grow a long hair if you really can? Just give it a try! Every man should at least once grow a long hair and experience its beauty.

Did you like the entire content? You probably got what you were looking for, and if not look back again. This page has the best long hair styling ideas for men. It has to have all the best images of men with different long hairstyling ideas. You will also find different types, styling ideas, grooming ideas, finding the pros and cons, etc. If you have your modification of long hairstyles, share it with us!

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