12 Appealing Nail Shape Ideas For Your Lovely Nails!

Are you not tired of going into a nail salon, and the nail dresser asks you about the nail shape and boom, you are not sure of anything! It is a problem for every girl or woman. You are not aware of the varieties of nail shape, the current trend of nail shape, the most popular ones on the Internet, and secondly, you do not know which one will look best with your personality.

A nail shape also determines the overall look of a woman. And, along with that, it determines the personality she wants to reflect. Therefore, she needs to be more careful at choosing one. But it is always challenging to decide which fish you wish to pick from the ocean!

Don’t worry! Here is the ultimate solution. Stick around to find out about the fascinating nail shapes that will look cooler with that outfit of yours. The time of worrying at the chair in your manicure session about which nail shape to go with is a past game now. Go through the entire content and find out all the critical solutions to your primary problem with nails.

Why To Shape Nails?

Shaping a nail has been one of the essential steps of manicure. While women have been developing them for ages, it is vital to give an attractive finish to the hands. There are various reasons behind making different shapes of nails.

First of all, it is done to make the hands look okay. You can imagine how weird the sides with the irregular shape of nails will look. Of course, a conventional way is always better than some zigzag. It will also determine how well managed you are with yourself. You can be of any gender, shaping nails is essential.

Also, the reason behind shaping nails is to faux show the length of nails. Sometimes, women prefer to make their nails appeared long. While in some cases, they prefer it of moderate width or short length. For this purpose, as well as shaping matters. Because with various shapes comes various length appearance. Though, in reality, it is not the case, but this is one of the reasons behind shaping nails.

Another reason for shaping nails is interest. Some women have this desperate interest in shaping their nails. Sometimes it also falls under the hobby category. It is evident with this hobby thing because there are various options regarding the shaping of nails, and people are coming up with new ideas every day to do so. Moreover, nail art has taken a more comprehensive place, as well.

Lastly, it is all about shaping nails into the overall looks of a woman. It is specially cared for when there is an event coming, like prom night, or some wedding. At such time, women give more time to manicures and shaping nails. Sometimes, just for matching an outfit, and sometimes to match a theme.

Of course, you cannot go to prom night and a Halloween with those same nail shapes! Thus, it matters what form those nails have when it is all about some grand thing!

Your Comfort Zone!

Women have gone so far that they have started to accept sure nails that do not fall under the zone of comfort. It is a wrong practice. Whatever be the trend, you will need to follow that only if you are comfortable with. The nail shapes have been a tough choice for sure, but always pick that shape you can carry.

Some women are wearing some shapes despite the ease of carrying them. Are you willing to go that far for just the styling? Please don’t.

There are several shapes you can quickly get along with! Just try them with modifications rather than wearing some uneasy ones. On this page, you will find the best of the best 12 ideas for shaping your nails at home with the least of the things and the least of the time.

These are not going to hamper your comfort at any cost. Moreover, you will be able to slay with one of these shapes. So, keep your satisfaction at the top, and everything else in the second.

What is in the TREND?

Well, to tell you about what is in the trend, you need to find out about the nail shapes in the list below with elaboration. The direction is soothed up by the contours of the nail along with the nail designs. The nail designs or, precisely, nail art have been catching the attention of many women. Nail art is also a part of nail shaping or vice versa.

Every woman or a girl is getting the nails shaped up and adding some beautiful paint or polish and a pinch of nail art. It has brought a more significant challenge to make the shapes or arts last longer in the fashion industry. With these trends, the manicure market has risen, and more people are getting into the market to modify the changes every day.

Commoners and celebrities, everyone seem to be into the hype of it. With a new video about it every hour on Youtube, to a unique style popping up on the Internet, the hype of the trend is unbelievable. With such a speed, more ideas are seemed to cover the Internet shortly, but till now, you will find the best shapes here, collected from the best of the designs!

12 Types of Nail Shape Ideas:

Out of a lot of nail shapes, we present you the best of the best with twelve nail shapes that will go perfectly with any length, looks, and personality. Skipping all the bizarre shapes and focusing on your comfort level, these mentioned shapes are to keep you together! Find out more about these!

  1. Ballerina Shape Nail

    Definition: Ballerina shape nail comes as a signature nail shape of Kylie Jenner. This nail shape is possible only with medium or long nails. The width of the nail gradually decreases at the end. Twist about the Ballerina nail shape is the ends are squared rather than curved or pointy. It resembles the shoe of a Ballerina, which has a square end after a gradual decrease in the width, hence the name. Women who have the patience to grow their nails and take good care of it are suggested to have these. It works well with artificial nails too.

    Nail Length Requirement: Very long, long, medium

    Suitable for: Prom night, fancy parties, ballet, musical events, weddings

  2. Acrylic Shape Nail

    Definition: Acrylic shape nails are one perfectly tapered tip with an elongated body. The reason behind getting this shape is to maintain the strength in the tips. As the nail tips are comparatively weaker than the rest of the body and can break off easily, thus, getting acrylics can save this from happening. For this, a short or medium length nail is rounded into a perfect semi-circle at the tip using a filer.

    Nail Length Requirement: Short, medium, long

    Suitable for: Casual clothing, everyday events, simple hangouts

  3. Almond Shape Nail

    Definition: Almond, by its name, clearly has a nail shape precisely like a tip of an almond. It falls somewhere between the shape type oval and stilettos. Because the almond shape is pointy than oval but less pointy than knives, this shape has been a result of an inspired silhouette of an almond. The best part of this shape is the entire sides are as well a bit rounded and let alone the tip! 

    Nail Length Requirement: Medium, long, very long

    Suitable for: Wedding, prom nights, partying, formal occasion

  4. Coffin Shape Nail

    Definition: Sometimes, the coffin shape nail is taken as a synonym to a ballerina shape nail. Most of the time, people confuse with these two shapes being the same. With name, its clear both have a square tip just like a pointed shoe of the ballerina and a square end of a coffin. But, the difference is, for calling it a ballerina, the gesture should be soft and pretty, and for a casket, it has to be a harsh or a bit scary or dark one. With shape, they both are somehow the same, but with the appearance you provide with some polish or art to the nails afterward, they both can be put into two different columns.

    Nail Length Requirement: Medium, long, very long

    Suitable for: Halloween, prom night, night events, ladies party night

  5. Square Shape Nail

    Definition: By name, it is clear that the nail shape is square at the tip. Even the sides and the edges are as well squared or less rounded. This one is preferred to keep those tips secure. With the square end, there are fewer chances of breakage. Square has been in the trending shape list because women always like to give the opportunity to the new styles. The best you do with your short nails is give them a square tip!

    Nail Length Requirement: Medium, short, very short

    Suitable for: Everyday casual events and parties

  6. Stilettos Nail Shape

    • Definition: Stilettos are one of the pointy nail shapes. But these are the ones with the maximum point. By name, it is clear that the name comes from the fashionable stilettos heels and their pointy tip. They are similar to almond shape in all manner, but the only difference is the peak level of point it has in the tip. The other one to the same family is a square stiletto. This one will have a peak level of point, but the tip will have a square finish. Women are going to this extreme level of point and are crazy about getting these shapes. It is rather hard to take care of the tip, which is too weak and gets into things more often
    • Nail Length Requirement: Very long, long
    • Suitable for: Prom nights, wedding, party


  7. Oval Shape Nail

    Definition:By name, it is clear that the shape is oval. It is not completely round and not completely square either. The ends are curved, yet the edges are linear. Comfortable and trendy way!
    Nail Length Requirement:
    Short, medium, long
    Suitable for:
    Casual, party

  8. Round Shape Nail

    Definition: This is a basic shape which has been into existence for a long time. The tip is round and the sides have a curve too.
    Nail Length Requirement:
    Short, medium
    Suitable for:

  9. Squoval Shape Nail

    Definition: By name, it is clearly a combination of a square and an oval shape. It has to be mostly adapted one because it is easy to carry this shape.
    Nail Length Requirement:
    Medium, long
    Suitable for:
    Casual, party

  10. Flare Shape Nail

    Definition: A flare shape has a broad tip as compared to the roots. It is mostly prepared artificially or sometimes with the extra filing of nails.
    Nail Length Requirement:
    Medium, long
    Suitable for:
    Events, party, casual

  11. Edge Shape Nail

    Definition: This one is similar to stilettos. It has more edgy points rather than a round ends. With edge shape nails, you need to be more attentive while doing things when fingers are underuse. Also, these are sharp enough to tear something off or hurt yourself in the skin. Sometimes, these are also called Mountain Peak nail shape because the tips are too pointy, and the sides are linear rather than just curves.
    Nail Length Requirement:
    Medium, long
    Suitable for:
    Casual wearing, partying, events

  12. Lipstick Shape Nail

    Definition: Lipstick shape nails are the newest shapes in the world of nails! By name it is clear that the shape is all about lipstick and it has to resemble the tip of the lipstick! The sides are uneven as the one side has to be greater than the other. The nails are not symmetric after the shape. In this lipstick shape nails, the pointy portion is at the side-end where the length is maximum.
    Nail Length Requirement:
    Medium, long, very long
    Suitable for:
    Casual wear, partying, shopping, events

Make Them Last Longer!

There is a lot of effort you have put into or paid for to get those nails done! You would not wish them to vanish like that. A little more effort to those beautiful nail shapes can get them to last longer. Why not know more about them? Find out for both the natural and artificial nail shapes, so that they will last longer!

Natural Nail Shape:

To keep your natural nail shapes to stay in shape for a longer time, follow the following steps:

  • Avoid biting nails: This is one of the worst yet everyday habits of women who wish their nails to have the proper shape to last longer. Biting nail is often unconsciously done and sometimes as a habit. You need to avoid doing it if you wish your nails to have that shape last longer!
  • Trimming: You are supposed to trim the nails more often but along the same shape. If you do not feel like you can do it on your own, you can take help from your nail dresser. But please do not trim the nails randomly. It will end up with a bad result!
  • Avoid Hand-Dish Washing or Laundry: If you are washing those dishes or clothes with your hands after having some proper shapes, you might have put all your efforts into vain. There will be some self-trimming or cutting of nails once you do these things, and thus, will lose that precious nail shapes.
  • Attentive & Proper Care: You can lose that shape with any action that involves your fingertips. Thus, more attention is required. Even if you are trying to clean those nails, you might lose the shape by occasional trimming of the nails. Hence, you need to apply some proper care to those nails and never miss the attention while using your fingers to do any task.

Artificial Nail Shape:

To keep your artificial nail shapes in shape for a longer time, follow every step, as mentioned for the natural nails above. Along with that, you need to realize your artificial nails are more sensitive than natural nails. Thus, avoid more contact with the water, detergent, oil, or anything that can hamper the nails. Moreover, be sure that artificial nails are stuck well in the first place to avoid their loss.

Be Creative!

At last, it is all about being creative. You are not supposed to stick around with only these twelve shapes for your pretty nails. The shapes are tremendous; all they require is a bit of exploration. You can go creative and modify the existing ones. The result is a good one for sure.

It does not require much to be creative enough to modify and prepare something from the existing ones with a pinch of effort. Thus, be creative and shape those nails today!

Do share with us if something is unusual from your side. It will help the others to follow your foot-steps to get them on theirs!

Thank you more for making it to the end of the page. We hope that you have already found what you were looking for. If there is a prom night this week, or just a regular manicure session coming forward, plan it today! Do not end up into a dilemma or confusion. We hope this content helped you in some ways.

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