40 Attractive Polynesian Tattoos That You Will Need!


I know you’re fascinated by the idea of the Polynesian tattoos design. Definitely, people from history had been. These tattoos aren’t merely body art. However, they have intended a lot through the historical past and until now, the arts carry plenty of meanings and the value guiding them is invaluable.

First off, let’s see “general introduction” regarding these tattoos. Usually, what concerns to people is that the tats look sleek. Moreover, we will tell tales- short and long with them. You will find various ways tattoos are usually designed, and nevertheless, they are created- and they continue to look incredible.

These types of tattoos suit any organs of the body. And we also can combine these tats with other styles to give distinctive representations. Because of this, many people get these tattoos. Clearly, you know and you have noticed Polynesian tattoo from “The Rock”, have not you?

Effectively, not merely of “The Rock”, everyone who had this tattoo appears so great. Whether the individual might be muscular or simply not- or even the person possibly of any sex or anything, the style still seems amazing, that indicates the prospects of ideas with the tattoos are substantial.

And so in your case, you additionally want to have Polynesian tattoo, do not you? Are you yet wondering if the things are befitting you? Okay, I guess, currently, it’s time to end the doubts because, we’re here, correct?

We constantly want to assist you and now, we’ve opted to go along with the Polynesian tattoos. We have collected all important facts besides the designs of these tats and even a few tips. Thus, here’s best designs of Polynesian tattoo that you can get in 2019. Examine some designs, quick and then we’re going to check out history of the tattoos. Here’s a video for you!

The Rules: Perfect Guidelines For That Day Of Having Polynesian Tattoo!

Thus, now, already you know the history, the maintenance, the types and the meaning of

Polynesian tattoos. And if you’re still inclined to get Polynesian tats, then you’re almost set to go. Nevertheless, there’s something.

If perhaps you’re getting the tattoo for first time, after that you have many doubts and questions. Yet, you learn what? Even a few tips in advance for that day of having the tattoo will be of perfect help.

Therefore, listed below are some things which you must ensure of just one day when you’re having the Polynesian tattoo.

  • A Bath:

It’s a vital thing which you should consider before getting a tattoo. Take a bath. It will retain the skin saturated, as well as your skin; can be far away from dust and residue particles.

All things taken into account, you should tattoo the skin-you just do not need any Polynesian tats over earth that’s on the skin, will not you say? Additionally, all things taken into account, however for tattoo craftsmen, the craftsman dependably requires his sketchbook for being spotless.

  • What You Put On:

Appearing to tattoo parlor along with the tight-fitting clothes cannot be so sensible. Release up the attire.

You will find functional explanations guiding it. To begin with, tight-fitting outfits might influence you just to look stunning, but they aren’t all that reasonable. You do not need the garments crushing the body part when you’re confirmed having a tattoo, will not you say?

Simply visit your storeroom then pick most wide-open attire and proceed onward.

  • Good Food:

An absolute requirement is Good Meal. You might not notice such an excessive amount of centrality here in this specific thing-nevertheless you understand what, you ought to eat in day time and also the actual day preceding to have a tattoo.

This implies making sure that you’re eating supper ahead of having a tattoo. Obviously, I’m not specialist myself, yet rather still, mind itself claims that we’ll require good supplements to encounter the process of agony.

Types Of Polynesian Tattoo

Well, presently we know, history of Polynesian tattoo, here it’s time to know the types. And meanings of the Polynesian tattoo as well. So, let’s start with figures of Polynesian tattoos:

  • Lizard:

Lizard was a vital creature for Polynesian folks. They thought that Gods, in fact, masked themselves as the lizards prior to visiting humans.

The lizards are amazing animals who bring in good luck, they had been borderline between people and divine beings as well as who can reach imperceptible world. However, they can similarly convey terrible signs and demise to people who are just discourteous.

  • Sea(Ocean):

The Polynesian people accustomed to living on islands, thus we already learn how sea was crucial to them.

Sea is the second home for Polynesian people and place of relaxing when they depart for the last voyage.

Accidentally, turtles are believed to join the remaining handling them to the goals. Therefore at times, sea is often utilized to talk to the past and death.

As sea is important wellspring of the nourishment, it’s no big shock that it impacts a lot fantasy and custom.

  • Turtle:

Also in the designs, we found many turtles, did not we? Turtle or even honu is one more essential animal within Polynesian tradition and also is related to some implications. The turtles symbolize life span, fruitfulness, wellbeing throughout daily life, establishment, rest and peace.

  • Tiki:

They tend to be one more “human-like” design in these kinds of tattoos. Tiki actually symbolizes demigods or Gods. And, tiki tattoos do not necessarily utilize to be figures themselves just. And that’s the case at this point as well.

Actually, you can get the tiki eyes instead of tiki face plus it looks amazing. Furthermore, holds the similar value as Tiki face can.

  • Spearheads:

Presently, we know that people in previous tribes had been hunters. Their own weapon was once spears. Therefore, the addition of spearhead in the tattoo wasn’t something uncommon. Spearheads can be as basic and complicated as well.

The spearheads are extremely emblematic in relationship to the sharp things too and they could be used to talk to sting of some creatures.

  • Shark Teeth:

Triangles which you noticed in tattoos tend to be shark teeth. Also, they can be in complex or simplified forms.

They converse with assurance, quality and direction and additionally ferocity; however, they are extra images of “flexibility” in several societies.

  • Enata:

Actually, they are “human figures”. They are placed inside tattoo to converse with individuals as well as their relations.

Occasionally, these tattoos talk to the crushed foes. It’s a single case of Enata in particular frame. Often, you can find many Enatas put together into one. And this is the way they accustomed to represent “clouds”.

40 Amazing Polynesian Tattoos!

  1. Polynesian Flowers Full Side-Leg:

This design, though a bit more conventional tribal, still features several Polynesian elements.

  1. Turtle And Stingray Polynesian Tattoo Design:

We have seen them many times independently; it is time to notice them together!

  1. Elbow Band Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Polynesian style now is very typical among the elbow band tats and you are able to see why it is a perfect fit of placement and design.

  1. Full “Leg-Side” Polynesian Tattoo Design:

She had been a bold lady who got this tattoo herself.

  1. Polynesian Mandalas Design:

This is a fascinating blend between 2 completely distinct styles.

  1. Leg Band Polynesian Tattoo Design:

It’s a more subtle and discreet approach to the Polynesian tattoo just on leg.

  1. Polynesian Twist With Tattoo Sleeve:

You can obviously see all components of this awesome sleeve tattoo.


  1. Seahorse Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Seahorses are badass, reliable and cute. They make wonderful tattoos along with this particular aesthetic.

  1. Polynesian Lily Tattoo Design:

This design features a little thicker lines yet the lily surely puts feminine style just on top.

  1. Lower Details And Belly Mask:

You do not need chastity belt when you’ve your Polynesian warrior caring for you!

11. Polynesian Simple Armband Design:

This design, though Polynesian in fact, looks like traditional technique.

  1. Feather Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Not as normal as other components in this pattern, we came across this style of feather with tribal aesthetics.

  1. Polynesian Pattern And Purple Flowers:

The possibilities tend to be limitless with colors and flowers over the otherwise typical Polynesian tattoo.

  1. Chest Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Blend the male boobs along with the great tattoo like this.

  1. Polynesian Whale Tale Tattoo Design:

This particular design fits properly on ankle and features some details along with dots which give this a wonderful shadow.

  1. Polynesian Shoulder And Chest Tattoo Design:

This beautiful design gives life to the wearer’s upper part, showing a total sense of “belonging” to region and also she seems proud of this.

  1. Half Leg-Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo Design:

As we will see here, also as we pointed out before, normally Polynesian tattoos tend to be thicker on men.

  1. Upper Backside Stingray Tattoo Design:

This must be my preferred pick on stingray category. Here the designs and size fit flawlessly on the backside of wearer and details are exciting.

  1. Flowers And Waves On Leg Design:

Let us just think that all lines and waves are manufactured from symbolic water.

  1. Sea Turtle And Waves In The Half Back Design:

These waves that tend to be thinner are generally found in females. While Polynesian male tattoos commonly have more details and thicker lines.

  1. Pair Of The Ankle Polynesian Tattoos:

The design here that’s placed in both the ankles can suggest the significance of one’s roots or strength to hold your feet just on ground.

  1. Leg Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Only a professional in this subject can tell you exactly what all of parts of Polynesian tattoo imply, since every line, pattern, and curve has its private origin and also meaning.

  1. Polynesian Sea Turtle Tattoo In The Sea:

In this instance, we can notice more obviously that the additional elements, besides turtle, tend to wave in water and also possibly tail of the larger fish, whale or dolphin.

  1. Mask Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Masks are furthermore commonly identified in the Polynesian symbolism. Usually, they represent the warriors from different communities which belong to culture.

  1. Starfish Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Certainly, to be honest this might be flower yet it could likewise be a small and pretty starfish.

  1. Girl Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo:

While Polynesian patterns create sleeve tattoo it looks very masculine, and you can include a little touch of feminism with some flowers that stay with the style.

  1. Polynesian Turtles Design:

Sea turtles tend to be very commonly identified in Polynesian tats; they symbolize intelligence, patience, and longevity.

  1. Whale Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Whales are probably the most regal beast in ocean, and the Polynesian tattoo tends to make a superb tribute to this.

  1. Polynesian Nape Tattoo Design:

I might guess that this is water drop, yet the plainly Polynesian placement and aesthetic make it less relevant, to be fair.

  1. Flower And Waves Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Sometimes the Polynesian tattoo must not be something which can be quickly identified, such as this example. The lines may be the vines or even something which looks cool.

  1. Another Stingray Tattoo Design:

This is the small take on “stingray tattoo” with Polynesian aesthetic.

  1. Octopus Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Octopus can result in incredibly amazing tattoos, and also this undertakes one of ocean’s most regal beasts which can make you desire to have one ASAP.

  1. Polynesian Behind Ear Tattoo Design:

Behind ear is actually a great area for individuals who would like to get tattoo devoid of all unwanted attention. Because of shape of spot, the Polynesian tattoos will give you an excellent option of style and design.

  1. Polynesian Armband Tattoo Design:

The Polynesian tattoos additionally make excellent armbands. If perhaps you like the tattoo sleeves, have a look at the list to get the best one.

  1. Polynesian Waist Tattoo Design:

These types of tribal tats can be extremely sexy. Within this design, contrast between blue and black and also flower placement offer it an attractive look that improves feminine figure.

  1. A Stingray Tattoo Design:

As we formerly mentioned, the Polynesian tattoos tend to be filled with components from sea, and it’s a beautiful illustration that fits flawlessly in shoulder.

  1. Armband Polynesian Tattoo Design:

Armand tattoos appear great in the Polynesian tattoos to go along well. Also, you can have a look at our list of armband tattoos.

  1. Polynesian Side Tattoo Design:

This is wonderful way to exhibit your tits.

  1. Polynesian Ankle Tattoo:

The ankle tattoos tend to be very well-known among girls, the Polynesian design gives them an excellent flow.

  1. Polynesian Badass Shark Tattoo Design:

This one had been ideal Polynesian tattoo just on the record for guys, “IMHO”.


However, the choice here is yours. As time pass, tradition of tattoos has changed as well. Hence, this is the art on the body, thus you create your own rules, and you must.

Your interest needs to be to sport the tattoo in most traditional is actually for yourself.

When you also want to maintain the traditions of the tattoos, after that you are alright. But, also do not forget to adhere to the essential means- that indicates do not forget that you’re having the tattoo.

The just rule that modern tattoo specialists will likely to offer you is the comfort. For you realize, it’s mandatory that you’re glad about the tattoo.




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