125 Pompadour Hairstyle To Uplift Your Personality!

What is Pompadour Hairstyle?

In the time where new hairstyles are originated every day, pompadour seems to remain firm and dominate the remaining styles. What actually is Pompadour hairstyle? It is a popular hairstyle among men and women with either short or long hair. There is a bulging hair bun over the forehead that falls on the back, just like combing all the hair entirely backwards.


It is actually a ratted hair towards the center of the head. It is created by backcombing the entire hair towards the center from all the sides. The pompadour is a high volume of hair that is hollow on the inside. It gives an apparent belief of a bun like hair just above the forehead. This gives a bold look.

What is the origin of Pompadour Hairstyle?

This hairstyle has been in the existence for a long time. It is believed to be a women’s style at the beginning. As the hairstyle was brought up by Madame de Pompadour who was a mistress of great King Loiuse. This hairstyle became sensational on the 18th century when women started to style their hair with Pompadour. The peak point of it took place in 1890 when the Gibson Girls had the Pompadour hairstyle. This was when it became a basic hairstyle and women would die to copy it on their own. It lasted for a long time even until the end of the 19th century.

Though, initially it was a women’s business or a women’s style, later on it was copied by men. It all started when Elvis Presley dared to copy the style on 1960s. He became the initiator of this hairstyle for men. It doesn’t stop there. Right after being copied by Elvis Presley, men started copying too, specially celebrities. This was then highlighted as men’s thing. And today, mostly men seem to make this hairstyle.

The same old hairstyle that has been in existence since 18th century is a bit modified and is popular among not just women or men but both. This must be the only hairstyle that has been ruling for more than three centuries and god knows till when.

How to form a Pompadour?

You can either visit a saloon and get it done there. If not, you can learn to make one from the Internet. This styling technique is really simple with enough practices. There are the procedures to get it done either at home or saloon. Just check these out:

In a hair saloon:

  • Already confirm your choice regarding what kind of its styling you wish to have
  • Make sure you visit the saloon where hairdressers are already aware of what you are talking about
  • You can take pictures of what you want to have to show your hair dressers
  • Give every detail about the volume, side burns, length, etc.
  • Have patience and hope for the best result

Self-made Pompadour:

  • Go through many pictures of the celebrities or models who you wish to copy
  • Find the exact tutorials on the Internet that matches the same hair kind
  • Collect every hair product required to form a Pompadour
  • Make sure the hair products are the best for it
  • Make maximum backcombing after applying gels or other product to keep your hair firmly in place
  • Don’t forget a hairspray at the end of doing it
  • Enough practices will give the best result

Types of Pompadour Styling

There are actually a lot of ways to style your hair with Pompadour. It can be from your own modifications to standard styling. Generally, there are few of the styles which you can look at and try on someone or yourself later on. For that the styles are clustered into various titles as follows:-

Long-Length Pompadour

If you have a long hair, you can certainly get bigger pompadour. With longer length, the backcombing and sweeping of the hair allows big pompadour above the forehead. This is specially when women try to get a pompadour done. Men with long length try this, they might not always end up with good results. But even men with long length can get some good results if handled well.

Medium-Length Pompadour

The medium length makes the best pompadours. With perfect length, there will be the perfect size. Even for women, this works well. When the length of the hair is not too short and not too long, there is a perfect ratted hair above the forehead, which will not require intensive eye watching.

Short-Length Pompadour

Sometimes it doesn’t look exactly like a pompadour when it comes to styling short hair. It might also not be as easy as it seems to style short hair. It is rather difficult to get the shape stay firmly on the place. But still men with short hair also seem to make this hairstyle, and the results are quite good.

Pompadour along with mixed style

Why just get this thing when you can add up other styles along with it. You can mix up other styles and modify it as your own suitability. You can be creative and create your own hairstyles by using it above the forehead. Following are some of the styles that you can mix up along with basic pompadour:-

  • Make a complete shave on the sides and a good volume pompadour at the center
  • Comb the side hairs along with the mid hair and backcomb the entire thing up
  • Shave only the one side of the hair and comb the remaining on the same side still forming this style on the top
  • Create twist braids on the sides of the head and this bulged hair on the center
  • Color or highlight the hair ad then form it
  • Braid the remaining hair after forming a pompadour on the center

Pompadour with Beard

Breads are taking back their place. Men had stopped making longer beards for long time already. It was supposed unprofessional to go to your regular workplace with longer beard. That’s why men shaved their beards and mustaches too. But again men have started to have to keep longer beards which looks amazing with pompadour hairstyle. Even a thin line or beard goes well with Pompadour. And, the long beards also seemed suiting the hairstyle.

We can see various celebs and common people growing beards and keeping pompadour style. This has to be the greatest trends in hair right now. Not it seems to last more than for a century already. We can see the images of the men with a good combination of pompadour hair and beards below:

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Wet Hair Pompadour Look

Men with wet hair are double sexy. It is still a mystery why a simple wet hair multiplies the hotness in men. When men have wet hair they can try pompadour styling. This will increase the regular charm. Even if you worry about not having a long lasting wetness in hair, there are certain hair products that will let to have a longer wetness. So make a pompadour style  in your wet hair and see the compliments flowing on your way!

Undercut Pompadour Hairstyle

Men seem to love undercut pompadour style. All you have to do is shave the under part of your center hair and again back comb the remaining hair. This will give an amazing look. Specially boys and young men seem to follow this style. Try once and you will surely love the result.

Pompadour with Slick Hair

Slick hair is something not everyone can have. Sometimes you are born with all the slickness in the head. Those are the blessed people. If you have the slickness and you willing to get the pompadour hairstyle, you will fall in love with what you end up at. Even if you do not have a slick hair, you can get it done with some products or with the help of your hairdresser.

Go through the images to make sure you do not miss any slick hair pompadour ideas in the trend.


High-Volume Pompadour

Volume is not achieved so easily. If you wish to have a good volume or a high volume in a pompadour, you need to have normally long hair and also a lot of hard work. You can also take the help from your hair dresser to get you the high volume pompadour. If you have thick hair naturally, it becomes lot easier to get a high volume pompadour already. If not, a little extra work, but still you will get that on you.

Don’t miss any of these high volume pompadour styling on yourself!

Pompadour in Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is somehow amazing for pompadour looks. In a straight hair you will have one curve along the back of the head but with wavy hair you will have a lot of waves that will create a different look. This still goes well if the styling is done properly. Therefore, if you have a wavy hair, pompadour is for you!

Pompadour in Straight Hair

Normally people have straight hairs rather be men or women. With straight hair pompadour is easy to put on shape. A normal pompadour has one curve which is received when the hair is straight. Therefore, with straight hair, the pompadour looks are stunning.

Curly Hair Pompadour

If you have curly hair naturally, you can still try pompadour on. With curly hair, it might be comparatively difficult to get the best shape, but it isn’t impossible. Of course don’t hesitate to get it even if you have a curly hair. Because, men with curly hair are naturally sexy and with pompadour it is multiplied.

Classic Look with Pompadour

As we know have known by now, this hairstyle was inherited from the 18th century. Therefore, its class is really antique. Therefore, it somehow has a classic look. Once you wear a pompadour hairstyle, you will feel more classic already.

It certainly makes a man look more professional with pompadour. It not just matches you in your professional dress but also in all of your dresses either be casual or party wear. With this classic look you will certainly be more confident and outrageous. This will boost your mood.

Make this hairstyle right away and feel the class being raised. Feel classic with pompadour.

 Pompadour at its Extreme Level

Extremeness comes when it is on point. No modifications and just the real style makes it at its extreme level. With extreme pompadour, you will have the best look. Modifications are on their place, but sometimes you got to trust this hairstyle entirely and let it make you feel more special. This also gives somehow an antique and a royal look. With it at extreme level, feel all the highness from the 18th century.

Side-Swept Style

Side swept basically means getting the remaining hair besides in the center of your head all swept sideways. This also requires backcombing but equally to all the hair and might not in the same direction. Side swept is a little modification to simple pompadour but it is somehow awesome and unique in its own ways.

Messed-up Pompadour Look

Men are mostly on their messed up hair. This has to be the best style along. It doesn’t matter if you are lazy and still want to have a pompadour with simple and rough backcombing as long as it is going to look good. Even the rough and messed up pompadour looks amazing on men specially the young men.

So, if you do not have much time for proper hairdressing and choose pompadour still, why not make it a messed up one?

Celebrities With Pompadour!

As we already know the history now, this style was totally brought up by Elvis for men, the entire credit to make it popular goes to the celebrities. If not for the popular men in media, this hairstyle wouldn’t get such a good attention. Despite being in existence for more than three centuries, the entire popularity credit goes to celebs.

Celebs from sports to music industry, movie star to businessmen, and every commoner as well seem to follow it. Specially the men who have short hair basically obviously prefer pompadour. Singers like Bruno Mars seem to love it specially with a messy look.

The rock-stars seem to have a messed up pompadour to match their personality while officers make it an extreme pompadour level to match their profession. In this way every one seem to be supporting this look and mostly the celebrities.

Colored Hair and Pompadour Style!

When it comes to color there are various options one can have. It depends on what you are basically searching. Yes, a colored hair goes well with it. This just has to be well studied and researched before. For beautiful result one can also copy the styles from other celebs or models who have already used the color on their hair.

This style looks cool along with colors on hair. Either be an exotic color or rather plain, with pompadour it still looks attractive and vibrant. Without a doubt color adds more class to your style. So you can obviously add color entirely or to some of the sections at a time.

Mostly men are seem to color brown or red, or rather something of this range. But you also step out of regularity and adopt some different plus unique color or color combination. Feel free to try something new and with amazing result get prepared to receive all the compliments for your hairstyle.

Image Gallery!

You will find the best images with this hairstyle on this page. Go through all this amazing styling!

Who looks best with this hairstyle?

Well, there is no such criteria for accepting this hairstyle. First of all, you don’t even have to be a man, cause it needs no gender to have this hairstyle. Secondly, it doesn’t matter what age you have. All the people of any age can have it. You do not need to also worry about the hair length. As already mentioned above, it can be styled for any length.

You also need not worry about your hair texture. It shouldn’t also be dependent on the type of hair. It can be either straight or curly or wavy! Just make sure you have some hair on your head and you are not bald. Else everything is compromised.

Moreover, to get this hairstyle, it doesn’t also require you to be a celeb. Most of the commoners are having it already. Though the trend is quite famous among the celebs and sportsman, even the commoners are challenging them with different modifications which are amazing.

There are various other options along with it which are already mentioned in this article’s beginning. If you made it up to the end, that means you surely enjoyed and this might have helped you with getting the perfect look for yourself. If you haven’t found a perfect one for you yet, you can again review the entire images and find a perfect one for you.

You can also share one of your modifications with us. Be creative and accept the good hairstyle because you deserve one, you deserve pompadour!

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