49 Amazing Purple Hair Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!


Purple hair ideas are very crucial to dye the hair. The Purple hair is probably not for everyone, yet it is a superb color idea only for those having bold personalities. While used as the hair dye, here purple can differ from silvery lavender to a deep plum as well as everything just in between.

Together with countless flattering colors available, you are sure to get most ideal one to get. Explore these ideas of captivating purple hair and then go on coloring your life! Here’s a video for you!

49 Beautiful Purple Hair Styles!

  1. Indigo Dreadlocks:

Women who have the dreadlocks can additionally experiment with purple to get new look. This gives their daring hairdo choice more edge, plus a beautiful new color.

  1. Purple Long Hair:

It is not daily that you notice ladies with the thigh-length tresses. Nonetheless, imagine seeing locks so long plus a rich color of purple.

Here, you should think about this if you are lucky enough for having super long tresses and desire to change all the things around.

  1. Green And Purple Hair:

Also, you can try reverse, with the purple hair at top and even green in the ends. Within this situation, here we recommend utilizing a blue shade to go from the purple to the turquoise harmoniously.

  1. Turquoise And Purple Braid:

The loose cornrow-similar to French braids display how attractive the change from the bright turquoise towards the soft lavender will be.

You can include some silver to gradient thus it will not go roughly through one color to other.

  1. Double Fishtail Lavender Braids:

Fishtail cannot be easiest braiding approach, but it appears dazzling on the purple locks. Especially, you are able to make your own hairstyle more innovative by braiding 3 fishtail braids plus uniting them just in a single normal braid beginning at the backside of neck.

  1. Curly Purple Hair:

Although your curls aren’t afro-textured, usually they still appear splendid while colored in the purple. For making the look more special, test out different purple shades that will mix beautifully to the curls.

  1. Deep Twists Purple:

With just ample patience and hair product, you may recreate the purple dreadlocks devoid of damaging the hair. The long twists tend to be exactly what you will need if “bohemian” is your “middle” name.

  1. Purple Highlights With Dark Brown Locks:

One more office-friendly approach to wear the purple hair will be by adding a few discrete “plum highlights” to the natural color. Subtle impact is best acquired when the natural hair shade is dark brown or black.

  1. Braided Back Crown Purple:

This purple hairdo is so beautiful that it may even be utilized at your wedding or prom day. Basically, it is a backside braided crown which starts from top sides then braids just down to chignon.

  1. Accessories Of Purple Hair:

If you are trying to find accessories for vivid hair shade, we recommend choosing silver or perhaps cool metal. This will complement cold shade of the hair while permitting you to design your hair in a different way.

11. Half Turquoise Half Purple:

Half Turquoise Half Purple hair tones are also a growing trend among the free-spirited females.

For this particular look, the dark colors of turquoise and purple look awesome. After you have the colors, enjoy accentuating them along with numerous pigtails and braids for fun.

  1. Bright Purple Locks:

If you are not limited by strict job, then you are able to go wild having bright purple shades too. It is great if perhaps you are teenager or even you just desire to express the outgoing personality via hair color.

  1. Deep Purple Locks:

This is the one of closest shades towards black that you can have from purple. The deep plum shade like this will be just ample to “spice up” the natural hair shade while keeping a suitable appearance for every occasion.

  1. Faux Hawk Purple And Pink:

If you are not on with a real Mohawk, then you can constantly have fun along with the faux hawks. When you have 2 hair colors, just like the above photo, you can highlight each with hairdo like this. However, purple roots get noticed against pink top.

  1. Purple Mohawk:

However, this may not be daily look for “popping up” in a business job, but it is definitely a concept for the punk girls around.

The contrast in between vibrant lavender Mohawk and dark shaved root will keep the heads turning where ever you go.

  1. Purple And Brown Hair:

The natural roots currently have become a lot more popular. This is great news on a few levels, beginning with the long-term locks color maintenance.

Additionally, it enables you to proceed from the brown roots towards the purple ends beautifully.

  1. Braided Purple Ponytail:

Well, if you’ve longer purple braids, then high ponytail will be always a great way to fashion them.

Not merely does it appear superb, but it is also the practical technique to extremely long braids. Also, they will not get in the eyes as well as you will look astounding.

  1. Purple Red Tresses:

You can supply the dark purple locks a red shade to warm this up somewhat. In most instances, purple produces a cool feeling due to nature of color.

Nevertheless, by adding a few red tones, here you are able to warm up your whole look.

  1. Half Down Half Up Purple Hairdo

One more cool styling idea for purple hair is ever-stylish half down half up look. However, one of best parts concerning this hairdo is that this is effective for all the hair textures if the hair is a minimum of shoulder-length.

  1. Purple And Silver Blonde Hairstyle:

This cool look will be obtained through 2 main approaches: either by having purple lowlights otherwise by having extensions.

Here we recommend second option when you are not 100% confident you desire to have long term purple. Despite, it looks great.

  1. “A Line” Bob In The Purple Hairdo:

Generally, the purple looks excellent on any sort of haircut. Yet we desired to include some examples of the purple on particular haircuts so that you may see just how the outcomes look.

If you’ve an “A-line” bob or even you are planning to have one, then you can anticipate this fabulous result.

  1. Dual Dutch Purple And Pink Braids:

Whether you colored the hair in purple or even chose a half-half combo similar to this one, dual Dutch braids tend to be a must.

It’s an excellent hair styling idea when you have straight and long hair, and it isn’t as over-used as the French braids are generally.

  1. Purple Red Hairdo:

This dark magenta shade is, undoubtedly, a glam way to purple hair. It is yet an additional option for the rebellious ladies who want to display the wild side when maintaining the most recent hairstyles. However, it looks fantastic.

  1. Short Purple Style:

So, you lately have a “pixie undercut”. Why don’t make it more memorable? Well, you can possibly dye all tresses in this specific spectacular plum tone, or even color just top then leave its undercut natural. In either case, you’ll glow magnificently later on.

  1. French Braid Metallic Purple:

If you determined to color the hair in metallic pastel color, you can showcase it with traditional French braid. This will not take much effort to braid, yet you’ll adore how it ends up.

  1. Huge Curly Purple Hairdo:

Were you born with big curly hair? Attempt coloring it in purple! The mixture of light violet and dark tones appears breathtaking versus any skin shade, similarly all sorts of curly hair.

  1. Purple And Black Hairstyle:

Another delicate approach to the purple hair is this separated plum ombre. This focuses on tips, and color utilized here is extremely dark.

If perhaps you get fed up of the particular look, you are able to chop its ends off straight and then change the whole look.

  1. Purple Katy Perry Hairstyle:

In terms of celebrities having purple locks are concerned, the Katy Perry certainly deserves top place on the collection.

Here’s how she on one occasion rocked purple and dark hair perfectly, with undertones and black roots.

  1. Purple Dual Buns Style:

If you are fed up of traditional messy buns, then you are able to switch things all over with the double buns.

Usually, this specific look is perhaps greater if you’ve bangs, yet it can look cute devoid of them at the same time.

  1. Purple And Pink, Turquoise Blend:

Who stated that you merely have to accept 1 or 2 hair colors? For stepping up the “mermaid” hair game, think about going for 3 beautiful and bold colors.

As an example, turquoise, purple and pink looks totally outstanding together.

  1. Shaved Purple Hairdo:

Kelly Osbourne reveals that an untroubled spirit may rock the shaved hairdo, a French upside-down braid and also lavender balayage hair all simultaneously. This is a wonderful hairstyle for the rebellious ladies that want to combine chic along with attitude.

  1. Purple Grey Hairdo:

Like we formerly mentioned, the grey hair will be toned along with some purple for making the total look more fascinating. This is however another instance so you are able to see how gorgeous the fusion ends up.

  1. Purple Locks Extensions:

Well, if you are not dying the natural hair in purple, then you can constantly get extensions.

It is a great approach to protect the hair from harm brought on by the coloring, as well as you may take them away or even put them “back on” anytime you, please.

  1. Purple Out Curls Flat Twist:

Another heavenly eye candy concept for the natural hair ended up purple involves traditional method: flat twist the out curls.

Although most women having afro-textured locks already know just how to have these corkscrews, here we wished to state how wonderful they look while colored purple.

  1. Blue And Purple Hairstyle:

Along with pink, the blue is an impressive choice for the secondary color following purple.

A hairdo like this one is not ombre-based rather the series of lowlights and highlights in different shades of blue and violet. At this point, this is using mermaid locks to a new level.

  1. Purple Messy Bun:

From styling tips for the purple locks, a “messy” top knot constantly does the tip. It looks better if you’ve dark roots, thus grab the hair tie then wrap the hair up thoughtlessly. It is chic, super pretty and cool.

  1. Metallic Purple Hair:

If you are caught in between pastel grey and purple hair, then choose something just in between.

The metallic purple blends softness of the pastel with edginess of the steel grey. Outcome is pretty an elegance to behold.

  1. Purple And Pink Hairdo:

Amid hair color mixtures that contain pink, purple is just one of most well-known secondary colors.

Besides natural hair hues, pink complete the purple gorgeously. Just go from the purple to the pink or even vice-versa; this will appear just as captivating.

  1. White And Lavender Hair:

The long hair will be easily hued lavender and seem brilliant. However, you may like playing round with additional colors simultaneously.

This specific lavender to the white ombre can give you better concept of how adorable the results will be.

  1. Purple Silver Hair Shade:

We’ve all witnessed current grey/silver hair craze. Nevertheless, if you truly want to be noticeable, you can offer yours an attractive tint.

This particular silver hair shade has ample metallic lavender within it for beautiful final touch.

  1. Purple Buzz Haircut:

The beauty concerning purple is, it looks incredible on all sorts of hair, irrespective of how short the hair is. As an example, this cheerful buzz cut appears better in deeper red-purple shade.

  1. Purple Braids:

Well, if you like rocking braids overall, you can think about incorporating purple just into them on next time.

To get a much more natural tactic, consider keeping a minimum of part of these with the root hair shade.

  1. Light Purple Hairdo:

This extremely light lavender locks color is what you require to reveal your internal fairy. It is edgy and feminine concurrently, all while keeping an elegant impact.

  1. Black- Purple Ombre Hairstyle:

If you would like something more contrasting, then you can choose purple ombre locks. Likewise, it seems most natural while blended with dark brown or black.

Additionally, it looks great on longer hair, yet it can furthermore be rocked along with the short hairdos.

  1. Purple Balayage Hairstyle:

We all learn that the balayage is presently one of hottest hairstyles, but how will it look along with purple? While faded from natural hair shade like black, the purple balayage will really take away your breath.

  1. Pastel Purple Hairdo:

In contrast, pastel purples tend to be just as stunning. For example, this virtually periwinkle shade appears completely stunning on the long locks. It is a perfect concept for mixing in with chilly season.

  1. Afro-Textured Purple Hairstyle:

After having perseverance for growing out the natural hair, just why not take this to life using a beautiful new color?

The deep purple can be an incredible option and this contrasts superbly with the dark skin colors.

  1. Purple Dark Hairdo:

One of most well-known types of the purple for locks is this rich, deep shade. It is much easier to put on than additional colors within this color scheme that may be very flashy for school or work. Moreover, it will be easily combined with all color clothes.

  1. Hair Bow Dark Violet:

Our final but possibly the cutest styling idea for purple hair is this massive hair bow. This might take more time to make compared to messy bun; however, you’ll love the approach it ends up at the end.


To summarize, you will find plenty of purple hair choices that you are able to browse. Our goal wasn’t only to display you what different tones you will experiment with, yet also how the purple locks can look while styled in unique ways. Now, it is your decision. Choose your preferred purple shade for an unforgettable hairstyle!




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