55 Breathtaking Short Haircuts For Men Who Are Looking For Change!

Short haircuts are something every man wants to have or have it even without realizing it. Men have this special bonding with short hair, but they might not have the perfect short haircuts. Having a short haircut and having a short hairstyle that you can slay on are two different things.

Of course, a man’s first choice is a short hair, but really? Is it something you had expected to provide you mind-blowing looks? Maybe not. Short haircuts come with great ideas and styles. Having a short hairstyle that matches your face shape, personality, and make you look stunning can be a difficult job.

This article is for all the men who have been having short hair all their lives but have no idea if that is what they were looking for or what they had desired to have. You can start from scratch with this article. Get comprehensive guidance with this blog.

You have this wish to look different despite regular haircuts. Thinking it is such a difficult task might be wrong after you have figured out what you need. Sometimes one has to realize wanting something is not essential, but wearing something that suits you and makes you unique is vital. Picking a random haircut can be chaos. The face shape has to be studied, hair texture needs consideration, and personality needs reviewing.

Well, to guide you with all of these factors, this article is here. Please go through it to get benefited and learn a lot about short haircuts for men’s ideas.

Why short haircuts for men have always been chosen?

A man has two sides: generous and vulnerable. There comes a time in every man’s life where a man picks to go rough and carefree. That is the time when a man tries to pick some of the funky haircuts. Some men also give it a try to long haircut ideas. But most of them like to wear unique short hairstyles.

Short haircuts have not been more of a choice for men, but they are something they have to carry to be accepted. A boy is born and starts his preschool then school then high school and then college. All these years, a boy has to trim the hair as short as possible. Except for some of the countries, this trend is prevalent everywhere. Well, a boy child is bound to haircuts from a young age. It has led to men wearing short hairstyles all their life.

If the man has to go to the military, the short hair becomes shorter. Just like this, other several professions want men to have short hair. From ancient times, people believed that women are to have long hair while men have to have short hair. But this practice did not come from the beginning. If we look at our history, we had both men and women having short hairs. Either it is a king, a ruler, a soldier, a warrior, or a knight, they all had long hairs. But slowly, this was drifted away, and men were titled with short hair.

It is one of the reasons men always prefer to go with short haircuts, and they do not have much choice in some phase of their life. Well, if you are titled with something, why not flaunt it with style? You can have tremendous decisions, even in short haircuts.

What makes men choose short hair over long hair?

Some of the facts do not allow men to flaunt long hair if we look at the current situation. Most of the schools, colleges, formal events, professions, offices, meetings, etc. would ask a man to have short hair to look more disciplined. Strangely, people are judged about their character based on their hair length or type. It is one of the most important reasons men pick short hair over long hair.

Another reason is taking care of the hair. Long hair requires more grooming than short hair. Long hair requires a lot of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, treatment cream, etc. which is expensive. Grooming involves time and money. It is one of the reasons men go with short hair instead of long hair.

“Short Hair Don’t Care.”

Men are mostly involved in outdoor activities. Long hair brings sweat, rashes, and allergies sometimes. Long hair can be disturbing while you are out there playing with the ball or beating someone inside the ring. Well, these are simply excuses, but to those who are not into such things, long hair cannot be their thing.

Short hair is a symbol of discipline. The shorter the hair, the more attractive a man looks. It is a key to success while presenting something. With short hair, you have that clean and tidy look. You become more manly, and you start feeling all the masculinity on you.

Short hair gives the power to conquer everything. With that suit and tie, black hair is a must. Well, it is so alluring and seducing. Men with short hair attract all the eyes. Women also prefer men to have short hair as per the survey. It is something like a bonus because men will also pick short hair to long hair.

What do short haircuts for men look awesome with?

Short haircuts look fantastic on men if they are trying to keep it simple and easy. Either you are hitting the gym wearing that sweatshirt or going office with that black suit and tie, short haircut adds grace. The short hair looks fantastic with your formal attire, either be a uniform or your party dress. It also looks cool with that basketball jersey and even shorts.

The short hair combo is cool with basically any outfit you wear. But it can also depend on the type of short haircut. There are plenty of short hairstyles. You can pick something that Christiano Ronaldo has like a fade haircut with a few spikes on the center top. You can also wear Zyan Malik’s hair and slay on that baggy pants. There are so many ways to flaunt the short haircuts.

The short haircuts go well with any look if there is a style in the short hair you have picked. Some short hairstyles can be annoying if that is not matching your face shape; otherwise, you can flaunt it with any looks you prefer.

How to groom short haircuts for men?

Grooming of a short haircut is more accessible than that of grooming a long hairstyle. But, the short haircuts require frequent grooming while long haircuts do not. Grooming refers to your short hair and trying your best to keep it in the original haircut style. It can be done with trimming the fades every day, cutting the hair top with sharp scissors, and keeping the hair healthy with a friendly hair routine!

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How to take care of your hair?

For men, taking care of the hair might not even in the list. We have been mentioning how reckless and rough men are. But this is not about the whole population. Some men would like to take care of their hair, add a lot of effort to get something unusual. But not all men. Everyone knows how most men lose their hair and go partial to full baldness even from their late 20s. Some men also have their hairs turned gray or white after a certain age.

Taking care of your hair does not make you less of a man. You need to find out some time to take care of your hair in all possible ways. Start with picking a perfect shampoo for your hair. Stop using soap or any other things on your hair while showering. The shampoo should be allergy free and suit your hair type. You can find out this by applying one yourself and looking at the side effects.

Also, use conditioner but do not go to the roots, which can make the roots weak. Add treatment cream once in a while. Believe in quality rather than the price of the product. There are plenty of products out there with best reviews; pick something from there, but it should also suit your hair type.

Some More Tips & Tricks:

Adding wax and hair spray frequently can be harmful to your hair. You need to avoid using it too much, but instead, use it only sometimes. It makes the hair stiff, and the thick hair breaks faster, right? Do not add stress to your hair with spray and wax.

Sometimes massaging your hair before shower or night before washing can be beneficial. You can apply coconut oil or massaging hair oil for that. Add gentle massage to your head, which will add moisture and strength to your scalp. Do this regularly.

Using natural organic products once in a while in your head can also benefit your hair. Use aloe treatment, or even raw eggs, can be a source of nutrients to your hair. Natural hair products are always preferred and better than artificial chemical ones.

To make your hair healthy from the roots, you need to have it done internally. For that, consume enough water. Hydrating your body makes your hair shine naturally from its origins to tips.

What are different short haircuts for men ideas?

There are plenty of haircut ideas for men when it is about short hair. There might be lesser ideas when you talk about long hair ideas, but for short hair, it is hundreds. This section consists of some of the most common yet popular trending hairdos that have been making their personal space for such a long time already. Check them all out!

Faux Hawk:

The faux hawk is one of the trendiest short haircuts for men thing. It has been a haircut existing for a long time. You can see the characters in movies wearing this hairdo a century back as well. It is one of the hairstyles that did not lose its beauty. People from celebrities, to actors, to athletes, and commoners, everyone loves this hairdo. It provides an elegant look to men. It would be best if you did not have to either groom your hair very often and wear this look for a long time without being bored at all.

Parted on one side:

Parting hair on one side has been one of the most simple hairdos of men. Either it is a little boy or an adult man, this hairdo can be seen. People might judge it as one of the old fashioned hairstyles, but well one can flaunt this hairdo with a unique style. For that, the parted side should only have hair, and the other side should be shaved completely. It makes the hair neat and is also somehow easy to groom and style. Parting hair can never be an outdated hairstyle.

Fuzzy on the top center:

Men with messed up hair are so attractive and hot. Well, a woman’s weakness is a man’s messed up hair. The messier is the hair; more attractive the man looks. A man can achieve this look on his short hair by letting the fuzziness on the head’s top center. For this, mostly, it is preferred for men to have the sides shaved. The fuzz is created when the side hair is smaller or faded. You can create a messy texture using your fingers. It looks beautiful in curly or wavy hair rather than straight slick hair.

Natural Afro hairdo:

Afro hair can be quite complicated. Natural Afro hair is dense and thick. They are extremely curled and sometimes very difficult to groom. Men with natural hair are seen mostly with braids, box braids, cornrows, waterfall braids, extension braids, etc. But some men like to prefer short, Afro natural hair. The fuzzy Afro hair can be styled into short haircuts. You can shave the excess dense hair on the sides and focus mainly on the center top. You can also add braids like cornrows on your center top, even in short hair. It is not a bad idea either. There are plenty of choices when the hair type is natural Afro.

Tiny spikes:

Spikes are cool. Men with spikes are something the world wants to see more. Well, short hair might not let you have the best peaks, but you can give it a try, at least. Look at this picture below. The spikes are tiny, providing a sort of a faux hawk hairdo, but still on point. The men with spikes look younger, smarter, and amazing. You need not hesitate to wear them to your formal events as well. It is because spikes are loved and wanted. Get some spiky hairdo ideas for your hair type. Adding fades on the sides adds more bulkiness to your peaks. But the fades can vary depending upon your face shape.

Image Gallery:

This section consists of several unique and nonidentical images of the men with short haircuts. The short hairstyles for men are all presented here. These men are models, actors, professionals, musicians, and commoners. One cannot visualize just based on words, but pictures are essential. You can pick your style from the photos below, modify a look, or pick something that goes well with your personality, hair texture, and hair type.

Please go through all of these pictures and be benefited from them.


To conclude, this article is all about short haircuts for men. Men are always slaying their short hairs, but some of them are unknown about how they can do it in the right way. Having a boring short haircut and having a short hairstyle that matches your personality are two different things separated by just a thin line. The choice is yours either you want to feel young and relaxed with a short haircut or feel old and boring.

This article is a guide for every man out there who is looking for a change with the small effort from scratch. You need not be a pro in understanding hair ideas. You can follow this guideline for getting a difference in you. Just go through this article and feel free to copy any style.

You need to be able to study your hair, the texture, type, density, thickness, and choose a style accordingly. This article also guides you with taking care of your hair in an appropriate way. Men’s hair grooming can be completely different than that of women. Well, we got you covered with that. Either you be of any age, this one is your call for help.

From different hair ideas to hair fall solutions to picking a perfect hairdo for your personality, we have everything here presented well, along with a lot of unique pictures of men flaunting different short hair.

Did you like the content? Was it helpful? If yes, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Do not forget to pass feedback here. If you want any new topic to be discussed, let us know that too. Have an excellent time ahead!

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