144 Amazing Stone Fireplace Ideas For Every Home!

A stone fireplace is a fireplace at your home that provides you the warmest time in an amazing way. As it is the spot where the family gathers to either talk, have food, or enjoy any occasion, it has to look and be special. The specialty about a stone fireplace is that it has been into existence from ancient time.

Are you planning to get a stone fireplace in an ancient way with modern touch too? You are in the right page! Here you will find 44 ideas on a stone fireplace along with the qualities, comparison with other objects, and so on. Stay tuned and make it to the end of the page for complete details on what you are searching.


A stone fireplace is a fireplace that is built of the stones instead of any other thing. As we all know fireplace is designed to contain fire in a safe and long lasting manner. It also has a chimney outlet that allows the fire to go out of the house making it free from smoke. You can get many fireplaces ideas where the heat can be maintained depending upon the temperature required.


A fireplace can be of brick or metal too, but stone fireplace has been the popular one from the very beginning till date. They are so warm to be at and the ambiance provided is also undefinable. Fireplace has a hearth, chimney, chimney crane, mantelpiece, firebox, lintel, grate, damper, smoke chamber, filter, afterburner, foundation, throat, etc. And all these parts are to be well studied while getting one fixed in your drawing hall.

You can have private stone fireplace in your bed room as well but mostly a common fireplace is built in a common room for all to gather together and share the warmth. The exterior has a corbeled brick crown which has to be built with bricks. There are several other parts like cap, hood, shroud, etc. The objective is to keep the chimney dry and lot let the rain escape into the fireplace.


The use of stone fireplace has been seen from centuries ago. People specially in the cold regions had a fireplace built while they built their houses or mansions. Fireplaces were the rich’s thing more than that of a common people’s. But with time, it started being at everyone’s houses.

The fireplace were used for warmth latter only. Firstly they were used for heating a dwelling, heating water for cooking, laundry, cattle, and personal use. Slowly people started to depend on warmth of the fireplace and started getting one in the common room just to keep themselves warm.



What kind of design are you looking for? Do you have problems arising with the concept of the stone fireplace? For an alluring nature indoors look, stone fireplace is the right choice. If you are picking quality stone veneer then there can be easy transformation of a boring corner of the house into a bright and warm one.

The aesthetic effect is what that matters the most. A stone fireplace surely captures the attention and it is the core of the house too, thus, it has to be beautiful. To be honest, only stone fireplace can give the most amazing look as compared to any other type used as material for fireplace. Moreover, color is something that will define the fireplace final look. The design, type of stones, color, texture of the stones, and so many other things determine the type of stone fireplace you have. There can be changes in the size of the fireplace too. If you have a small room or house, or small family, you can prepare more cozy or smaller fireplace and vice versa!


it also depends upon the workers how they make the fireplace look like. Professionals are asked to make it so that there are least of the complains. You can find so many ideas along with the pictures of the fireplaces which will surely help you to pick a perfect one for your house.


As we know a fireplace is the core of the house, more precisely it is the heart as well as the soul of the home. This has been for centuries to until today. There are certain heaters and electric devices that keep the home warmer and avoids all the mess, but still nothing can replace the elegance of the ancient stone fireplace.

The houses no longer require firewood to achieve warmth, or to kill the darkness. Similarly, the comfort, time saving, and ease is achieved with the modern heaters. But the sacred tradition of staying around the fireplace specially in the evening to talk about and hear the entire day story of the family members is irreplaceable. The smell of the burning firewood, little smoke in the room, and watching the firewood sparkles going up into the chimney are still the things that interest people.

So why actually stone?

There are plenty of other choices like metal and bricks too, but why stone? The reason behind adding stones for making a fireplace is because it is the earliest one, most enduring one, sturdy, irresistibly striking, strong, and easily available one. It is natural and holds the natural beauty. The shapes are unique. If we look into the ancient stuffs, stones have been used in castles and fortresses, thus, giving a royal feel. Thus, stone fireplaces have a majestic air in home, and fire in the stones are less harmful even in a long term.

Today, stoner veneers are of the best quality and go well with the interior of today’s homes. You will save time along with labor as well, saving money at the end! The performance is quite good and long lasting. There are no more of renovations required. They are easily available, and the modern stone fireplace is safer, more beautiful, strong, and long lasting too!


Actually the stone being the only natural, non-refined material to build a fireplace, so it really stands unique as compared to other materials. But actually it is a personal choice. You cannot ask a person to like a stone fireplace instead of a metal one. But as per the survey, you will find maximum people prefer stone fireplace due to so many reasons.

Firstly, it has a natural texture. If you have a dream house, the interiors are solely your decision. But most of the dream houses have stone fireplaces! Because a stone fireplace can add up a whole new dimension to your home. With stone fireplace, there will be some special moments and social gatherings which will be in memories like a stone, firm and forever! Though glass, metal, wood and even bricks are replacing stone in many ways, but it cannot replace it wholly, but only in parts.


It starts from classic, goes up to contemporary, and then to stylish interior with specific themes. This is how it fits any setting. But for that you will require to choose the best stones with perfect shade and competent designer. With these all kept together, there will be some magic, that will last until the home is destroyed to ashes.


There are certain advantages on getting a stone fireplace in place of some other material fireplace. The main reasons behind getting a stone fireplace are listed below. There are some other besides these as well, but these are the ultimate ones.

  1. Gives a distinct look.
  2. Comparatively, natural stones are cozier and warmer; radiates more heat in comparison.
  3. You are free to customize the shape of the stones.
  4. Minimal repairs required or most probably zero repairs required.
  5. Consistency in the design.
  6. Gives ancient look with more elegance.



Below you can find an image of a stone fireplace with preserved stones. This idea has been boasted by Palm Springs Home as one of the modern yet ancient design with a restored fusion of old with a new one. The elegance is similar to the ancient time fireplace but the finishing is in a modern ways, letting no dust particles or stone silts coming out from it in a long run.


In the following image below, you will see one of the best Portugese Basalt Mantel that originates from Portugal as its name suggest. The mantel is a custom made from locally available basalt which gives an amazing textural contrast along with the fine combination of pale grey walls.

Stone Fireplace Ideas


This is one of the expensive and royal stone that is built in a ski house at Montana’s Yellowstone Club. The name Sky High Stone is given because In a ski house designed by Ken Fulk at Montana’s Yellowstone Club, the living area’s stone fireplace extends to the top of the vaulted ceilings.

Stone Fireplace Ideas


A high glossy stone fireplace by name gives a clear meaning that the stones used in building give a glossy effect. The stones are smooth and gives bright look. The picture is one from Oakland which is grounded with palette that looks soothing. The stones are well furnished and are provided with regular shape. They are black yet bright.

Stone Fireplace Ideas


Stacked flagstone is one of the popular stone fireplace ideas for a modern look. It is a successful and loved idea. With such a fireplace, you will have achieved your dream house.

Stone Fireplace Ideas


Here you will find some random ideas for your fireplace with stone material. They will resemble any kind of fireplace you wish to have. Go through each of it to find out which one is yours!


In this picture, you can see how well the stones have been lined. The regular shape of the stones have made it more like bricks. But still it has natural and better color combination that that of the bricks. With the stones making from the bottom to all the way up to chimney has provided a bulged out texture that has made the home look more beautiful!


This one is also a regular shaped stones lined up together to provide amazing symmetric look. These are of same color matching the color of the walls which have added more fascinating look to the home. The beauty that lies in shapes and fine textures is unbelievable.


This one is built to meet the modern attire along with the ancient touch. With such a fine architecture interior design, the home looks more royal and beautiful. The elegance is mind blowing. You can add anything you like along with this beautiful stone fireplace, the result will still be flawless.


For a tiny or rather small family and home this one is a perfect example of a stone fireplace. Feel more attached and warmth with such an interior design of a beautiful stone fireplace.


The stone fireplace in the picture below is going well with the wooden frames and slabs. The old theme house and old theme fireplace give a perfect combination. With such an easy and simpler idea, you can make your home familiar with one in the sixties.

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The modern stone fireplace has a door or a blockade that will keep the fireplace closed when it is not in use. This avoids the mixing of unnecessary ashes into the air or even some unpolluted air.With such concept you will still find everything matching the ancient style interior for the stone fireplace giving you similar vibes.


The idea is to surround the fireplace with all the places to sit in. It should be built in the room with maximum places. The small room with a fireplace might be not much required. If there is a fireplace, there has to be a lot of ventilation too along with a good chimney like in the picture below.


In the picture, you can see a stone fireplace acting as a fireplace for two different halls or rooms.This is one of the brilliant ways to make maximum use of the fireplace.


The stones used in the stone fireplace shown below is not having a regular shape. The cuts are seen, the plastering is uneven, and there are spaces between some stones. Do you know that there is a unique beauty in unevenness? If you have no idea about that, this picture tells it all! This is one of the beautiful ways to pile up the stones for fantastic stone fireplace idea.


You know what is the best part of a stone fireplace? The occasions like Christmas, Easter, and even Halloween will be incomplete without one! Just look at all the positive energy in this picture. The fun and excitement in order to decorate the area around a fireplace is always maximum. Thus, this is another advantage of having some ancient stone fireplace, will remind you of your pleasant childhood and the same will be lived by your children.


In this section, you will find a lot of images that are of stone fireplaces. “Picture speaks more than words.” Thus, sometimes you need not explain each of the images. These are more or less different types as already explained in descriptive ideas in first section and random explanation in the second.

If you already have enough information about the stone fireplace or if you are just confused about the design, which to choose, then you can skip the entire article and just stick to this section. Here, you will get just images and no any texts will bother your view.

Getting a fireplace is a tough decision as it is a forever thing, thus, give enough time to make a wise choice.


If you are here, that means you have made it to the end of the page. Did you like the last section with images in? Did you already select one for your home? What kind of selection did make? Were these images helpful? Did you miss any section? Hopefully not.

There are answers to your every questions. The meaning of a fireplace, different material type of fireplace, stone fireplace advantages over other materials, different ideas of stone fireplace, and so on are well mentioned in the page. Moreover, genuine benefits, facts, abstract comments, etc. are also available. Even if you are a newbie, or a person who has zero idea about the fireplace thing, or a professional who has been working in this field for long, it does not matter, this place is for one and all!

If you still have any kind of confusion, feel free to read the entire article again. Even if you were planning to get some other kind of fireplace material, think again. You have a lot of benefits and choices with the stone fireplace. For any kind of doubts or suggestions, use the comment box. Feel free to share it to your friend!

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