155+ Thigh Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Feel Sexy

How many times have you heard sentences like this: ‘Tattoos are for prisoners‘ or ‘Tattoos are ugly and you will not look pretty any more”? I bet you are already sick of them. And you know what? That’s totally OK, because all those people, unfortunately, show their closed mind and old fashioned, totally wrong stereotypical thinking.

Thank God we are living here and now! Tattoos are not reserved for Jakuza members any more. In fact, often they are specially designed for women rather than men. Thighs are one of the most popular parts of women’s body that gets tattooed. Let’s take a look on Pros and Cons!


-As far as pain is concerned, you have to be prepared that getting thigh tattoo can be quite unpleasant. Skin here is thin and sensitive. Try using epilator here and you’ll see if you can endure this pain. Remember that tattooing will be few times more painful.


+ Easy to hide. Depending how big and how high on your thigh tattoo is, it is fairly easy to cover. That means you show it only when you want to. This can be great option  for those, who have restrictive job, not allowing any tattoo showing.

+ You can see it all the time. Some people like to actually see their tattoos rather than just knowing that they have them. Especially if it’s some kind of motivational sentence.

+ Thigh tattoos are extra sexy and feminine. They play so nice with natural curves and look really intriguing.

1. Old school Thigh Tattoos

Vintage images are back! Increasing popularity of pin-up girls and old times resulted with many cool tattoo designs. This girl below chose classic sea girl with a helm and old school ribbon with a sentence. But the truth is, you don’t have to go for image like this. Vintage style is very broad and diverse.

Let’s take a look at some of other popular vintage designs:

  • Cartoon characters – Betty Boop, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse etc. All those are well known and loved by millions of people around the world
  • Clocks – old, pocket clocks, just like the one your Grandpa used to have. Often accompanied by ribbons or flowers
  • Roses – these flowers are one of the most popular tattoo designs, not only in vintage style and not only for thigh tattoo. Choose classic reds and linear composition to get an old school look.
  • Hearts – What is more vintage than heart with big word MOM inside? Add an arrow to that and you have classic look that even tough guys are not ashamed to wear.
  • Swallows – in last few years usually tattooed as a pair of these cute birds. Usually in blues and greens.
  • Faces and portraits – it can be a beautiful, sexy pin up girl, or strong, tanned sailor. As long as style is simple, linear (and usually in color), you can tattoo any face you want. Of course portraits of old cinema’s stars, such as Marylin Monroe or great musicians like Elvis are always trendy as well.


Thigh tattoo designs for girls1

2. Monochromatic rose

Roses are definitely winning! Extra sexy and feminine, delicate and sharp at the same time. Their shape corresponds perfectly with round shape of thigh.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls3

3. Best friend

Something for animal lovers. Your best friend will be always with you, no matter what. Because fur is really challenging thing to tattoo, find tattoo artist with great skills.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls4

4. Mysterious

This tattoo is big, but thanks to that it was possible to put a lot of details on it. Full moon and romantic image of the girl make all tattoo a bit mysterious and maybe even a bit gothic.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls5

5. Quotation

Quick to do, easy to hide. And always there when you need any motivation. Because of its size and time needed to get this tattoo done, it might be one of the cheaper options. It’s also great way to see how tattooing feels and what the pain is like. There is unlimited quantity of sentences and words you can tattoo on your thigh.

Here’s a few thematic groups worth considering while choosing your perfect quote thigh tattoo:

  • Love – of course one of the most popular group of sentences. Love is so diverse, it can be happy, sad or destructive. So can be your tattoo.
  • Faith – for some people God is the greatest love of their life, people derive hope and motivation from it. For those with great faith quote thigh tattoo can mean a world.
  • Motivation – sometimes it’s necessary to have your motivation straight in front of you. All the time, day and night. Whereas some people can motivate themselves just in their heads, others need to be constantly stimulated. Taking a look on quote tattoo might help.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls6

6. Going around

This girl below went for a few different themes and put them around her thigh. You can choose random images, or you can tell some kind of story with them. Choice is totally yours. If you like to play with linear designs and follow natural lines of your body, tattoo starting on your leg and finishing on the neck might sound tempting.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls7

Thigh tattoo designs for girls8

7. Beautiful portrait

Portraits are those tattoos that will give you the best amount of ‘wows!’. Again thigh shape makes this part of body perfect canvas for tattooing faces and heads. But be careful, go only to the right person, who specialises in tattooing portraits. You don’t want to have cross-eyed beauty on your thigh for the rest of your life!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls45

8. Comic

This girl definitely knows how to think outside the box! Instead of going for classic comic style she had done real piece of art! Although this thigh tattoo is very big, it doesn’t look aggressive at all, as only fair, watered colors have been used.

Comic tattoos are getting more and more popular, probably because all those new movies about Spiderman, Batman and others. This is totally fine, but you have to make sure that you love those character for real and it’s not only temporary trend. You can change your pijamas every day from the ones with Batman’s logo on it to Superman ones. But you can’t change tattoo, so better make it worth all the pain you’ll have to bear with while getting it!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls52

9. Goth

Are you a tough girl? Awesome! That means that gothic style is for you! Letters tattooed in characteristic font and angels that look like taken straight from history book make a great couple. Black will do the rest.

Popular goth themes:

  • Cross – it’s not just a random cross. It’s very specific, with ornamental sculptures on it.
  • Quotes or words – again, written with very characteristic, sharp, a bit aggressive font. Usually black or in grey tones.
  • Angel Wings – gothic style might be romantic in some way. Sometimes wings tattoo goes on the back – sometimes – forearms.
  • Roses – and here we are again! Roses are universal and fit both delicate and gothic style. Goth style likes to mix greys, blacks with bloody reds.


Thigh tattoo designs for girls54

10. More than one

Why not to go for more than one image? Look at this girl – she’s got tattoos all over her leg, but because other leg is totally plain, it doesn’t look as if there were too many tattoos.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls61

11. Patriotic

Flags could be good idea for tiny designs. Go for it if you want to underline your nationality. There are other  ways of showing love to your country as well. All of them will lok amazing as a tigh tattoo:

  • Quote – this can be lyrics of national anthem or just name of your country.
  • Emblem – some emblems are very beautiful, just perfect for tattoo. You don’t need anything else – what will underline partiotism more than symbol of your country?
  • Colors – Actually it doesn’t really mater what tattoo you have on your thigh. Anything can be patriotic as long as it is colored with your national coloration.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls69

12. Dragon

Dragons are very symbolic creatures, most of the times associated with orient. But in fact they are known in European culture as well! Choose a dragon for your thigh tattoo if you like meaningful, symbolic designs.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls71

13. Ribbon bow

Bows are extra cute and super girly. No wonder why they are getting more and more popular.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls72

14. Animal portrait

Who said that only people deserve to be portraited? Animals are very beautiful and thigh tattoo like this will definitely look original. Animals are very graceful and we love all of them. But there are some animal designs that will go especially well as a thigh tattoo:

  • Cats – let’s face it, cats look amazing everywhere. Always.
  • Birds – Great opportunity to show freedom and vibrant, boosting colors. What’s more colorful than parrot?
  • Horses – these beautiful animals are often chosen for tattoos. It doesn’t have to be the whole horse. In fact, on thigh, head only will look great.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls66

15. Motto 

Do you have any motto, a sentence that you use when making important life decisions? If so, you can make a cool thigh tattoo out of it.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls9

16. Like a star

Tigh tattoos are popular in celebrity world as well. Depending on character of design, it can be delicate and subtle or make you feel as a rock star. Just think about it – there is so many celebrities, that only their tattoos can make a separate inspiration. There’s no area of business without tattooed celebrities:

  • Sport: David Beckham, Messi, Dennis Rodman.
  • Fitness: Mel B.
  • Film: Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Mega Fox.
  • Music: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus.
  • Fashion: Victoria Beckham.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls10

17. Skeleton

Skeletons don’t have to be scary and repulsive. In fact, this thigh tattoo below looks really cool and makes skeleton tattoo look even friendly!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls11

18. Children illustration

Simple designs that look as if made by a child are getting more popular in recent years. They are cute and often have more complicated meaning than form.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls12

19. Linear

It’s amazing, how great lines can look when you know how to put them together. Linear tattoos can be simple and more complex, it’s just a matter of quantity of lines used.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls13

20. Bunch of roses

We already said, that roses rock! So why limit yourself to just one flower? Tight tattoo is great opportunity to have the whole wreath.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls14

Thigh tattoo designs for girls15

21. Pair of animals

Design below shows, that going for two corresponding thigh tattoos is perfect idea.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls16

22.  Warrior

Feeling inner fighter inside of you? Thigh tattoos are great way of showing your way of thinking or emotions. Even if for other people putting a rose and Native American together doesn’t make sense, you know exactly what it means to you.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls17

23. Tree

Tree is a symbol of life and passing. Thigh tattoo like this can also underline your love for nature. Trees give also great opportunity to play with colors. Choose your favorite season and boost your thigh tattoo.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls18

24. Beauty must-haves

There’s no other design more girlish than beauty must haves. Bright, optimistic color will add some more sugar into this pot.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls19

25. Like a queen

You are the most important person in your life. Celebrate this and get yourself a crown.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls20

26. Oriental flower

Orient is not only about snakes, dragons and Feg Shui. It can also mean beautiful flowers in many different, unconventional shapes. This ornamental style enables you to put more details to your flower than it’s possible when having popular, classic rose. It makes a great chance to try very trendy linear style, shaded only with dots instead of color stains.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls21

27. Oh, deer!

Deers are one of the most beautiful forest animals. It’s said to be a king of the forest. They are also very fast and watchful, very hard to spot. That is why deer’s head was one of the most desirable hunting trophy. Get one for yourself without killing those amazing creatures.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls22

28. Corset bows

If simple bow is not enough for you and you feel like going a bit further, corset can be creative way of getting bow thigh tattoo.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls23

29. Butterflies

Bows are still too obvious? Go for butterflies instead! Although their shape is similar to the bow, they give totally different look. If you are not the sweetest type, why not trying a night butterfly?

Thigh tattoo designs for girls24

30. Half leg

For those who are not 100% sure about tattooing the whole leg, half leg is great alternative. You can always add something on later!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls25

31. And I pronounce you King and Queen

There is only one Queen, but two crowns can make another interesting alternative for classic bows thigh tattoo.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls26

32. A poem

If you lack in motto and simple sentence that you could put on your thigh tattoo design, but you are really sensitive person, choose your favourite poem instead.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls27

 33. Colored bows

After considering different alternatives of bow thigh tattoo, you decided to go for classic bow design. Add your favorite color to make it more personal.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls28

34. Inspirational

This girl can become an inspiration for many artists! Those thigh tattoos combine retro style with portrait and feminine accents such as roses. Add some vibrance by coloring it and you’ll get one of a kind thigh tattoo.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls29

35. Diverse

Nobody says that you have to choose only one design. As you can see it’s possible to have very diverse thigh tattoo that actually works.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls30

36. Black or colour

All leg tattoos can have as many different characteristics as you want! Sky is the limit here and it’s totally up to you if you choose black and white oriental inspired pattern or totally colorful and vivid design.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls31

Thigh tattoo designs for girls32

Thigh tattoo designs for girls33

37. Nice to meet you!

This is great idea for rebels and people with great sense of humor. Put a catchy words for your tight tattoo and maybe it will provoke somebody to get you know a little bit better.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls34

38. One leg two tattoos

Instead of having one big tattoo, you might prefer to have more than one design. That’s totally fine, but it’s good if they correspond with each other, at least with tones and colors.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls35

39. Dreamy

This tattoo links butterflies, trees and portrait together. As a result we have dreamy, romantic design.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls36

40. Wonderland

Colors, birds, full moon, clocks and clouds make you instantly think about Alice in Wonderland. This style is very catchy and you can use this technique to any image you like.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls37

41. Astrology

Stars and sky are believed to have huge impact on our lives. Some people believe that even date of our birth has huge meaning in terms of our personality. If this philosophy is very important you you as well, you’re lucky because astrology themed thigh tattoos are really cool.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls38

42. Plain or vibrant

Flowers always have great colors and sometimes its really hard to choose our favorite. That’s totally fine, as plain thigh tattoos look as good as colored ones. But maybe tattooing other flowers than roses is worth considering? It will give us more options in terms of shapes and tones.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls39

Thigh tattoo designs for girls40

43. Fifty shades of grey

Black and white thigh tattoos can be cool as well, Blacks and greys give special depth to the whole design, usually very hard to get while deciding to colors.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls41

Thigh tattoo designs for girls42

44. Skull

Skull doesn’t have to be reserved for tough guys. It’s only matter of the whole design and place of having it. Thigh tattoos are really feminine, and even skull won’t destroy that.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls43

45. Drama Queen

Romantic roses, greys and blacks making you feel a bit sentimental. Thigh tattoos are perfect for showing your emotions through tattoo design, as this part of your body makes ideal canvas for almost all styles.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls44

46. Half colour, half black

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether we like colored or black and white tattoo. This girls went for both and we have to admit that it was a good choice!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls46

Thigh tattoo designs for girls47

47. Racoon

What is more cute than a racoon? Not many.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls48

48. On the hip

You don’t have to limit your thigh tattoo only to your tights. In fact, taking it further towards your hips, will give you more options for playing with shapes, as your natural curves will have inspirational impact and make it easier to think outside the box.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls49

Thigh tattoo designs for girls50

Thigh tattoo designs for girls51

49. Oriental

Another example that orient doesn’t have to be taken literally.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls53

50. Watercolor

This technique gets more and more popular. It’s delicate and colorful, very feminine and optimistic. Perfect for thigh tattoo.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls55

51. Cotrasting with arms

You don’t have to resign from thigh tattoo only because you already have carefully thought out, already finished sleeve tattoo. Decide for contrasts in colors, design or the whole idea and it will work better than you expect.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls56

52. Swallow

Swallows are symbols of freedom and lightness. Although it’ very cute design, you should be careful with putting this, as it’s still considered as a prisoner’s tattoo. In that case it means loosing your freedom.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls57

53. Flowers and leaves

Flower tattoos are one of the most popular. If you add some leaves to them, they will look even better! You can stick to black ink, it always looks super cool. Leaves in vivid colors can be a symbol of your blooming, but if you decide to add some autumn colors, they can symbolize passing of time.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls58

Thigh tattoo designs for girls59

Thigh tattoo designs for girls60

54. Under the water

Tattoos with underwater themes will give you unlimited opportunities to experiment with colors. If you dream about having colorful, noticeable tattoo – consider one of them!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls63

55. Nature

Simple classic, but always looks good. No matter if you go for a lot of details, or choose minimalist pattern.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls64

Thigh tattoo designs for girls65

56. Small

Sometimes small makes bigger difference! Small designs might work even if you don’t have the youngest body but your soul is still in it’s twenties.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls2

57. Mexican

Mexican skulls are great idea for thigh tattoo. So many opportunities to play with colors and shapes!

Thigh tattoo designs for girls67

58. Detailed

Very often it’s one small detail that makes a real difference. Remember-  the bigger tattoo he more details possible. Thighs are perfect canvas for detailed tattoos.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls68

Thigh tattoo designs for girls70

59. Sinister

Sinister, a bit dark designs will look well on girls with gothic, romantic soul.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls73

60. Safe in the chaos

Anchors are meant to keep you on place. To protect you from going straight into dangerous wild waters. Combine an anchor with a catchy sentence and you’ll get very girly thigh tattoo full of life wisdom.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls74

61. Cobra

Snakes are not only symbols of evil. They also stand for revival and transformation. Give this beautiful animal a chance, especially that their long body makes it perfect for cool thigh tattoo composition.

Thigh tattoo designs for girls75

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