44 Twist Braids Hairstyles For Jaw Dropping Reactions!

Hairstyles vary with hair type and texture. It also varies with the length of the hair. We all are at one point fed up of trying new styles everyday. We end up switching back to the regular hairstyle or rather let it open instead of doing a lot of hard work for it. Sometimes, we try to copy the latest trend and sometimes end up with a beautiful look, mostly messed up one. It is time to get some twist braids!

Have you ever heard of the twist braids? It has always been in the trend of the latest hairstyles to try. You need not worry about the new hairstyle for a long time once you get your twist braids. It is a bit of hard work initially, but for a result so beautiful, why not? Of course, once in a lifetime, everyone should make a twist braids on their hair and feel flawless for an ample amount of time. With these, forget the rest of the hairstyles for a long time. It is the ultimate solution!

What exactly are Twist Braids?

So what makes twist braids different from the regular braids? You might not know this clearly, but a regular braid has three sections of hair. The three parts of hair are crossed to each other for making a regular braid. But, for a twist braid, one has only to have two sections of hair. Before twisting these two sections, one has first to twist the sections itself, and then roll with the other one. In this way, we figure out that the parts are wrapped themselves and then with each other.

This kind of braids lasts longer than you can imagine. It holds your hair firmly, without any hesitation. But it doesn’t always have to be the two sections of hair self-twisting and then combine twisting. Even the regular braids with three sections of hair can have the twist braids if the solo parts are twisted enough. Therefore, for a rolled braids, the individual sections of hair should be self wrapped before combining with the other sections.

What kind of hair texture support Twist Braids?

There is no any hair texture that doesn’t support twist braids. The African people, who are mostly blessed with some of the twists in their hair already, are most likely to have these amazing twist braids. But, no matter whether the ordinary hair is kinky or wavy or straight, these are easily possible.

Even the short hair can be converted into twist braids as long as the client has the desire to have it. Therefore, nothing to do with the type of hair texture. Just one has to have the interest to have it.

What goes well with twist braids?

There can be ample ideas that go amazingly well with the twist braids. You can leave it dull and don’t go for other choices if you are not interested besides that. But, to make it fancier, one can add accessories, color, individual artificial hair sections, etc. There are always plenty of options. We can see these in the following images as well.

Twist Braids with artificial hair section

What goes best with your twist braids? Some artificial hair sections, of course. Instead of coloring or highlighting your hair, you can add plastic hair sections to make your braids. It will have less damage to your hair and, along with that, saves your efforts. You can have any color of hair section that you think goes well with your natural hair color. It will create a fantastic outcome. The combination of such braids will leave good compliments from the people around you.


Adding color or highlighting some sections

Instead of adding the artificial hair sections, you can permanently color some parts of the hair. Or highlight instead. It also depends on at what volume you want variations in the braids. You can make half of your hair of different colors and leave the remaining half with the natural color. You can also add different colors at once and let the braids look colorful along with some of your natural hair.

The Regular Self-Made Twist Braids

It isn’t as difficult as it seems to prepare the twist braids. You can make it yourself with good use of mirrors, or it doesn’t matter enough to hire some of your friends or family to help you out. Though the procedure is long somewhat, instead of being involved, the braids might not be consistent.

So, if once started, there should be equal time division for all the braids. Some begin with good twisting at the beginning, and once they are bored or tired, the remaining look horrible. Therefore, once started, there should be equal dedication.

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 Adding Hair Accessories

To make the braids look more refreshing, one can add various accessories to them. It doesn’t always have to be the accessories prepared for hair, but instead can be anything. The main idea of this is to make the twist braids more attractive and eye-catching. No matter be a simple, colorful thread, beads, loops, rings, or anything, if it mixes well, you can give it a try.

Here are some of the accessories applied to the twist braids that have fantastic results.

  •  Threads, why not?: If you think threads go well with the regular braids, then you are not wrong. They, of course, go well with the twists. One can add colorful ribbons and make the braids look attractive. Especially, kids and men, they can look cool with this accessory. But not being gender-biased, it looks right to any gender.

Look at this. Yellow threads somewhat look like highlighted hair. It seems perfect because there is no such threads attached but rather the ideal amount. So, yeah, this is an excellent way to make the twist braids look even more relaxed and beautiful at the same time.

How about using these threads to tie up the hair to form some sort of bun or just to hold the braids together? It does a two-way work. It helps to make the hair look more refreshing and also keeps it together. So, why not try the threads for some dual purpose?

  • Rings look cool: Add some of the rings, or a heck of it, to make sure that the hair loops are firm and look charming. The adding of rings inevitably brings more of the attention to the braids, which is certainly desirable. You do not have to add a lot of it to get the best look, and it depends on how it is used and what kind of style you prefer.

  • Why not everything?: It doesn’t have to be just a ring or a thread, why not everything at once? You can be creative and mix up the accessories to make it look unique. There are no such rules to decorate the twist braids. So feel free to design your hair! You are the master of your twist braids, so be creative. You can also get your new ideas for decorating them and share with all of us.

Can Kids also have the twist braids?

Well, as mentioned earlier, twist braids have nothing to do with age or gender. The only thing that matters is, you need to have some hair on your head. Either be a kid or a big guy, if you are bald, sorry no chance of making your twist braids. The only option will be a proper twist braids wig, that is also readily available in the market.

Therefore, if your kid prefers to have some twist braids, go for it. There are no problems having twist braids. Also, they will look good, and you wouldn’t have to think much about picking different hairstyles or doing their hair every day.

Kids these days are also part of fashion. Parents these days put a lot of effort into their children’s hair and looks. So, twist braid is a whole new chapter for the kids’ fashion. Most of the kids seem to enjoy having twist braids, and that has put significant attention into hairstyles. Twist braids are for everyone, including your kids!

And, as long as it is seen, kids enjoy having twist braids. They also like it and feel some free from making a different hairstyle every day. So, it is an excellent way to get your hair look amazing and also feel free from manufacturing it again and again.

Picking a different style with Twist Braids!

When you have twist braids already, you do not have to end up there. You can go creative and make different styles out of it. The braids can be the healthy hair and can be treated like that after all. Here are some options that you can try to make the twist braids look different from regular twist braids:-

  • With the twist braids, you can leave it open and let the hair flawlessly hover around!
  • You can tie it with a rubber band also!
  • Why not form a bun? The twist braids hair looks good with a bun, as the bun will be huge in volume!
  • Can you also tie it into two halves or maybe three?
  • Have you ever tried making braids out of twist braids? If not, try it!
  • Adding accessories is already mentioned, but it is also counted as one of the styles using twist braids.
  • Adding a shawl or a piece of cloth over the braids, and letting the remaining hair open can be a fresh winter style, and in summer, it can also prevent sunburn!


Short hair? Not a problem!

Twist braids have nothing to do with your hair length, okay? Either be long or short, you can make it out of it. If it is complicated to do with a hand, it is also possible to use a specially prepared machine to make the twist braids. Just like in the image below, you can create your twist braids for any size of hair.

What’s the procedure?

It is effortless. One has to divide the hair into several sections that will define the number of braids at the end. You can form any division. It can be of different volume, i.e., making thick and thin braids at once, or it can be of the same amount.

After correctly dividing the hair into multiple sections, you will work on one part at a time. Again, the section itself will be split into two or three sections, depending upon what kind of twist braid is preferred. Then, individual parts are rolled up or twisted in different directions and then combine-twisted on the same path. It is how you form your twist braids.

If not manually, one can follow simple instructions for the appropriate equipment for making automatic braids.

And, if you are adding some artificial hair strips, make sure it holds firmly. Otherwise, it will be a blunder later on. It would be awesome if you could find some experienced hands to have some professional treatment for your hair.

How about Twist Braids on long hair?

That sounds nice. It is always complex to prepare it on longer hair as it is time-consuming, but the outcome is superb. You will have the best looks with twist braids on your hair. Once you are done with the twist braids, you will be relieved for a long time as you do not have to prepare or comb your hair all the time. They will be not bothering you for a very long time. So, I would prefer twist braids, once my hair grows long!

What color looks good on Twist Braids?

The people these days have gone beyond the regular fashion trends. The most used color on the braids was brown, red, and blonde. But, these days, people are trying all sorts of colors. Why not gray? Also blue or pink?

Why not challenge the existing trend and go beyond the imagination? Feel free to try any color as long as you like it. Because, with your new hair braids, the world can compromise. They might even copy your color!

Therefore, there is no such limit to colors. Burgundy, maroon, blonde, brown, and black are regular, while pink, blue, gray, white, green, etc. are unique!

Pink has taken a large area anyways. Women seem to get pink braids, and some seem to make it colorful at once. So, there’s no such limit when it comes to picking a color for your twist braids.


What is the people’s feed back after making Twist Braids?

Well, nobody chooses a style without any concern about future happiness. If someone has picked braids as their hairstyle, they have already gone through the pros and cons. So, most of them are happy. But, we cannot say the same for entire people who have chosen twist braids. Once you make braids and get fed up with the same look and try to get your hair back to original, there can be some problems: hair damage, unnecessary curls, etc.

Still, with twist braids, you inevitably find the other side of you, which will somehow be beautiful, making you feel confident! It is only something you should care about anyway!

And most importantly, happiness is the matter of choice!

What are the cons of having Twist Braids?

Well, there are some cons to this hairstyle! Some of them are listed below. So, make a wise choice, dear twist braids lovers!

  • Hair damage
  • Headache because of tight braids
  • Itching
  • A bit challenging to switch hairstyles once having twist braids
  • Time-consuming procedure
  • Makes the straight hair curly for a long time
  • Difficult for new hands to get the perfect result
  • Doesn’t match to every outfit

But, despite being so many cons, we should always look at the bright side too. If we wish to have some braids, we can still avoid some of the disadvantages. That is, again, a personal choice.

If you made it till the end of it, you hopefully enjoyed watching all the braids’ choices. There are a lot more than ones available here, but overall these include most of it. The twist braids ideas can never go out of fashion as many of the population are enjoying them. Even ordinary people, but celebrities, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, designers, fashion heads, and others, have been seen with twist braids. Once in a lifetime, one has to get some twist braids and feel right about that.

Twist braids have occupied a significant trend and have been an icon of hairstyles for a long time already. So, get your hair twisted, rolled, and clipped! Have some braids, and feel special! Share your different styles out of twist braids with us and amaze us!

If you found this content useful and informative, do not forget to share it with your friends and family. It would be best if you leave us some feedback. Thank you for going through the article. Stay connected with us. Keep reading!

Have a nice time ahead!

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