155 Hairstyles that make your Wedding a Real Thing!

The hairstyle is the look-maker. It is something that can change your looks despite any make-up or outfit within seconds. Therefore, the hairstyle should always be a picky one, as it will define the whole you. Talking about weddings, a wedding is an essential day in everyone’s life. You are the queen during your wedding, and all the eyes are in search of you. You surely would wish to look the most beautiful and also want to be complimented very often that day. To make it grand, make your hair look like it is the most fabulous piece of silk with all the beautiful decorations that go well with your make up and looks. We have the best wedding hairstyles for you.


Though you are a moody lady like every lady in the world but do not just pick a random hairstyle for your big day because you might end up regretting it. You need to realize what season it is, what climate it has, and what weather it will be that day. You would not wish your hair to swirl freely, and then there’s a big breeze, and suddenly your face is wrapped up by your hair. Similarly, it would be best if you also cared about what accessories you wish to wear. You wouldn’t want your beautiful earrings being hidden all day just because you want to let your hair protect your ears. It is not only the hairstyle for your wedding; it is the entire plan to make you pretty but comfortable. Because, with comfortable attire, you are enjoying your big day!

Hairstyle should always be different from your everyday comfort zone. You need to bring that transformation on your looks because you will remember the look every time you remember your wedding occasion. You need to go straight if it was curled, get waves if it was straight, go short if it was long, get bummed into if it was mostly left open. You can let your hairdresser get you the best hairstyle, but, in the end, it is your decision if you are okay with it. Don’t just get it finalized because your hairdresser thinks it looks pretty; complete it only if you are happy with the final results.

You are a diva, and whatsoever the situation is, you need to work hard for your hair; after all, it is the most important day of your life. To add about your spouse, you are a woman, and when it comes to beauty, you are always ahead of your man of life. Though it should not be stated, you are the better half, and you need to prove this right at your wedding. The groom should have the jaw drop expression on his face after he sees your first look. For that, you got to make your hair look fabulous.

Here are the list of ways that adds plus point to your hairstyle:

Natural Flowers: 

Have you ever decorated hair before? I mean, not just picking a random hairstyle but also adding few accessories. Have you tried adding some flowers? Yes, the natural ones I mean. It adds not only a good look but also an excellent fragrance. You will not just look beautiful but also smell heavenly. That was the most straightforward yet fantastic hair accessory. It makes you look terrific in the simplest way. You can look at the pictures below that show how ordinary flowers can add beauty to your natural hair and make it a real deal! 

You need not tie your hair or get braids, just let it flow with some flowers spreading off the climbers. You will look amazing this way. Little work for the massive result!

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Just look at it!! Had you ever imagined that the simplest pony tail with a bits of roses can make it a darling hairstyle? Just be simple yet naturally beautiful, no need of other accessories, flowers beat ’em all!

More than one flower? Just get it all! Use as many flowers as you like, you can either add uni-color flowers or colorful ones. It will go with any hair either be the natural curls, the straight ones, pretty buns, braids, or the fluffy messed up strands.

Not just a Christian wedding dress, it goes well with other wedding dresses too. Look how the red roses match the red wedding cloth and the golden jewels. A little flower can adjust anywhere, bring the glamour in the simplest possible way, and add the pinch of grace.

Flowers should always be the part of your wedding looks. Add flowers to your hair and feel like a butterfly!

“Wow! Just look at the flowers in her hair!” everyone in the wedding ceremony will say that. You are just meant to be a beautiful flower yourself on the big day. Carry ’em over your hair and feel pretty.

With the hairstyle like this, you ought to add flowers upon and feel more confident. You will be a little but the most beautiful flower yourself while you are walking down the aisle.

No matter what your hairstyle is,  I bet flowers will be the ones to add more shine to your hair! So, pick some flowers and let the eyes of every bee be upon you!

Few flowers over your hair, and you are ready to go!

Just see how your hair looks unique with some pretty flowers! A flower is most if it is your wedding or if you are a bride!

Crowns or Tiaras:

You need not always win a beauty pageant to wear a crown. You are no less than a winner of a beauty pageant if it is your wedding day. So, feel free to add a tiara to your hair. You can find a lot of crowns that are specially designed for weddings. Therefore, grab a tiara before its too late. Feel like Miss Wedding! Here are some fantastic ways to add crowns over any hairstyle you pick. Just pick a beautiful tiara and be beautiful spontaneously!

Just look how a tiara can make you look like a princess. You are a princess anyways as it is your wedding after all!

Hair decorative:

Be a hair bin, a silver band, a flower tiara, or a hair clip; it adds flavor to your hair. It might not add fragrance, but no doubt, full attention. Have you tried some decorative before? It is not a regular hair accessory but a wedding hair-accessory! So, it has another level of value. Choose perfect hair pick and go glamorous.

This one looks a real eye catchy thing! Just perfect hair deserves some perfect accessories like this. Not huge enough to cover entirely but accurate enough to add enough glow! It acts ways, not just beauty stuff, but also holds your hair tight and gives you a good look. Try it!

It should not always be a flower or a tiara! Why not a flower tiara? This one is the best pick and goes amazing with a wedding dress and hairstyle whatsoever be!

Look at this silver ribbon. I mean, just a piece of fabric tied up, and you are ready to go. It is like something is better than nothing, adding some glitters do its work not require a fancy thing to go with your getup. Wear these pretty silver laces over your head, and you are all set.

Isn’t this beautiful? Look how the golden leaves are holding the pearls. Sometimes, your wedding requires some magic, give it through the hair picks like these. This one is just way too adorable and has already showered its charm and made the hairstyle perfect for your wedding.

It does not always have to be significant in size. As said, size doesn’t matter. If it can do its magic, that is all that we seek. Adding a little hairpin to hold your tied-up hair, see how pretty the result is. Hence, even the tiniest of the accessories can show the best of your looks.

You do not always need fresh flowers to make your hair look pretty. Why not a flower-hair-clip, that not just makes your hair style amazing but at the same time ties and holds your hair in place. You can get such accessories in stores. 

Nothing fancy just a hair band that holds a lot of glitters and shimmery stones. You need it right now. It gives you a casual yet classic look. With such hair accessory, you will flaunt.

You deserve all the silvers for your big day. Make sure your hair pin holds a lot of glitters and shimmery stones in it just like in the picture below.

You can get various hair accessories that are meant for your hair for the big day. You can wear wigs too in case you do not have the right hair. Relax; it is the new trend also. Don’t worry about being called fake or anything; women all over the world are adding a wig to their head. It is natural and getting its market in a wide range.


Hairstyles are supposed to be unique and are thought to add grace to your looks. You need to pick a perfect haircuthairstyle and shine with it all day. You should give your man a chance to be proud to get the most beautiful woman in the ceremony. You hold a lot of expectations from the people around you. So, you need to pick a hard and robust hairstyle that spots you out fairly. You are the heroine the big day. You are already wearing the most beautiful gown and the most amazing accessories, with the best heels and purse! Make sure your hairstyle is on point too.

Here are some fantastic hairstyles that fit your wedding. If you are a bride to be, go through the pictures and select the right one for yourself. Because, with the hairstyle from our list, you are sure to catch one.

This one flawless. Simple braids that make your forehead mess-free and the flow remains in the behind tied by a cute flower tier.

A bit of tying and you are done! You don’t have to go total bound while you can look amazingly beautiful with a bit of messed up look. Just look at this and smile.

A woman with class! This hairstyle says it all! Why not give a hint that you are matured enough to get married and the decision is not a wrong one through your hair style? Try this. You will not regret.

If your hair has perfect color, perfect waves, and natural fleek, do not waste a minute in decorating it. With hair like this, you already have the ideal wedding hairstyle. Just expose your hair in full volume and let the people die for your look.

You need to make your hair a mystery on your wedding day. Get some iron into and get the amazing result like this. Simply a hair accessory to tie everything in place and you are ready for it.

Short hair? Don’t care! If you have been a short hair girl throughout your life, do not hesitate to be a short hair girl even at your wedding. Do not add any wig. Just show them your real funky look, because you can still look glorious with short hair. Do not trust me? Look at the pictures!

It is a short hair tied up and increased volume with a lot of hair spray to get a messed up yet beautiful bun like this. This one is also amazingly beautiful, and yeah, there should be a tiny bit of hair accessory like this to add more grace to your hair.

Still, messed up hair at its best. Look how this black colored hair looks beautiful with messed up style. Try it! Don’t worry, everything stays at its place with a bit of professional hands.

Here’s another classic hair-style. With zero mess and 100% class! You need to prove them how a lady holds a class during her wedding. 

Tight enough to stay at place and loose enough to carry the flow. This hairstyle and hair decorative is the trendiest one. Sleek and a bit of shimmery look! Perfect for the wedding.

Buns are always amazing. Specially the loose and messed up buns are the best. There are enough hair flowing and also enough of it tied up into a bun. A marvelous hairstyle that one must pick.

Again, talking about buns, there are some pretty buns. Hair when tied up in a bun, you are less likely to get disturbed on your face. You are more confidence and carry your beauty well.

When you can handle all the mess in a hair, pick this style. The volume has been risen up well and there is enough curls that have been made with back combing enough and still the hair near the forehead is well set.

Simple yet attractive!

As mentioned earlier, hair-style should be a mystery. This one defines right!

It is a beautifully messed up bun. The wedding hair at its best!

Sometimes the hair-dressers make it the masterpiece. Just get yourself amazed by some of the styles picked by your hair dresser.

This is a perfect example of short hair with beautiful modification. Just get it done and be a diva.

Combination of braids, bun, beautiful silver hair accessory and an amazing natural hair color! All at once.

This one is a real flawless style. Look how amazing it looks.


Again, the hair artist gets the entire credit. Why not make your hair a flower instead of getting flowers over? Kidding.

A perfectly tied up hair as it shows.

 Can’t take eyes off this look. When a perfect face meets the perfect hair-style, wedding becomes a memorable one!

Short hair? Don’t care! Part II You shouldn’t hesitate to show your short hair in your wedding because short hair is the newest trend. Women are chopping them for weddings! Feel free and rock your wedding day with your quick and fabulous hairstyle!

Did I mention face covers? They add some mystery to your hair and hides the perfect amount of face and makes you stand flawless.

Make your most memorable day of your life more beautiful. Go pick the best hair-style! We trust your choice, girl!

Have a happy wedding with a happy hair-style! With the flow in your hair, you will have a charm in your face. Try this, and thank me later.

This is the sweetest one. It makes you look cute and this one is for any kind of hair.

In the end, there should be a perfect hairstyle for your big day from here. There are plenty of fishes in the Ocean, but it is up to you, which one you would wish to grab. Choose precisely. It is you who gets to decide your hairstyle, so be confident enough! Good-luck!

Feel free to share it among your friends. Have a nice time ahead!

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