80+Motivational Workout Quotes & Relate-able Workout Memes!

Do you like to stay in shape? Are you a workout person? Do you hit the gym or any other workout stations? Are you looking for any motivation? If yes, We are loaded with motivational quotes that will help you hit the gym from today. We also have loads of memes that you can relate to. These workout memes are not just relate-able but are funny as hell, and I swear your laughter will be heard everywhere in the surrounding.

A person who has this severe desire to be in shape loves to carry out workouts. Workouts are hard because it is not a one day task. If you want to stay in shape or add muscles to your body, you have to perform the workout every day. Some people have this attitude of ‘accept me for who I am, I ain’t being in shape for anyone.’

Apart from memes, workouts are not done to please others; it should be done solely to please oneself. The body remains healthy when it is in shape. Instead is a thin body or a fat body. It is not considered healthy. A fit body is a healthy body.

Remember something, age, gender, or health is just an excuse. It would be best if you kept this straight in your mind that you can do it. You need to focus and make it a habit. Once you are into the gym addiction, you will start enjoying working out. And, with positive results, you will love to continue doing it.

How about hitting the gym for a few days and give it a try? You will be able to do it if you enjoy it. Keep yourself motivated. Take care of your diet. With a good workout and poor diet, you still will lack a sound output. So, give yourself some time for your body. We can motivate you to do that. For that, you need to make it to the end of it.

Check out the work out motivational quotes right now as we are loaded with a lot of them.

List of motivational work out quotes:

  • Look in the mirror, that’s your competition

    When you stop comparing with others, and start comparing yourself with your past, then you will do better. So, your competition is in your mirror view. Try to be better than what you were yesterday.


  • If you still look cute at the end of your workout you didn’t, train hard enough.

    Because once you workout to the limits, you cannot look cute. You are full of swears and sore body. It is either train hard or look cute You cannot just pick both. LOL!

  • Stay consistent, the result will follow.

    This one word ‘consistent’ is really important when it comes to workout. You do not see results in just one day. You need to put the same efforts everyday. The results will be seen.

  • The mind is the LIMIT.

     As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you believe 100%. Because as said, if you can make your mindset strong and determined, you can achieve it no matter what.

  • Want to be respected? Be consistent.

    Being consistent is the problem you see. It is really tough to stick into something that provides you pain and results are late. But, once you are consistent, you are respected.

  • Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction.

    The results in your body after workout will make you wish to do more. So have patience and wait for it. You will not regret with the results, and you will feel it as an addiction.

  • Excuses are for those who need them.

    If you really make an excuse to skip your workout, you are making an excuse to yourself. But, the ones do not need excuses will do it anyhow.

  • If you get TIRED, learn to REST, but not to QUIT.

    If you can continue after some rest, why would you wish to quit? Quitting is never a solution.

  • Push through the pain; on the other side is the reward.

    You need to push yourself through the pain in order to get the proper shape as per your wish. Thus, to your every hard work, a reward awaits.

  • Sore today, and probably sore tomorrow!

    A sore feeling needs to be felt everyday. A sore today will be healed with a sore tomorrow. So, continue your workout everyday.


    These three words go hand in hand. For progress you need to go through the pains and put a constant passion on it. If you are passionate, and take all the pains, the progress is sure.

  • Unleash the BEAST!

    You are the beast inside. You need to let the beast come out. If you can do that, nothing it immpossbile, let alone fit body.

  • That feeling when you just keep getting stronger and stronger!

    If somebody asks, “What is the best feeling?” to a workout person, “Getting stronger and stronger!” is the default reply. In addition to constant workout, results are important. The rise in the strength is the result.

  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

    As long as it challenges you, you are desperate to get over it, thus, it will change you. So, let it challenge you first. Take it as a challenge.

  • Rest & Recovery Day Routines!

    Here are the list of seven things you need to do when you are on your rest day. Make your rest days the best days for your body to heal.

  • The GYM is my PLAY-GROUND

    If you treat gym as your playground, you are never getting bored of all the soreness and pain. So, you need to accept it this way.

  • Success trains, failure complains.

    When one starts showing excuses, that is led to failure. Instead of complaining, one should focus on training to achieve ultimate success.


  • If at first you don’t succeed, fix your pony-tale and try again.

    This one is a proverb that teaches you to work harder if attempt fails, but do not stop attempting. With hard work and determination, everything is possible.

  • It never gets easier, you just get stronger.

    Whatever you find difficult doing, becomes easier with constant practice and attempts. So, actually it never gets easier, you just get stronger.

  • There are no gains without pains!

  • A bad day can be made better by going to the gym!

    This is relate-able to all the work out freaks. As one hits the gym, the only thing going on in the body is pain. So, as you enter the gym, leave all the problems aside. It automatically happens.

  • Th wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill! 
    The one who has already attained perfect body shape is not as worried as the one who day dreams of getting it. This is the appropriate meaning of this proverb.

  • Drive!

    You need to constantly remind yourself some points. Drive yourself to the level. Be your best motivator, and drive yourself to do the best

  • Good results take time!

    You need to be patient enough when it comes to your body. You cannot wish for the results quickly. The good things take time, be determined and work constantly.

  • Strength does not come from winning!
    Strength comes from struggles and hardships, with winning comes confidence.

  • Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!Yes, you read it right. No one else, besides you is going to it for you. Your body, your hard work.


  • Pros and Cons of Girls with thick thighs!
    Cons? There are none. Check out the pros.

Did you enjoy the quotes? Did they help you to hit the gym today on wards? Of course they did. You must have been motivated enough. How about some memes now?

We have a lot of memes coming your way. Just hold your glass and check them out. Hold your glass tight.

Cool, relate-able, and funny workout memes:

Are you tired of your day at work? Why not check all the memes that we are loaded with, and the memes will make you laugh. After all, laughing is considered therapy to good health. So, hold your seats and check them all out. I bet you will enjoy watching it.

  • The day after leg day.
    This meme is so relate-able. Have you guys ever felt this way? The sore body and specially the sore bottom makes your everyday chores so difficult.

  • Empty Gym
    When you are on a gym, and do not find an empty equipment while you try to work out, that really feels horrible. But, when the gym is suddenly empty, you feel like the owner of every equipment!

  • Seriously? A time Excuse?
    Please come up with better excuses but not a time excuse when you find out a lot of time for stupid series.
  • Did you see that?
    When somebody notices your gains, you feel motivated and proud of all your hard work. People, just notice my gains, will ya?


  • Gym is my play ground!
    For a person who workouts everyday, the major fun part is in the gym itself. Working out becomes one of the addictive and positive hobby, if you do it right.
  • Oops!
    My mascara ran out, I am counting it as cardio. The humor is on point.
  • Expectation Vs. Reality!
    When you are at the gym, all sore out, tired, exhausted, and sweaty, you are not on the form to please a woman at the gym. And, probably, she is not willing to be pleased as well.
  • Extreme Temporary Body Pain!
    This is the exact feeling after the back day. You feel paralyzed and what else?
  • Push-up Stories!
    This one is hilarious! A good way to elaborate a push-up. Do you call something else as a push-up too?
    It is more of an information than humor. Visualize the difference, and pick the correct workout.
  • When your cheat weekend gets out of control..
    You need to maintain your diet supplies along with the scheduled workout. What about on a cheat weekend? Things can go horrible. Stay in control!
  • Getting things done with more creativity
    When you divide the work load into small time division, you find it easier to get it done. It is the way to deceive the mind and get the hard things done with ease. Like this, you can divide the workout schedule and still be able to do it completely.
  • Sweat is fat crying
    When you burn your fat by working out, the fat cries thus, there are sweats all over your body. A perfect elaboration of sweats after workouts.
  • Amazing transformation
    This is not possible with excuses, complains, cheats, or leaves. You need to remain consistent, do your everyday workout, maintain your diet supply, and most importantly focus on output.
  • Sarcasm with a pinch of truth
    There cannot be anything worse than an early morning work out. You have a sore body at wok. Everything will still be better than that.
  • Age is just a number
    You can see a man in his sixties with an awesome body and still lifting. While, this body is a dream to many youths, and impossible to many people on their sixties.
    It is just a will power, belief on self, and determination to do it no matter what. Hard work speaks in results.
  • Friday is not an excuse. Get some real excuses!
    When people skip workouts because its Friday, that is a worn out excuse.
  • Lifting + Music = Perfect
    What is better than lifting? Lifting along with music. When you are lifting and you say good bye to the outside world, because all you can hear is music inside your ears. That’s perfect!
  • When my control over food is so weak..
    It seems a group coordination of me going on a diet. Please friends, cooperate with me, I have a weak control over saying no to foods.
  • Elaboration of exact situation after leg day
    When you are on your leg day, and going out of gym, you barely feel your feet. The pains are extreme.
  • So don’t you work out?
    When you are a consistent workout  person, and meet those who do not work out. You lose all the respect.
  • Imagine it, believe on yourself, get it.
  • Magic that hot girls bring to the gym..
  • Yes, can I? Of course not.
  • Prediction of hazards
  • Perfect example of consistency and hard work
  • A perfect elaboration to rest day
  • When you take the gym too seriously..
  • Break up with gym? No we work out!
  • Expectation Vs. Reality
  • Wanting to do and doing, are two different things!
  • When things go serious…
  • Like father, like son.
  • Work outs on Sundays?
    Things must be really serious if you work out on Sunday.
  • Hates but does! 
    Sometimes you need to do things that are important despite your lack of interest. Cardio is one of it.
  • Creativity
    Naming your dog 5 miles, so you can tell people that you walk 5 miles everyday.
  • That’s when horror takes place
    When this happens, all your plans get ruined. Avoid this as much as you can.
  • When it is mostly need and barely want!
    Most of the non-gym goers can relate.
  • A good humor
  • When you are serious! 
    Hope the prayers get heard.
  • Man’s reaction to woman’s lifting
    This might be the man’s reaction to a woman who lifts. Besides a woman being able to clean, educated, cooking, lifting is another to the lift. Men admires women who are great at lifting too. The reactions tell it all.
  • Sundays are Fun days!
    Most of the people take break from their work out on Sunday. That’s okay if you don’t.
  • A balloon animal?
    Yes, I could be anything, so why not a balloon animals? My body my rules!
  • Ah, Excuse me?
    When you are busy texting and occupying an equipment for a long, and hear someone judging you to do actual work out things.
  • Expectation Vs. Reality
    When a nerd looking guy removes the cape, and the hot scene is created. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
  • Gym Problems!
    Ever one dead-lifts and tried feeling your finger? It is a nightmare.
    If you heard 20 minutes of moaning from my bedroom, that was just me trying to stand up. The body-ache is extreme you know.

Did you enjoy the memes? What memes fascinated you? You might have been able to relate to some of these. Workouts are essential if you want a good shape. Even if you do not wish to the right way, to remain healthy, you need to hit the gym.

There are some of the memes for the people who have never been to the gym before. The memes are also for the people who are gym addicts. There are also body transformations, which are the result of consistency and hard work. Either you become motivated to hit the gym or have a good time laughing at the relate-able posts.

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